Analyzing Warriors, The Moves: Eagle Catching with the Ancients by Froststar

Froststar analyzes one of the Tribe of Rushing Water’s most iconic moves.

Art by E. Saveliev (Warriors illustrations from Russian Golden Collection)

Hey!!!!! It’s Froststar, the critic who destroys battle moves and sometimes hunting techniques! This is my fourth post.

Eagle Catching is a hunting technique that only the Tribe of Rushing Water uses. It is uniquely effective. There are some really weird things they missed that they could have done and even a free food technique. Read On!

1. First Try: The first time the Ancients tried hunting in the mountains, things did not go well. Chasing Clouds was injured, and still the Tribe had no food. This is one of the things wrong with how they hunted then. That first try was not smart. They went for the wings and legs, when they should have gone for its back and midsection. The cat who went for the feet was nearly ripped apart, as disturbing the eagle from below makes it fix its attention on you and rip you apart. In this case, Chasing Clouds.
2. Lake fresh-kill: As we know from Long Shadows, the Ancients lived in the forest before they cast the stones to go to the mountains. This would mean that they would know how to hunt using underbrush around them, and how to stay downwind. This could have been used this technique to catch the shrews and mice that scurry around before eagles come down to get them. How? They can use the bramble bushes around them. The place is full of them. Couldn’t they have used these?
3. Waterfall: The Ancients took refuge in the cave behind the waterfall where the Tribe later lived. If it was near a waterfall, couldn’t they have done what the RiverClan cats do and learn to catch fish. There are also many brooks around the place. This is one of the things that they could have done, instead of injuring Chasing Clouds with an eagle. That is the problem, my Clanmates.
4. Rouges and Tunnels: What if the cats split up or stayed in the tunnels? If they had stayed in the tunnels, they could keep catching their food without a worry, or else deeper in away from Twolegs. If they had split up on the journey in the middle, there could have been forests abundant with prey. Chasing Clouds was injured, on this occasion, in the mountains, I say it again. You wouldn’t need to even walk that far. You would just split in the middle.

That concludes my fourth article, sorry if you hated that last piece. But whatever. The next submission in this series will be all about why WindClan’s whole array of unique moves are pretty…bad. Froststar out! Or… call me Criticstar. Okay that’s a bad name. Don’t call me it. Bye!

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