Defending the most hated cats by Applekit

Applekit defends hated cats from the series.

Artwork by CatsCat

Hello kits, apprentices, warriors, elders, Queens, and many more.
This is Vallypaw here to defend the most hated cats of the warriors universe. Hope you enjoy!

1) Starflower
(I personally don’t like Starflower, but she is a super hated cat so here she is.)
*sigh* here we go.
Most people hate starflower because she is a Mary Sue and their was no telling if she was good or bad.
They think she was evil to everyone except clearsky, her mate, and that clearsky was over protective of her, when he let BrightStream and storm die!
And on top of it all, she betrayed Thunder! What kind of loyal cat does that!?!?
Truth is, the whole one eye thing was totally not her fault. She can’t chose who her parents are!
And starflower is a Mary Sue, but isn’t a Mary Sue a person who is perfect? Starflower is not perfect at all!
Just think about that!

Bluestar is an amazing leader.
I don’t understand why she gets so much hate!
I can here you going “but what about the time when she locked herself in her den and didn’t want to talk to anyone?” Well she did do that, but she was in shock.
What would you do if you found out your best friend was evil, and planning to kill you and your family so they could take over your house?
Everyone also hates how she chose Tigerclaw as deputy, but she didn’t know at all!
I can’t believe how many people hate bluestar.

3) Tom
This one needs no explanation.

Alright, so…..everyone hates Millie for a few reasons:
She is a terrible mother
She replaced Silverstream

To start at reason number one. She was a terrible mother, because she loved her kits so much that she had to be strict with them! She didn’t want them to be hurt, and like a number of others, was over protective of them.
Reason number two, she replaced Silverstream.
Don’t you just love Graystripe? I love Graystripe two! It seems like he was way happier with Silverstream, and we all want Graystripe to be happy, right? Totally!
But the truth is she never replaced Silverstream. Silverstream was Dead, and Graystripe decided to take a new mate. Make sense?

Alright, Alright! Sorry for the short article, but I hope that covers everything!
Keep watch for my next article, ‘Warrior cats and what their favorite color is’
I didn’t cover pure villains in this article, because I didn’t seem to need to, but I hope that raps this up!
May StarClan light you’re path!

-Vallypaw the Vallypaw

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