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Lionclaw plays This or That

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Hi I’m Lionclaw, this is my second article. I’m writing it on the 29 of the 4 2022, inspired by Featherpaw’s and Mountainstorm’s This or That articles so I’ll be playing This or That. I hope you enjoy it.

Dovewing or Ivypool
Ivypool forever! She’s just amazing, and I don’t like Dovewing, she’s a bit winny. Ivypool is brave and kind and I hate Hawk X Ivy. I mean he tried to kill her.

Greystripe or Firestar
This is a tough one hmm I’m going to say Greystripe he was the best friend to Firestar you could possibly have.
Apart from in Fire And Ice.

Tigerstar 1 or Tigerstar 2
Tigerstar 1 definitely, he was a cool villain in TPB he did kill a lot of cats though but still he’s a lot better than his grandson who is the most arrogant furball in the whole series.

Crookedstar or Tallstar
Before I tell you I’ve been wondering this how did Tallstar and Barkface live so much longer than Crookedstar and Bluestar 🤔 anyway Crookedstar I loved his super edition it’s one my favourite books and he was great in it while Tallstar’s super edition was just meh not bad but not my favourite.

Bramblestar or Ashfur
Is this really a question, Bramblestar wasn’t the best mate let’s put it that way but at least he didn’t try and kill Squirrelflight Bramblestar did yell at her a lot but think I can explain that up to Squirrelflight’s hope the first time they broke up was when Brambleclaw wanted to spend time with Hawkfrost but Squirrelflight didn’t like Hawkfrost and wanted Bramble to stop seeing him (her feeling was right) but think about it you find out you have a half brother that you never knew about then someone doesn’t want you to him any more how would you feel. and when they broke up the second time it was because Brambleclaw found out that Squirrelflight had lied about Holl Lion and Jay. I’d be quite annoyed if that happened to me. So Bramblestar.

Leopardstar or Mistystar
Leopardstar. I didn’t like her in TPB but then I read her super edition and I really think she redeemed herself in A Shadow I Riverclan. And I like Mistystar. She’s an alright leader though she did do some questionable things when she was leader.

SpottedXFire or SandXFire
SandXFire! For a start there similar ages while Spottedleaf was a full medicine cat when Firestar was just a kit and med cats take longer to get there full name than warriors I’d say she could be a whole year older than Firestar that’s like a twelfth of Firestar’s life ew.

Now it’s time for the most epic showdown ever!

jayXHalf or JayXStick
JayXStick forever, how could anyone not like this ship? When Jayfeather goes to the mountains I remember him saying to the Stick “I’ll have to leave you but see each other in the mountain” well maybe not exactly that but something along the lines. JayXHalf is quite a good ship mainly because Jayfeather doesn’t bite her head off every five seconds. But JayXStick rules.

That’s all for now, bye

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  • I love Dovewing because, although she’s a but whiny in her head, she keeps the books more interesting because she’s not a protagonist who gets their way all the time.

  • I DESPISE SandXFire. Its pretty forced and Sandstorm was a complete BULLY to Firestar (paw at the time)! Its sooo overrated, like OMG why?!
    (Sorry about the harsh words)
    I KINDA ship SpottedXFire, but not sooo much. BUT I’d rather SpottedXFire than SandXFire.
    Please respect my opinion!
    I know it might not be YOUR opinion, but I’m okay with having a different opinion than yours.

    • I respect your decision completely, but I disagree.
      Sandpaw was just mad about having a kittypet in the Clan, like everyone else was. And then she started to warm up to him. Finally Firestar(who i really like but CANNOT take a hint)realized Sandstorm liked him and started to like her back, feeling slightly guilty, but then Spotted encouraged him to let go and just be mate with Sandy. So that’s what he did. True, there were some arguments here and there, but they loved each other, and what’s a couple without a few arguments that show they really care?

      Sorry about the rant lol.

  • I Don’t understand. Jayxstick makes no sense. IT WAS A STICK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. HE HAD BEES IN HIS BRAIN IF HE LOVE LOVES IT. Jay x Half forever. how, i mean how, Do you think It would work out if he wasn’t a medicine cat and told his brother he was in love with a stick? sorry for the harse opinion, and feel free to disagree. this is just my belief. also, fantastic article!

    • Here’s a ridiculous mini fanfic. Enjoy >:)

      Jayfeather decided today was the day he finally told his brother the truth. He had been keeping it a secret for so long and he felt it was time to come clean. He walked into the camp clearing to see Lionblaze talking with Cinderheart. “Hey, Lionblaze? Can I talk with you? In private?” Jayfeather muttered nervously. Lionblaze, looking confused said, “Sure what is it?” They walked together to the medicine den, and Jayfeather felt himself get hot under his pelt, thinking about how Lionblaze would react. “So, what is it you want to tell me?” Lionblaze asked once Jayfeather made sure no one was in earshot. “I’ve been keeping this a secret for a while now, and I feel its time to tell you.” Jayfeather said, getting embarrassed quickly. “I- I’m in love.” He muttered quickly. “Wait what!? With who?” Lionblaze asked. “a stick.” Jayfeather replied. Lionblaze looked as surprised as any cat could possibly be and said, “what the-”

      Yeah, this was funny to write XD

  • That was really good my friend said that her fav cat was tigerstar2 so she got mad but i think it was really good

  • I think that Firestar is better than Graystripe but it’s not my opinion

  • Great Article!!
    Dovewing or Ivypool, I just cant chose I think they are both amazing and really love their clans


    Bruh- Why 1 Tigerstar 2 is obvi the best, hes so nice to dovewing and he knows how to look after his clan


    BRAMBLESTAR, Ashfur is evil

    LeopardStar, I just recently read Leopardstars honor and I just have grown to love her so much more, always after her loses

    SpottedxFire, Just cause I love spottedleaf but maybe FirexSand cause they love each other so much… I DONT KNOW

    JayxHalf I dont need to say much

    • Thank you!! JayxStick makes ZERO sense, its literally shipping Jayfeather with an inanimate object. It makes no sense, sorry JayxStick shippers.

  • YASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone FINALLY agrees that Tigerstar 1 is COOL! He’s one of my favourite villains!
    BTW I’m doing an article about him!
    BTW ( again ) GREAT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!! I agreed with all of them!

  • 🌊✨Streampaw adores reading and writing! Feather x Crow forever! 💙 I can' t wait for school to begin! ✨🌊(Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Nice article! For the majority of what you’ve written, I agree. This is a very creative and interesting article, good job! In my opinion, Dovewing is better than Ivypool. She’s a thoughtful, kindred, and easy-going cat who deserves more love. She might seem whiny, but calling a character whiny is about who the person defines whiny and how they perceive the character. I like Ivypool as well, but she can be quite a jealous character and often her achievements are exaggerated by the fandom. As for Jay x Stick, it’s really more of a joke than a romance… but my favorite Jayfeather ship is certainly Jay x Briar, they were such a good couple, non-canon or not, and they truly understood and could empathize with one another.

  • For Dovewing or Ivypool,I like both of them the same.

    For Graystripe or Firestar,I’d chose Graystripe,even though they’re both fine.

    I think I’d chose Tigerstar 1,because he was a great villan in the series.

    Out of Crookedstar vs. Tallstar,I’d toat go for Crookedstar…he was pretty good.

    I think I’d go with Bramblestar,even if he is a little prickly,he’s at least better than Ashfur.

    For Leopardstar or Mistystar,I’d go with both.

    SpottedXFire and SandXFire,I’d go with SandXFire. They’re so cute together!

    JayXHalf or JayXStick…I don’t really know enough about these to ships to make an opinion

    on it,so…I don’t know.

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