[Hawkwing and Pebbleshine lie side by side, affectionate with each other]

Ships Who You Might Not Know Are Related by Brightmoon

Brightmoon lists some ships who are related.

Art by Nova-Shadow26

Hi! I am Brightmoon and today I shall discuss warrior cat ships you might not know are related. Most of the Clans are all descended from one group (the Ancients) and all the rest are one big happy family. *cough cough Firestar cough cough* So I tried to think of ships other people might not realize (or think about) that are related. I also tried to think of different Clans. Let’s get started!

It was hard to think of ships who are related and not obvious in SkyClan but I figured out that Pebbleshine and Hawkwing are actually related. It was hard because two quarters of SkyClan are the children or grandchildren of Nettlesplash, Rabbitleap (I think), and Plumwillow. So, Pebbleshine and Hawkwing are actually cousins! You see, Pebbleshine’s father is Sparrowpelt and Hawkwing’s mother is Cherrytail. Sparrowpelt and Cherrytail are brother and sister so that means that they are cousins. They are blood related, not related through mates.

Oh my gosh. Guess what. They are related through Firestar. Yay. In case you didn’t get that, I said that sarcastically. I wasn’t planning on doing Firestar relatives but I wanted to do one, so. Cloudtail is Ivypool’s grandfather and Firestar is Fernsong’s great grandfather. Cloudtail is Firestar’s nephew and that is how they are related. All of you probably know all this though and it’s a blood relationship.

They are not mates but I put them in here anyway. They are not related through Firestar. *everyone claps* This is a blood relationship, many of you are probably wondering what that means. A blood relationship is when they are related through blood, for example, if two cats had a kit who became mates with someone in their family line, like their uncle, that is a blood relationship. Speaking of uncles… Ashfur is actually Squirrelflight’s uncle. I will explain, Squirrelflight’s mother is Sandstorm and her mother is Brindleface. Ashfur’s mother is Brindleface as well and that means Squirrelflight’s uncle is Ashfur.

This is a mating relationship, a mating relationship is when two families are joined by two cats becoming mates. Tigerheart is probably Dovewing’s something or other-in-law because Tigerheart’s uncle (Bramblestar) is Squirrelflight’s mate. Squirrelflight’s father is Firestar and Dovewing’s grandfather is Cloudtail. Firestar is Cloudtail’s uncle and that is how they are related through mating.

Dustpelt is Ferncloud’s uncle! Wow, there are lots of uncle relationships. Let me tell you how they are related. Ferncloud’s mother is Brindleface and Dustpelt’s parents are Robinwing and Fuzzypelt. Brindleface’s mother and father are Robinwing and Fuzzypelt too. So that means they are brother and sister, which makes Dustpelt Ferncloud’s uncle! This is a blood relationship.

I hope you enjoyed this! I gotta go and catch some prey now. Brightmoon out! P.S. I actually just made blood relationships and mating relationships up! 😛

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  • the most interesting things happen like adderfang and swiftbreeze being great-grandchildren of cloudstar and second cousins. and greypaw calling spottedleaf young and pretty and darkstripe neither of them even though darkstripe’s mother willowpelt ids spottedleaf’s TWIN and so darkstripe is older than his mom.

  • Tigerheart and Dovewing are actually blood related because Tigerheart’s mom is Tawnypelt whose mother is Goldenflower whose brother is Lionheart whose daughter is Brightheart whose daughter is Whitewing whose daughter is Dovewing. If I’m right they’re second cousins once removed.

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