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Prophecies are OVERRATED by Dapplestar

Dapplestar explains why prophecies aren’t as good as they’re made out to be.

Art by Falconstreaker

Hey Bloggers! Dapplestar typing here. This is my opinion on why prophecies are so overrated:

Prophecies and omens can be problematic, stressful and difficult. Prophecies/omens are sent from Starclan (dead cats), and are received by medicine cats commonly, or leaders/clanmates.
Is this so reliable having a dead cat telling you what to do or what is coming in the future? I think not. Yes, they are watching over you but can it always be right or so accurate? There are many prophecies one in each series or more even. But they can also be helpful as being warned about things in the future and all. Lots of things go wrong with prophecies like Shadowsight thinking he got this sign about Bramblestar from Starclan but it ended up being Ashfur instead. Oh Starclan, why would you let this RAT into Cat heaven and then steal a leader’s corpse?! Sometimes they can be false like how Hawkfrost put a mothwing out near the medicine den for Mudfur to see so that he could make Mothwing medicine cat. Yet the dumbest prophecy: Fire alone will save the clans. This prophecy was sent by Spottedleaf the Thunderclan medicine cat who loved Firestar.

Prophecies also divide cats and ruin relationships like for example Dovewing becoming a prophecy cat and Ivypool getting jealous and training in the dark forest, destroying their WHOLE entire relationship. Twigbranch and Violetshine being prophecy kits, they were separated from each other, ‘cause of greed, resolving their bond to fall apart. These cats didn’t choose to be prophetic or special, they are just forced to fulfill their so-called ‘destiny’ and ignore all other things like kin, love or friendship. Without Twigbranch being a special kit everyone would think it was another mouth to feed and not even love her for who she is (two cats did actually at first).
As soon as they lost their powers everyone moved on from them, leaving them hurt. Prophecies even made clans and cats fight each other because Starclan is always right and that’s what everyone is told- but they are not.

Prophecies are mixed up and can be really wrong. They are OVERRATED. Hope you enjoyed my article!

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