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5 Cats Who Need More Recognition by Mistyfall

Mistyfall lists cats who deserve more recognition.

Artwork by Lithestep

Hi, it’s Mistyfall
This is my first article, hope you like it!

Let’s get into it:

1. Sunstar/Sunfall
Sunstar is a loyal deputy under Pinestar, and in my opinion, he deserved to be leader more. Pinestar used one of the lives Starclan gave him to practically betray them and go off and live in Twolegplace, which is practically breaking the warrior code, and is, I think, pretty ungrateful. Again, this is just by opinion. Sunfall was wise and brave and helped Bluestar (Bluefur at the time) move past her sister’s death. The series doesn’t really specify how long his time as leader was but I’ve always felt it seemed to sort for what a great leader he was promised to be, whereas Pinestar got to live out full eight lives as leader before going off to spend his last in a luxury life in Twolegplace which I think is pretty unfair. Anyways, Sunstar is the kind of character I admire a lot.

2. Mistystar
Personally, I love Mistystar, she might even be my favorite character, I’m not sure because there are so many good ones. This is basically a summary of all the trauma in Mistystar’s life: Mistykit’s sister Mosskit dies when she is barely a couple moons old, later Mistyfoot is cast aside for being half clan and has to then take the death of her brother. After rejoining Riverclan, she gets captured by Twolegs and replaced by the traitorous Hawkfrost, but is rescued by the patrol of Thunderclan warriors and returns as deputy to Riverclan and later becomes a ‘star’, and she becomes a fair, wise ‘star’ too even after all she’s been through. I, personally, think she definitely should be recognized for this. Go Mistystar!

3. Brackenfur
Brackenfur is one of many warriors who spend their lives as a brave, wise and fair cat. They are never particularly important, but for all the main characters and heroes to be heroic, they need those cats who are just strong and reliable. Sorreltail, Dustpelt, Graystripe, Brambleclaw (who later becomes Bramblestar), Sandstorm, Whitestorm and many others are part of this category. I chose Brackenfur pretty much randomly to represent them all, but I think that these cats as a group need more recognition.

4. Crookedstar
Crookedstar is remembered, from what I’ve seen, as an ok leader of Riverclan, meaning he wasn’t like Tigerstar, but not as good as some cat like Firestar. Though when I read his super edition my respect for him multiplied. He has to go through the pain of disfiguring his jaw, and then the additional mental pain of his mother no longer loving him because of his looks, which is completely unfair in my opinion, and then on top of all that his mother decides to re-name him after his jaw. And that’s only before he was an apprentice. When he becomes leader his mate, Willowbreeze, who, after having their kits, tragically dies of sickness along with two of his kits. Though Crookedstar still manages to lead his clan successfully.

5. Mudclaw.
This one may surprise you since Mudclaw was a villain, and sort of a side character to create a little edge and conflict to Tallstar’s death. Mudclaw, in my opinion, was a little over ambitious, eager to jump into battle, and reflected upon the other clans with too much dislike, and interestingly I think these are a group of the main set of traits Tigerstar had that turned him into a traitor, and which eventually these traits also turned Mudclaw into a traitor when he tried to overthrow Onestar (Onewhisker at the time) as leader. I think that he needs to be recognized though, as a brave, maybe a little sharp, but all around good warrior ruined by ambition and greed.

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