Inconsistencies and trying to understand them by Snowo

Snowo lists inconsistencies in the series and tries to figure out ways around them.

Hi I’m Snowo aka Snowpaw/storm and today I’ll be trying to fix some inconsistencies in the usual,spoiler at your own risk.No disrespect intended,I’m just kinda tired.

1.Mosskit’s gender

Mosskit is the child of Bluestar.the inconsistency here is that Mosskit has been called both male and female inside the books.While I personally might like the headcanon that Mosskit is genderfluid,there is also a problem since they change her description as well and I’m pretty sure that there aren’t really cats who are confirmed to be LGBTQIA+ (with a possible exception of Jake or Tallstar).However,I’m pretty sure the authors confirmed that Mosskit is female so yeah,fixed.(however she is a tom in some of the other languages,such as Russian)

2.Stoatfur(ShadowClan’s)gender and appearance

The Stoatfur is referred to as both a skinny ginger tom and a tortoiseshell she-cat.There is no author confirmation on which appearance is the actual one,but Stoatfur has more listings in the allegiances under the ginger description.However,it is still unknown so who knows?


This guy either became a kittypet and never talked to his family again,or appeared in Tigerheart’s Shadow and then…..just disappeared.According to author confirmation(dang autocorrect is being annoying),the kittypet part is true and he never was supposed to appear in Tigerheart’s Shadow and that was supposed to be Slatefur(even tho he isn’t Berryheart and Cloverfoot’s brother).

4.The Nutmegs

Apparently there is like 5 different Nutmegs,1 loner,a possible rogue,and quite a lot of kittypets.I honestly can’t exactly tell them apart anymore.

5.Miilie’s description(yes I know I spelled her name wrong)

She’s either a striped gray or silver tabby with blue eyes,I’m honestly going with whatever the wiki says at this point.

6.Was Tree a rogue or loner?

Tree was confirmed to be a loner in Tree’s Roots.

7.Dovewing’s eye color

It’s either green,gold,or blue.Ah yes,the well known debate of what color eyes a fictional cat has(it’s sarcasm hour ok?lol).Now,gold was only mentioned once or twice so imma eliminate that.Green and blue have been mentioned a tied amount of times but the Erins said its green.And since the Erins said its green,it’s either green or vibrant bright purple.

8.Grasswhisker’s gender

Said to be male by Su’s Missing Kits.Then that got retconned and Leopardstar’s Honor happened.So Grasswhikser(probably spelled that wrong)’s official gender is female since that’s what the canon book says.

9.Frostpaw’s description

The gray one is yeah

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