Overated characters by Rena

Rena lists characters they think are overrated by the fandom.

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For me the characters I hate the most are the ones in my opinion overall overated and get to much credit. I’m looking at you spottedleaf and Bluestar and mappleshade to. I don’t know how many cats will be on this list but I’ll start with the most overated cat.
1.spottedleaf. ok I can see those looks why she’s so sweet she’s so brave bla bla bla. Well to me she is just a background cat who is a creepy stalker who gives obvious visions. She happens to be a first arc cat. I bet if she was let’s say lionblazes love interest for the third arc people would hate her and by far her novella was the badest creepy thing ever and just made me hate her more.
2.bluestar oh were do I get started with this crap. Let’s see… Oh before I go on let’s look at the riquirments for being overrated.
I don’t like em.well in your case you don’t like em.chek
First arc cat.chek
Not a big impact or they don’t diserve to be called heroe ahem bluestar Chek
People sometimes have the nerve to call them underrated and lash out when people hate on them.chek And they couse more bad then good but people don’t see it. Chek.
These are correct for spottedleaf and Bluestar. Now let’s talk about the worst leader of thunder clan well secund worst that is bramblestar but we’ll get to him later. So Bluestar saw her mother sky I was so sad for Bluehost but then she spent five chapters mopping when her sister was doing the best she could to not. Her mom would have wanted her to be the best warrior she could be. Then when snowfur died she niglecting her son even though she promised to protect whitekit. And yelled at her sister about thistleclaw even though she was in a half clan rilationship. Then mosskit died because she took her kits to riverclan. You would say but thistleclaw would have distroyed the clan but sunstar said he was never going to make him leader and bluefur could have just talked to him. Then you might be screening but she let firestar into the clan but she wouldn’t have if she diddent get a sine so rilly it wasn’t her being kind she was just following starclans orders. To top it all of she saved firestar ok ya this is the only thing she actually did good but she could and should have just killed Tigerstar. And then she went insane for swiftpaw killed and brightly for scared for life and she renamed her lostface she called all her clan mates treaties and she is called a hero ugh she is so overated first arc cat stuff and she is so bad just ugh!
3.yellowfang. I don’t hate her. But she did make some bad choice and her starclan version is horrible. Giving brokenkit to lizerdstripe was one of her many bad choices and raggedstar was another being a first arc cat she is so overated. Case closed!

I’m going to say this now bomber four is dedicated to all first arc cats firestar as well. Him showing up in alitm was so annoying and hollyleaf should have been the fourth cat.

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  • great article a few days ago there was an article saying that Bluestar is underrated

  • Good article, but I politely disagree. Here’s why:
    1. Spottedleaf. Okay, maybe she IS overrated, but should you really hate on her bc of that? It’s not her fault that she’s overrated. Plus, she helped Firestar, and at least she didn’t turn out like Mapleshade when Firestar chose Sandstorm over her. Also, she is NOT a creepy stalker! Imagine if you had a crush on this girl. But she died. Then, what if she visited you in your dreams! You would be happy. So really, you just have to put it in human words instead.
    2. Bluestar. Okay, is it bad that she deals with death differently? She was sad and mourning her mother. She can’t be exactly like her sister! And, after her sister died, she was just upset and Whitekit reminded her of Snowfur. Oh, and about Thistleclaw. Yes, she was in a half clan relationship, but at least Oakheart wasn’t EVIL! She knew about Thistleclaw! That’s not a big problem! And she couldn’t have predicted that Mosskit would die, and Sunstar MIGHT not choose Thistleclaw as deputy. Also how Starclan sent her a sign, and she wasn’t being kind, well any leader would do what she did. So…Yeah. And lastly, with Brightheart, she was in shock! She didn’t know about Tigerclaw, and it was surprising to her! That’s all.
    3. Yellowfang. Well, Lizardstripe was the only nursing queen whom she could give the kit too…so don’t blame her!
    Sorry if you found these offensive in any sort of way, I just want to say some stuff. Bye! <3

  • good article, but personally i respectfully disagree with all but spottedleaf. Also, no offense and I mean this in the nicest way possible, but I could hardly read a thing.

  • Good article! I do agree with most of these cats but a few things stuck out to me
    Disliking a character is a matter of opinion and hence is not solid criteria for over-rated ness. Being a first arc cat is also not solid criteria and makes very little sense; there are plenty of overrated cats outside of TPB and many cats in TPB who are not overrated.
    And although I do very strongly dislike Bluestar, she has a right to mope about her mom being dead. That is a very mope-worthy moment if I’ve ever seen one. Sure it’s not what Moonflower would have wanted, but she’s DEAD, for Starclan’s sake. Bluepaw can’t just get over that. And I think she can yell at Snowfur about Thistleclaw all she wants, not because it isn’t hypocritical, but because after Spottedleaf’s heart we have seen that any concerns about Thistleclaw’s qualities as a mate are more than valid.

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