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Overlooked Characters and Ships in Warriors by Echocreek

Echocreek lists relationships and characters that are overlooked in the series.

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As I’ve been reading and rereading the books, I’ve noticed some things that are wonky and overlooked but have never been mentioned here. (That I’ve seen… I could be wrong)
(Spoilers for various books)

Number one: Mistystar x Blackclaw
Of all the ships in warriors, this one is often thrown under the radar mainly because RiverClan has not been the focus clan before the newest series. This ship is honestly terrible. In Leopardstar’s Honor we see Blackclaw fretting over his kits after they disappeared in the flood. This shows that he at least has some fatherly instincts, but we don’t hear much more from him as a parent or mate until Twilight. After Leafpool and Mistyfoot/star find the source of the poison making the cats of RiverClan sick, Hawkfrost comments that had the patrols been organized better, none of it would have happened. Instead of sticking up for his mate, Blackclaw agrees and even shoots a nasty look at Mistyfoot. In addition, Blackclaw was one of the cats to support Hawkfrost and Mudclaw in overthrowing Onewhisker/star. If he had any loyalty at all to Mistyfoot as a mate or even just as a fellow warrior, he would have warned her what was going on. Mistystar deserved somebody way better than him.

Number Two: Pinestar
In my opinion, Pinestar is a bland and not very interesting character in general. He was obviously a terrible mate to Leopardfoot and eventually left the clan to be a kitty pet, but he also played a role in Moonflower’s death as well. Yes, Goosefeather was the one who received the prophecy of doom at the paws of WindClan in the vole’s fur, but Pinestar then made two vital mistakes. The first one is understandable; he listened to his medicine cat. Any sensible leader would do this, but surely Pinestar realized how absurd Goosefeather was being? It’s not like he didn’t already think Goosefeather was crazy in Goosefeather’s stand alone. What he should have done was had his clan prepare for battle, but waited until they had more solid proof before launching the first attack. The second mistake happened as they were reaching the WindClan camp. Pinestar ordered Swiftbreeze to wait with Bluepaw, Snowpaw, and Featherwhisker in case they needed help. (Why were Bluepaw and Snowpaw even there? They were barely out of the nursery!) But he sent Moonflower to fight, knowing full well that her kits hadn’t had any battle training and were at the battle with them. Couldn’t he have let Moonflower stay with her kits and instead sent Swiftbreeze? Maybe if Swiftbreeze were fighting, she would have prevented Leopardpaw from being hurt so bad.

Number Three: Goosefeather
Is this really a surprise? I’m not going to go into the whole thing with Moonflower again… Goosefeather is well known in the books for being insane with little grasp on reality. But anyway, everybody hates Rainflower for how she treated Crookedstar after his accident, but nobody ever mentions that Goosefeather was the one who caused Crookedstar’s accident. When he sees two kits hopping across the stepping stones with the misconception that he’s stealing RiverClan herbs, his first thought is not to take them home and explain what happened, but to snarl at them and attack them, going so far as to chase them across the stepping stones, which led to Crookedlit mistiming his leap and breaking his jaw.
Jeez Goosefeather 🤦🏼‍♀️

I can’t think of anything else right now so this is the end of the article but thank you so much for reading and let me know if I should make a part two.

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  • Awesome article! I liked your points and reading your opinion. You really made me think, and I definitely think you should make a part two. C:

  • Am I the only one who finds Goosefeather a very interesting character?

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