What cats need novellas or super editions by Scarletfur

Scarletfur lists cats they think should get the chance to tell their stories.

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Hey, fellow cats it’s Scarletfur, Today I am discussing my top 7 cats I would like to have Super Editions or Novellas. This is just a quick list I threw together for BlogClan. Most of these cats are villains and female leads just because I like reading from there. Hope you enjoy this list of cats I believe should get a super edition or novella.

#7 Ashfur
Ashfur is just a cool character in general. He has a well-written story and even though his motive is petty he still pulls it off perfectly. But I’m not wanting a super edition on how he appears in the broken code. I want a novella about how he feels in the power of three and if he planned to ever confront squirellflight or if it was just in the right place at the right time.
#6 Ivypool
I think Ivypool is a character that has been a bit forgotten after the great battle. She served her purpose as some think but I think they are wrong. She needs more story and I have an idea. I want to know what’s in her head and how she feels about Dovewing moving to ShadowClan. I would also like to see her communicate with Dovewings kits and have a heart-to-heart conversation about her leaving the clan.
#5 Sandstorm
Sandstorm is just a nice character in general. I feel that her entire story is just an accessory to Firestar. I want her to have her own story something where she takes charge and separates herself from Firestar in a great journey to unlock herself. Probably not a real journey and more a theoretical journey, But she would make a great novella and dare I say a Super Edition.
#4 StarFlower
DOTC was my favorite series and Starflower was just a cool character in general. The good thing about Dawn of The Clans characters is you can have any story you want without the bounds of what happened in the main series books. The theoretical book would be about her life as a rouge and how she is bound to OneEye and Slash and how she somehow came to like Clearsky. I think her story could be stretched to a Super Edition easily.
#3 BrokenStar
As I said villains’ perspectives are great and Brokenstar is a cool villain. I know we got some info about him in Yellowfang’s Secret but his story and how he decided to kill his father deserves at least a novella. His “great” Idea for kitten warriors was a far-off one but I need to know why he liked this idea so much. And his life in ThunderClan might be good. I like to think he was settling down and wouldn’t be evil until Tigerclaw offered him freedom and power so he took it.
#2 Brightheart
I think Brightheart is a great character and would make a great novella. I either want her to fight with the dogs and recovering from it, or her choice to be a medicine cat for a little bit and how she was jealous of daisy. She would have a lot to cover and is always determined to help her clan. She is my favorite character who was just written well in general.

And without further ado number 1

#1 Turtletail
Turtletail has a lot to cover and a super edition would be sufficient she loved Greywing who did not love her so she left to be with bumble creating my favorite ship of all time. Bumble x Turtle which is a ship I’m pretty sure I made up. Her entire life is a large story with a hole in it as she leaves to be with bumble. We need to fill that hole! How did she come to like Tom? What was her relationship with bumble? And did she regret leaving and just stayed or was she happy?

Thanks for reading! This is my first article alone and I hope you cats enjoyed it. It was fun to make and I know almost all of these cats are not the most popular but I love them. And I think they have a nice story to tell and would make a great Super Editon or Novella.

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