[Featherwhisker, Adderfang, Turtletail, Hazeltail, and Boulder with literal depictions of their names]

Warrior Names Taken Seriously by Azaleakit

Azaleakit takes warrior names seriously.

Art by iycewing

Hi there, it’s Azi! This is my first article (at least that meets the requirements,). I haven’t been the most active blogclan member. I went inactive for about 4 months, and went by the name originally of Aspensong(kit) and then changed it to Primrosekit, and now I’m Azaleakit. So enough of me, today we’re going to take a dive into warrior cats and their names. I’m a HUGE fan of the names and I think they are very creative, but there are quite a few that can be seen as funny. So, without further ado, Warrior Cat Names Taken Seriously! (P.S I saw that this topic was really popular a few months back- I haven’t seen as many, and that may just be because I’m not very observant, BUT I love them, and I want to try and “revive” them.)

Yellowfang- Ohhhh my lawd- this cat’s gotta see a dentist, without one I’m not sure that her last tooth will make it.

Harveymoon- I’ve never met anyone named Harvey, but maybe I should- Seeing that I see their face almost every night on the moon.

Lostface- Error 404- Face not found.

Lostface #2- Why hasn’t someone set up a patrol yet? We need to find this cat’s face!

Mousewhisker- Must be nice to have dinner on your face 24/7. Literally.

Spotted Fur: Look, guys! I’ve found fur!

Finpaw- Good grief, choose one! Fin or paw? Can’t be a fish and a cat, mousebrain!

Firestar- Is that not what the sun is?

Twigbranch- Whoa- that’s confusing- it’s a twig AND a branch? TEACH ME YOUR SECRETS!

Foxheart- Aww don’t talk bad about yourself. It’s not good for self esteem!

Dovewing- Uhhh..Dovewing, I think your wings are just a tad bit to small for your body. Not sure where you’re going to fly with those little things.

Egg- Move along guys, it’s just an egg.

Sharpclaw- Oh ok- I get it- quite sharp..pointy..ouch..

Squirrelflight- Ever heard the saying “when pigs fly” well if a squirrel can do it, i’m sure a pig can too!

Hey! So this concludes the article. I’m not exactly a comedian, but I thought I would give it a shot. If you liked it, I’m considering doing part 2 if it’s actually funny, as its purpose is to make you laugh. (You better laugh, I really enjoyed making this) Azi, signing off.

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