What if Spottedleaf had lived? by Wolfstep

Wolfstep wonders what would have changed if Spottedleaf had lived.

Art by ElskaFox

Hi, I’m Wolfstep of ShadowClan, and today, I am going to be expressing my opinion on whether Spottedleaf should have lived or not, and what might have happened if she did.

So, first things first, although I do NOT wish for Spottedleaf to have had such a painful death (killed by Clawface), I certainly do not ship her and Fireheart together, and never will. She’s just too QUIET, and although she is as smart as Fireheart is, she was a medicine cat, and bound to their code and word of StarClan. Even if she had been a warrior, her personality suggests that she would object against the sneaking and slipping around Fireheart was doing back then.

But what if she had lived?

I believe she and Fireheart would continue to show affection for each other. Although they barely had time to even give each other so much of a glance before Spottedleaf died, from what Firestar told Sandstorm, apparently he and Spottedleaf had felt a connection from when they first laid eyes on each other.

This is hardly surprising as there are many further examples of instant bonds in Warriors, such as Clear Sky and Storm, Crowfeather and Feathertail, Stormfur and Brook, Tigerheart and Dovewing, and maybe even Ravenpaw and Barley.

But would they become mates? The likely answer is yes, if Fireheart hadn’t risked his own pelt to save Sandpaw (Sandstorm)’s so many times. Although she formerly despised him for being a kittypet, he began to show her up. And that was by saving her. One example is when he dragged her away from the edge of the gorge, right before Whiteclaw, a RiverClan warrior she had been battling, fell in and died. Despite Graystripe’s desperate claims that he had been trying to save the tom, Leopardstar, back then Leopardfur, refused to believe him, and to this day, I believe ThunderClan still owes RiverClan many lives.

But we’re getting off track.

The main point is, if Fireheart hadn’t tried so hard to save Sandstorm, then she wouldn’t have started to like him, and if Spottedleaf hadn’t died, then it’s very likely that she and Fireheart would have become mates, and maybe even had kits.

Maybe Fireheart should have let Sandstorm die at the gorge after all, but I DO like Sandstorm, who is probably the best hunter that ever lived in the forest and lake, and Firestar and Spottedleaf would have gotten into a LOT of trouble for mating and having kits.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article! Please KINDLY leave comments down below of what you think, and give me more examples to analyze!

Signing out,

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