Matching Warriors To Encanto Characters by Brightmoon

Brightmoon compares warrior cats to Encanto characters.

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Meow! My name’s Brightmoon and today I want to compare some warrior cats to Encanto characters. If you haven’t watched Encanto, there are some spoilers up ahead and if you haven’t watched it GO AND WATCH IT THIS INSTANT!!! It is the best movie ever!!! You can get it on Disney+. Enjoy the article!

Mirabel: I think that Hollyleaf matches Mirabell perfectly! The main plot of the movie is that Mirabel’s whole family has magical gifts but she doesn’t. I think it matched because Hollyleaf’s brothers and another family member are part of the three and she isn’t. Jayfeather can walk in other cats’ dreams, Lionblaze is invincible, and Dovewing has overpowered senses. So Hollyleaf feels like an outsider, the same as Mirabel. Also her grandfather, Firestar, is the savior of ThunderClan and her “father,” Brambleclaw, was the deputy. It could also be Ivypool when her sister, Dovewing, is being treated like she is special.
Julieta: I was thinking of Spottedleaf or Leafpool because she is kind and motherly and heals people. Basically any of the medicine cats could work with this, except Yellowfang, because she heals people and is kind. I also think Julieta also uses herbs and spices like the medicine cats.
Abuela: I thought of Millie because she dotes on Brairlight but doesn’t care about Blossomfall. Like the way Abuela cares for the rest of the family but is cold towards Mirabel. She is mean to Mirabel because Mirabel didn’t get a gift and Millie ignores Blossomfall and pays attention to Briarlight because Briarlight was crippled. In the end Abuela says she is sorry and treats them all equally and I hope that Millie treats them equally but I think she does.
Luisa: I decided that Dovewing matched Luisa because just like her, Dovewing is always under pressure of the prophecy and protecting her Clanmates. In the movie Luisa is always under pressure about not being good enough. She’s so under pressure that she sings a whole song about it! When Luisa loses her gift in the movie she acts sad and depressed and takes time to adjust. That is just like Dovewing when she loses her powers!
Isabela: Even though she is not exactly like him I thought that Jayfeather acts like her. Isabela is not rude and cranky all the time like him but, hear me out. In the movie Isabela is sick and tired of being perfect and Jayfeather is sick and tired of cats treating him like a kit. She is mad that she is perfect and he is mad that he is blind. Are the pieces connecting yet? Anyway, Jayfeather is tired of the way cats act around him, like offering to help him with every step because he is blind.
Bruno: He kind of reminds me of Goosefeather because like Bruno, Goosefeather kind of blocked himself off from his family. They are both crazy but Bruno is not as crazy as Goosefeather. Also Bruno’s only company are the rats and Goosefeather’s only company are the dead cats.
I hope you enjoyed and agreed with all of these. I gotta go and catch some prey now. Bye!!!

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