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My Ten Favorite Characters by Flamefire

Flamefire lists their favourite characters.

Art by M.Jay Warriors Art (tumblr: marymsjay-warriors-art)

Hello! This article, my favorite cats, will be going in order from 10 (least favorite) to 1 (top favorite). Friendly reminder these are just opinions, and also, spoiler for main arcs ahead!

10. Lionblaze – Lionblaze is a fun character. While he’s not the best, being kind of arrogant, he has good qualities to balance the bad. Like his love and loyalty towards Cinderheart. You can’t deny, it was a tiny bit sweet (though irrational and a bad idea) when he decided to pick a fight and let himself get hurt to show he could choose his own path. Though it was a waste of herbs and not a very well thought-out plan, he was trying to show affection. Doesn’t that count for something?

9. Half Moon – Half Moon was so nice and considerate, and there may be bad qualities in her, but honestly when I think of her none come to mind for me. She really, genuinely cared for Jayfeather and while I dislike Jayfeather I thought the ship was really adorable, and I wanted to see more of Half Moon, like her having her own Super Edition or Novella or Manga, perhaps.

8. Featherwhisker – This tom is inquiring and curious, and though he often butts into other cats’ business, he is a very gentle and caring cat, and I like both him and his brother. It makes me especially said thinking he barely gets any time in the spotlight. Go, Featherwhisker!

7. Yellowfang – Ah, yes, the grumpy cat. Now. Yellowfang went through so much, and honestly, I can’t say that justifies her need to be endlessly grumpy, but it’s not like it started out that way for her. It’s not like she was grumpy and rude from the beginning, unlike a certain tom, who was grumpy since apprenticeship. If you think about it, Yellowfang, though no blind, went through many struggles, most of them with Raggedpelt (ugh), and her son, Brokenstar. Yes, Brokenstar’s existence is partly her fault, but the emphasis on partly. Raggedpelt was basically pressuring Yellowfang into a relationship some of the time, and then ignoring her. Yellowfang wasn’t treated very fairly, and though I believe they had a small amount of chemistry, it is mostly Raggedpelt’s fault for not giving Brokenpaw a suitable mentor, and discipline. Also, Yellowfang made up for it (a bit) by killing Brokenstar, and being a good mentor to Cinderpelt.

6. Firestar – Ah yes, the overrated cat! Let’s give him the spotlight, shall we? Before I go on about Firestar’s good deeds, let me just say that he has made mistakes. And some good things he’s done hasn’t made up for that, but honestly I feel like he gets hate from the fact that since he’s got a lot of time for him to shine that everyone gets to point out his meager flaws and exploit them,

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