A Couple Things That Confuse Me About Warriors by Rabbitflame

Rabbitflame lists plot holes that confuse them.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hiii, Rabbitpaw/flame back for…an article? Idk which one this is but ANYWAY! I recently reread the entire Warriors series and found quite a few things that confuse me! (SPOILERS FOR THE NEWLY RELEASED A STARLESS CLAN #1: RIVER)

1. Smokepaw from The New Prophecy
Smokepaw died when he fell in a gorge during the Great Journey. So yeah, he should be dead and in StarClan now. Right?
But in later books, Smokepaw is still listed in the allegiances. And later in POT a warrior called Smokefoot appears. Out of nowhere. What??
I believe this may have been a mistake on the Erin’s part, but I find it interesting to think that Smokefoot may house the soul of Smokepaw as Cinderheart did with Cinderpelt.

2. Duskfur’s mate
Duskfur is chilling, living a normal life when BOOM: Kits appear (Curlfeather and Podlight). WHAT? First of all who is the father? I mean the kits have to be made somehow….
When shipping Duskfur around with different people I like to think that Reedwhisker is Duskfur’s mate. This would make Frostkit a direct descendant of Mistystar and maybe that’s why she was chosen to have visions and stuff. Of course though, this is not confirmed to be canon.

3. Beetlewhisker
Like Smokepaw from Shadowclan, Beetlewhisker dies a death in the DF and continues to appear in later books. This has already been ranted at in Smokepaw’s section.

4. Where is My Bristly??
I don’t remember if it’s been confirmed that Bristlefrost is in StarClan, but I’m pretty darn sure they said that she wasn’t…..and there’s no way in the world they would put her in the DF. Maybe she’s a loner spirit, but then wouldn’t Rootspring be able to summon her?

5. Leopardstar’s apprenticeship
So I recently reread most of the SE’s and I was reading CP and LH and I realized something was off… in CP it is said that because Leopardkit was a moon younger than the other kits, they held off their apprenticeships for a moon so that Leopardkit could be apprenticed with them. But in LH it is said that Leopardkit begged Hailstar to be apprenticed a moon early……so. That’s confuzzling.

Okie, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head rn…watch out because there might be a part 2!!! Cya around the blog, and have a fun day!

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  • It’s kinda cool to think Smokepaw and Beetlewhisker were in the same situation as Cinderpelt. Although, out of all cats, I think i can find some cats more deserving to be reincarnated than cinder, smoke and beetle. Also Bristle is gone forever, kinda like spottedleaf. She’s nowhere, she’s gone. Sry.😭

  • "She has only one horn in this so it looks like someone has impaled her with a stick" (Doc, Plaguepaw/doctor) (She-cat) says:

    Cool article!

  • um, really sorry, but i think bristle’s spirit is in the new bristlekit, u know, Spotfurs kit. great article btw!

  • Great article! Here are my answers.
    1. Smokepaw and Smokefoot are confirmed different cats, Smokefoot was simply another cat born after Smokepaw died.
    2. Duskfur’s mate is unknown but I do ship Dusk x Reed and its a very solid theory.
    3. Beetlewhisker dies during the Last Hope. It’s only a mistake that he continues to appear in later books.
    4. Bristley is in ‘None’ She never made it to Starclan and instead decided it would a good idea to be in ‘None’.
    5. Crookedstar’s Promise is the 4th book of 15 Super Editions, Leopardstar’s Honor is the 14th. As much as I hate to say this, Crookedstar’s Promise is a tad outdated. The point of Leopardstar’s Honor was to give Leopardstar a better image. So of course it may be a bit different then Crookedstar’s Promise.