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Theorizing about the Emberdawns by Mountainstorm

Mountainstorm theorizes about the two Emberdawns.

Art by warriorsproject (tumblr)

Hey hey, kits, apps, warriors, elders, med cats!
With the new releases- Leopardstar’s Honor and A Light in the Mist, a new mystery unfolded- Emberdawn.

In Leopardstar’s Honor, which was published September 7th, 2021, before A Light in the Mist, a new character appeared, called Emberdawn, like the magnificent moderator on this Blog.
She’s the sister of Mosspelt, has two nieces, Dawnflower and Willowshine, two nephews, Robinkit and Woodkit, one grandnephew, Pebblefoot, and two grandnieces, Minnowtail and Tumblekit. She’s related to a lot more characters, such as Feathertail and Sunfish, and if we’re digging in even deeper, you can find popular characters such as Greystripe, Alderheart, and Briarlight on her family tree as well.

In Leopardstar’s Honor, Emberdawn is described to be a dark ginger she-cat. Her eye color is never mentioned, but she’s displayed with blue eyes on the wiki- just like the mod’s purrsona on BlogClan.

Emberdawn is never seen in any other books, and her mysterious appearance fades away- until A Light in the Mist, where she’s mentioned when Firestar asked Silverhawk for proof that he’d really help them defeat Ashfur. Silverhawk swears on Emberdawn’s spirit that he will. He reveals they were mates when they were alive.

Firestar briefly reflects that he’d never seen or heard of Emberdawn in StarClan, yet she’s not in the Dark Forest either, and ponders if Silverhawk being in the Dark Forest has anything to do with that.

Later on, Silverhawk admits why he ended up in such a place- when he was alive, he attempted to murder his leader so his son, who was deputy at the time, could succeed him. According to this confession, Emberdawn and Silverhawk probably had a son. Their son is unnamed.

Emberdawn’s appearance is never mentioned in A Light in the Mist, so we can’t use appearance as proof that this Emberdawn and the Leopardstar’s Honor Emberdawn were the same cat.

Some say it’s impossible- Leopardstar’s Honor Emberdawn wouldn’t fit into the timeline, because there were so many books in between the events of the new Super Edition and the last novel of The Broken Code.

Theoretically, it could be possible for Emberdawn to be that Emberdawn in that aspect, since her sister, Mosspelt, is still alive. But the real reason it wouldn’t be possible is Silverhawk. If Silverhawk was telling the truth about his past, that is.

Silverhawk’s Clan is unknown, but let’s just say he used to be in RiverClan (a major stumbling block right away because he was never mention in RiverClan, but since he was mates with Emberdawn, if she’s the same Emberdawn, then he’d probably be there).

Leaders from Emberdawn’s birth to A Light in the Mist included Crookedstar, Leopardstar, and Mistystar. Deputies were Timberfur, Oakheart, Leopardfur, Stonefur, Mistyfoot, Hawkfrost, and Reedwhisker. Every deputy (with the acceptance of Timberfur), has confirmed parents that aren’t Emberdawn and Silverhawk. Timberfur, of course, doesn’t count anyway, because Emberdawn was still a kit when he was deputy, thus Emberdawn’s son couldn’t have already been a grown warrior.

Of course, this can spiral off in multiple different theories. Maybe Silverhawk had his son with a different warrior. Maybe Emberdawn and Silverhawk’s relationship was half-Clan, and Silverhawk murdered a different Clan’s leader, though every Clan leader and deputy who had that position in the main arc can be tracked back, and I don’t think either of them had deputies with Silverhawk as close kin.

I think it’s safe to say that Leopardstar’s Honor Emberdawn, and A Light in the Mist Emberdawn were different cats- though who knows what other magical thing is yet to be uncovered in Warriors? 😉

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