What Man-Made Food Would the Clans Eat?: RiverClan by Minnowpaw

Minnowpaw wonders what man-made food the Clans would eat.

Heya! Minnowpaw here! The other day I was eating and I thought, ‘what would the Clans eat that was Man-made if they could?’

First things first, we need to narrow down what mainly they would eat. I figured most likely they would eat seafood. Since Riverclan does eat alot of fish 🐟. They also would probably enjoy food that u would catch on the river. Okay now that we have that let’s name some things they would eat and the reasons they would eat it. Ready? Good.

1.) Sushi
This was the main thing I figured they would enjoy. Mainly because it’s raw fish, and they eat raw fish all the time. Also it has a variety of Seafood on it. Such as, Shrimp, Lobster, etc.

2.) Grilled Shrimp
They would most likely enjoy this because of the flavor that the grilled shrimp has. Since it is not fried they would most likely find it more enjoyable, mainly because if it was fried it would have breading. I feel like Riverclan would not like the breading so they get grilled instead of fried.

3.) Kalimari
Yes, ik alot of people would NEVER eat it BUT, Riverclan is probably most likely to eat this. Considering that they eat frogs. I thought, hmmmm I wonder if they would like kalimari. But yeah ima just move on.

4.) Grilled Catfish
This one is pretty easy to figure out, it has the grilled flavor like the shrimp but it is something they eat alot of. So let’s move on.

5.) Tuna
The last thing I’m going to list today is Tuna. Now if they mixed Tuna with Mayo it’s just wonderful. That’s all I got.

Finally, I want ya’ll to give me your opinions on what they would eat also I would like to know if u would eat it yourself!

That’s all for today’s article! Next up is ThunderClan, so if ya’ll can give me some ideas to what TC would eat that would be great. I will wright the ThunderClan Article AFTER this releases. Plese tell me if u liked it and don’t forget to to tell me those things! Hope you enjoyed!!

Minnow Out!!!

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