Cats Who Should Not Be in the Dark Forest by Owlheart and Trout

Owlheart and Trout list cats they think shouldn’t have gone to the Dark Forest.

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Hey, Blogclanners! Owlheart here with my second article with Trout. We’re going to be explaining why some cats shouldn’t be in the Dark Forest. Spoilers for a lot of the books.
Take it away, Trout.
1. Frecklewish

Trout: As we all know the warriors team recently made a post about why Frecklewish is in the Dark Forest and personally I think it’s a load of fox dung and I’m here to tell you why. Firstly we see in the article that Frecklewish is accused of endangering kits because she didn’t help when she saw them drowning however there wasn’t much she could do because not only is the river large enough to fit twoleg boats but the currents were incredibly strong and there was a high chance she would have died. Second, we have no proof that she actually saw what became of Mapleshade and her kits after they were swept away since it was raining so hard that it was difficult to see. And third she might have already seen the RiverClan patrol and felt there was no need to get involved. We also need to acknowledge how Birchface and Flowerpaw died drowning in the river, so that would’ve been another reason she didn’t wanna get involved. And finally Russetfur did the exact same thing by watching Berrykit struggle in the fox trap and did nothing BUT SHE’S STILL IN STARCLAN!

Owlheart: So, pretty much, she went to the Dark Forest for not drowning herself.

2. Lillystem

Trout: as far as I know the Erin Hunters haven’t confirmed this one so I’m just going off what the wiki tells me. We are told that Lilystem is sent to the dark forest for being bitter at the fact she had to retire early due to an injured leg which is a totally valid way for her to feel which just makes this even more ridiculous. Almost anyone would’ve been angry at having to retire early. Being sent to the dark forest for simply feeling emotions that you are ALLOWED to feel is morally disgusting and it makes me mad.

Owlheart: Sent to the Dark Forest for disappointment. Great choice StarClan, great choice.

3. Brightflower

Trout: As we all know in Yellowfang’s secret Brokenstar accuses Yellowfang of killing Brightflower’s two kits Mintkit and Marigoldkit which causes Brightflower to become mad with grief and on Victoria Holmes’s facebook account she explains that Brightflower went to the dark forest for feeling hatred towards Yellowfang when she died. I think this is stupid because 1 Brightflower should not be punished for Brokenstars actions she was a grieving mother and her feelings were valid. And 2 Bluestar experienced basically the same thing, going mad with grief after Tigerstar(Tigerclaw at the time) tried to kill her. Punish one cat for something then turn around and let another cat off scott free for the exact same reason.

Owlheart: She was a good cat before she died! She was just really depressed! What’s so bad about that? Going by those standards, Bluestar would end up in the Dark Forest.
4. Juniperclaw

Trout: Now while I do agree with the initial decision to send him to the dark forest I wholeheartedly disagree with keeping him there at the end of the broken code and that goes for most of the dark forest cats who helped defeat Ashfur ESPECIALLY since it feels like the story is building up to them being allowed in starclan only to have the rug pulled from under our feet as they are told no.

Owlheart: He saved my favorite cat’s life! Not only that, other than the whole poisoning SkyClan’s prey incident, he was a pretty good cat before his death. If doing something bad led to going to the Dark Forest, then that’s where Bluestar would’ve been. Like Juniperclaw she betrayed her Clan (in a way) but redeemed herself before she died. If we’re going by these rules then Bluestar would’ve gone to the DF too.

5. Snowtuft and the cats that helped defeat Ashfur

Trout: I feel like a redemption arc for Dark Forest cats would’ve been interesting. It’s something we’ve never seen before and I think those cats deserved it, especially Snowtuft in my personal opinion. I feel like this decision to send the Dark Forest cats back makes StarClan even worse in my eyes. I can make a whole other article about how StarClan is incredibly flawed and really not as good as it’s made out to be. But if StarClan can grant access to cats like Ashfur, Oakstar, Raggedstar, and Skystar who were all quite terrible in life then why can’t they grant access to cats who have earned it in my eyes.

Owlheart: I’m just going to say I agree because I have nothing else to add on the topic.

AANNNNNNNNNDD that’s all. Thanks for reading!

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  • Wow! Wonderful article, I have to agree that maybe Frecklewish did deserve Starclan. Although I do feel she could’ve done something, e.g bid the riverclan patrol to help the kits. Other than that, Starclan can be messy with decisions, a lot.
    Df cats deserve another chance.

  • Great article! I am not going to get dragged into the whole Frecklewish argument but I think that Russetfur and the other warriors that watched Berrykit almost DIE should be in the Dark Forest. And as for Lilystem, I think you are thinking of Lilywhisker but it doesn’t say that she went to the Dark Forest on Warriors Wiki. Brightflower shouldn’t be in the Dark Forest because she was grieving and was only mad at Yellowfang. She didn’t kill anyone. I don’t really know about Juniperclaw. That would be cool if Snowtuft and the others got to go to StarClan, but I don’t know.

  • Excellent work on the article!

    And if Ashfur was allowed into StarClan because “His only flaw was to love too much”, Why wasn’t Mapleshade? I mean, She killed Appledusk, But he betrayed her. Not to mention, ASHFUR TRIED TO SET FIRE TO THE ORIGINAL 3. So if they accepted Ashfur, Why not Mapleshade?

    Sorry, Just putting forward an idea that many people have covered before

    – Wait whattheheck, The wiki page doesn’t mention DF (I’m in confusion now)

  • Ugh yess Juniperclaw deserved Starclan. Warrior cats seems to have this idea that u can’t redeem yourself. Yes he poisoned cats, but he was genuinely sorry and died saving kits. Thats enough to redeem yourself.

  • I searched in google “Is Juniperclaw in the dark forest” this is my result

    Juniperclaw is, as of A Light in the Mist, established to not be in either StarClan or the Dark Forest as he is guarding the tunnel between the two afterlives.
    Past: The Place of No Stars; ShadowClan; Dar…
    Rogue: Juniperpaw, Juniperclaw
    Sister: Sleekwhisker

  • JuniperClaw even Offered to guard the tunnel in between the DF and Starclan, i that isn’t sad and determination to redeem himself then i dont know what is.

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