[Ravenpaw carries back a snake to a small prey pile guarded by Tigerclaw as Graypaw, and Firepaw watch on]

How Realistic Actually Is Warrior Cats? by Mottlebird

Mottlebird wonders just how realistic Warrior Cats is.

Art by Perlenmond

Hiya! Mottlebird here, with my second article! How is your day going? Today, we’ll be analysing how realistic the series Warrior Cats is. I hope you enjoy it and learn something! (Credits to Google for the information)
The first thing that I’m going to rant about is prey.
1) Shrews. I’ve always had a problem with this. Most cats DO NOT eat shrews as they smell and taste really bad. They can also make a cat fall ill. Cats in ThunderClan all eat shrews… I think something is wrong there.
2) Lizards. I have no clue which type of lizards ShadowClan cats eat, but apparently some of them are really poisonous. I haven’t really got much to say on this one, because it’s a bit vague. Overall, most lizards are safe to eat, however it is still dangerous.
Now, I’m going to complain about the predators.
1) Badgers. Although badgers eat most things, they do not prey on cats. They are mostly easy-going with each other. In the Warrior Cats world, badgers are one of the main predators for ThunderClanners to WindClanners. For example, in the massive battle with Midnight’s kin where Cinderpelt and Sootfur died… I think badgers were harming cats?! Actually, I’m pretty sure that badgers were harming cats. And cats were harming badgers. So, that kinda makes them not easy-going with each other.
2) Foxes. Foxes would not go for warriors if a warrior patrol passed their den. It’s more likely the other way around. Foxes usually would go for newborn kittens or younger kittens, or really old and sick cats. They are what’s called a opportunistic predator, where they usually go for what they think is easy prey.
I also don’t think that Clans would really be possible anyway, because wild cats would not be able to live in a ‘pack’ together without constantly squabbling over who is leader all the time. I know it happened (e.g. Tigerclaw tried to kill Bluestar), but I’m just saying it would happen way more often than it does in the series. Also, if cats were to live in group, it would probably be wild females, or ‘queens’, instead of a mix of both genders. The queens would live together in a pack, with their kittens playing together. The oldest female would take on the role of the dominant female, or ‘leader’, without having deputies.
Okay, that’s it! Comment if you have any more pick-ups!
Catch you later!!

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