Warrior Cats: The series by Dapplebright

Dapplebright wonders what a Warrior Cats show on Netflix would look like.

Hey Bloggers, Dapplebright typing here! This is my first article ever. Warriors Cats: The series

If Warrior Cats was a series, it would be on Netflix. Obviously, since Netflix is such a popular TV network world-wide and Warriors have a huge fanbase. Warrior Cats actually was going to have a movie but it got canceled because, well, it didn’t actually. The producer, David Heyman, said it had no actual release date The first guess, 2019, was incorrect because there was no news about it in 2020 (Fact: Netflix was going to have Warrior Cats and it was supposed to air on that date). There has been no news since then about the movie or anything about a series.

Now, onto the details of what it would be like (as a series). The Warrior Cats series should be set in England, where Warriors Cats was originally based off and where Erin Hunter was born. Or in the Scandinavian countries. They should have as many seasons as the book series (7 or 6 seasons). The number of episodes could be on how many books are in that series (6). They could even have Super Edition episodes in between or after a season, like for example, since Firestar is the main character of The Prophecies Begin, they could have his super edition after the first seasons episodes (+the Super Editions, 7 or 8 episodes). Or in other seasons in between they can have short stories like the Novellas editions.

The normal episodes could probably be 30/45 minutes or so (it’s got to be long enough so it catches everything clearly), the super editions could be 50 minutes and the Novella Edition stories 24/30 minutes. Trailers and sneak-peaks would also be cool, about the season (like the sum up or blurb).

The rating is a really hard decision since Warrior cats books are placed in the children section though it has blood and fighting scenes. I think it should be rated PG (aka 7+, okay maybe 10+ even though that rating doesn’t exist). It would be weird to have it 13+.

That is all for now, fellow Bloggers! Hope you enjoyed my first article.

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  • OMG YES Y HAS NO ONE MADE IT?! IMMA MAKE IT AS AN ANIMATION OR SOMETHING. I 100% agree. there needs to be a Netflix show!!! In Mapleshades Vengeance it is quite gory, same with Firestar’s Quest (the rats ripping out throats) or leopardstar’s honor, the bone pile….. its a little gory, i agree 10 and up. great idea! idk y the movie never came out.

    • Maybe there doesn’t have to be a lot of blood. Though I have watched this one anime which had a lot of blood. And when the cats dies their eyes should already be closed.

  • Great article! I REALLY want a warrior cats tv show. Each series could be a season.

  • I’d love to have a warriors series, but I think it’d be hard to make it PG because warriors is actually quite gory if you think about it. It’d have to be animated.

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