The Lore of Double Death and Blood Water by Brightshine

Brightshine takes a look at double death and how it works in the Warrior Cats universe.

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Hello fellow Blogclan members, Brightshine here, and I think I may have solved the mystery of those weird blood water pools that started spawning in the Dark Forest. Or if not solved it, at least come up with a stupid and convoluted theory that maybe makes a little bit of sense if you squint really hard! Yay! Anyways on to the theory. (I will definitely cringe about this intro later).

So, to answer why the blood water pools are in the Dark Forest, we first have to answer the question, where do warrior cats go when they die? Well, the answer is usually StarClan although on rare occasions a cat can go to the Dark Forest if they actively defied StarClan and also, um, there actually are no clear guidelines about this one. So questionable morals aside, we have two afterlives of cats that are stuck in said afterlife forever, until they double die. Which yes can happen, either from being physically murdered (and yes, ghosts can be killed by other ghosts, so why all the Dark Forest cats aren’t killing each other os a mystery). Also, cats might fade away when they are forgotten, maybe. Although that was probably retconned and will not be discussed in this article.

But either way, what happens to a cat when it double dies? Does it just vanish into the void of forgotten wiki pages, never to be seen again, only to be found by fans who started reading at AVoS and never went back only to wonder ‘who is this cat?’. That is possible. But also maybe, just maybe, these blood water pools are the spirits of dead Dark Forest cats. And yeah, this theory sounds crazy. But think about it: the first mass death of Dark Forest cats that we know of took place in The Last Hope. The first time we see the Dark Forest after that is in TBC. And it is full of the blood water pools (really need a better name for those). And for more evidence, being in these pools makes cats stop hoping, stop fighting. This wouldn’t make sense in normal water- it’s almost like the spirit of a vengeful cat that wants others to be dead along with it is speaking to them.

And you might be thinking: Okay, maybe the blood water is the spirits of dead Dark Forest cats. But what about StarClan cats? What happens to them when they double die? Well, there is something else that started appearing in the Dark Forest in TBC (we were never really in StarClan so we don’t know of any changes there except for the barrier blockage which I will mention later): The white mist. This was never in the Dark Forest before, but started appearing on a large scale during TBC. And besides the StarClan deaths during The Last Hope, there were a lot of StarClan spirits fading away as their connection to the living cats was severed…

And the final (well, more like one of many) pieces of evidence people may use against this theory is, what happens to rogue spirits when they double die? Can they even? I would say, yes, yes they can, and they become the brambles that Ashfur used to block the barrier. I don’t have any really strong evidence on this one, except that it just kinda fits.

So consider this: Ashfur comes to StarClan. He wants to get revenge but doesn’t know how. Then, the battle in The Last Hope happens. He sees what happens when spirits die, and uses this to come up with his takeover plan. The last piece falls into place however, when he talks to Spiresight. Spiresight is not a clan cat. But, he does seem to have some idea of death. He would probably know what happens to rogue cats when they double die.
So maybe this theory is incorrect, but it was really fun to come up with. And the pieces do fit pretty well…

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and if you have any theories about this subject I would love to hear them!

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