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Ship vs Ship by Spottedpaw

Spottedpaw compares ships surrounding certain characters.

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In this article I will be rating/choosing different ships. Some of these will be rants on bad ships and some will be just common sense. Starting now!

1. Bright x Cloud or Bright x Swift?
Brightheart and Swiftpaw are first cousins. Don’t ship them. Bright x Cloud is well developed and sweet, it’s an obvious choice.

2. Gray x Millie or Gray x Silver?
Both of these mates are bad. Graystripe new Silver for three months. If you have read Leopardstars honor, you know that silverstream is a spoiled brat. Crookedstar spoiled her silly because all of her siblings died and her mother died. It’s makes sense. Also if you reread TPB you know that silverstream constantly says “it’s okay our relationship will be fine.” And in a light in the mist she glares are Graystripe for nuzzling briarlight and Millie. Yeah, she’s not a good cat. Millie was fine until briarlights accident. She then becomes VERY ableist. She tells Jayfeather it wouldn’t be so bad if briarlight died instead of her being disabled. She doesn’t speak to bumblestripe like, ever. She doesn’t care about jayfeathers official doctor talk. She is also a jerk. I recommend moonkittis Briarlight video for more details on the ableism thing. All in all, Graystripe doesn’t have good options as mates. I think he will choose BOTH in starclan, but my opinions are both ships are equal. Graystripe x Firestar x Sandstorm poly supremacy.

3. Crowfeather mates.
Wow, I am going to get hate for this one. I hate all crowfeather mates. Nightcloud and Crowfeather don’t love each other. While I do think Crow x Feather is really cute and nice, but it’s CREEPY. Feathertail is about 27, and Crowpaw (at the time) was about 15. Crowfeather having the crush is fine, but feathertail returning it and saying she loved him?! That’s disgusting as heck!!! I am sorry, if they where the right age they would be a great ship! But the age gap is weird. She is crushing on a minor. It’s gross.
Crow x leaf is not that bad, but they only dated each other for about a month. Thats it. But when they met in starclan in A light in the mist, that was cute. I still don’t like the ship. But one crowfeather ship that is criminally underrated is Squirrelflight x Crowfeather. They are both troublemakers that I think would be great for each other. But the Erin’s where too busy with their two 27 + 15 year old ships to notice how they have so much in common.

4. Bramble x squirrelflight or ash x squirrel?
No. Everyone knows, Bramblestar is abusive. Watch moonkittis video on it. So many people disagree with her and say it doesn’t count because she is popular, but that doesn’t mark her incredibly detailed research invalid. Just because he is praised as the good leader he isn’t in the broken code doesn’t mean he is good. Not good ship.
Ash x squirrelflight is just as worse. So many people say “if squirrelflight chose him he would be fINe!” No. In the broken code, Ashfur lives the live he wanted and considers himself squirrelflights mate. He keeps her from her duties, forced her to eat before the elders, forces her too be in his den constantly, and is being very creepy and obsessive. THAT IS BAD. They are both horrible cats. Squirrelflight has much better ships. Squirrelflight x Leafstar (yes she is older but they met when they where both adults so it’s fine.) Squirrelflight x Shrewpaw, and Squirrelflight x Crowfeather.

5. Tiger x Dovewing or Bumble x Dovewing?
Dovewing does not like bumblestripe. She tried to convince herself she did, but she doesn’t. Just because bumblestripe was “sweet” doesn’t mean she has to mate him. Plus the fact that because she became mates with tigerheart he became extremely xenophobic and a jerk (In ASC) is a very big red flag.
Dovewing x Tigerheart. Eh. It was slow, but they are a sweet couple. I do prefer it over dove x bumble, but it’s fine. Though, DOVEWING IS NOT MORRALLY WROBG FOR MOVING CLANS! She went to thunderclan and said goodbye. She had a mate and children. Her mate was the leader. If she didn’t move clans, everyone would hate her and her kits would be discriminated against. She is happy in shadowclan. She still loves her sister and parents. Dovewing is not that bad.

Though, Dovewing x Briarlight is better than both.

6. FiresSand or Firespotted?
First of all, no firestar x cinderpelt. They are much better as a sibling dynamic and it’s just a one sided crush. Firespotted is not good. It’s a one sided crush that the Erin’s wanted to make more of. It’s stupid, plus age gap. Fire sand had great chemistry and are mates in starclan.

So, those are my opinions!
Ps. Age gaps are fine if they start being interested in each other as full adults. Squirrelflight x Leafstar is fine, Dustpelt x Ferncloud is not.

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  • This is a super goid article!!! But I still ship FeatherxCrow. Have any of You noticed that there are a age-gap between Bramblestar and Squirrelflight too?

  • How could you criticize the Erins like that? Though I think the Silverstream description is pretty good.

    • 🗻🎶🪨DIES🎵🪨IRAE🪨🎵Slate🪨🎶🗻 llll~LINGLING WANNABES UNITE~llll | 🗯(Tchaikovsky Sym. 6 & Verdi Requiem is so good)🗯 says:

      I don’t think Spottedpaw is criticising the Erins …? I mean, everybody is allowed to have their opinions on that stuff, and criticising ships and characters isn’t the same as criticising the authors.

  • good article I disagree with almost all of them I hate Fire X Grey and I love Grey X Silver and Bumblestripe is the best mate Dovewing could have

    • How on earth is bumblestripe a good mate… dovewing didn’t love him and he asked her about kits at her best friends purdys funeral. He is not that bad, but he is not the “best mate ever”

    • 🗻🎶🪨DIES🎵🪨IRAE🪨🎵Slate🪨🎶🗻 llll~LINGLING WANNABES UNITE~llll | 🗯(Tchaikovsky Sym. 6 & Verdi Requiem is so good)🗯 says:

      Like Bloomwhisker said… Seriously, Bumblestripe got all cold and sharp with Dovewing, just because she didn’t like him back.

    • bro.. grey x fire is so healthy and sweet 😭 i wouldn’t be surprised if it was made canon or semi canon

  • I agree with some of your opinions. However Crowpaw is an older apprentice and Feathertail is a new warrior when they meet. So on human years Crowaw would be an older teen while Feathertail would be in her early twentys.

  • Bumblestripe and Ashfur treat their loved ones the same way (thankfully bumble tripe did not take tigerhearts body) both treating them coldly after rejection so there both not the best mates (especially Ashfur)In my opinion

  • Dove x Briar???? no. sorry, great Article, but I disagree on Dove x Briar, Leaf x Squirrel (they were just friend who were kidnapped!!!) But i do agree Ash and Bramble are unworthy of Squirrel. Great Article! there is an age gap between Ash and Squirrel, (a pretty big one) and a smaller but still age gap between Bramble and Squirrel.

  • Vixenpaw is Excited for Fall! 🦃 Striped Vixen Chasing the Wind (thanks to Solarpaw/flare) 🎵"I don't know where you're going, but do you have room for one more troubled soul?"🎵 says:


  • Great article! except Squilf x Leafstar has a much bigger age gap than Feathertail x Crowfeather and also when Crowfeather started liking Feathertail he would have been a warrior in WindClan

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