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My top 10 favorite cats! by Sparkpaw

Sparkpaw lists their favourite characters from the series.

Art by transrowanstar (tumblr)

Greetings! This is my first article, and I will be saying who my favorite characters are and why. It was difficult to choose who to put on the list, but here it is! Enjoy!

#1. Jayfeather
I know some people think he’s overrated, but he isn’t. I love his sarcastic personality and how grumpy he is, and being blind doesn’t stop him from doing what he thinks is right. But knowing that deep down he cares for and loves his clanmates makes me feel he is the best.

#2. Ivypool
She’s cool and brave. Even though she started training in the DF because of her jealousy of Dovewing, she risked everything to spy for ThunderClan. She is very loyal and nice.

#3. Leafpool
Very nice medicine cat, and mother to my ultimate favorite character! She made hard decisions throughout her life, like choosing to leave Crowfeather, and pretending her kits were Squirrelflight’s kits.

#4. Tree
He went through a lot when he was little but he found that he belonged to SkyClan. His clanmates thought he was weird and useless but he always ignored them. He loves his family and is a great help as the clan Mediator.

#5. Yellowfang
Just like many of the other cats on this list, she had a very heart-breaking life. Even though she wanted to be a warrior, StarClan chose for her to be a medicine cat. She had to watch her son ruin the Clans, and feed him deathberries to correct her mistakes. Her death was sad too.

#6. Hawkfrost
He was a cool villain who had too much ambition like his father, and even after his death, he continued trying to take over the Clans by helping the DF and recruiting members.

#7. Firestar
Firestar was a great cat who contributed a lot to the Clans. He was very important and led ThunderClan the way he felt was right. And even though he was a kittypet, that didn’t stop him from being a loyal ThunderClan leader.

#8. Alderheart
I just realized almost half of this list is medicine cats XD. Anyways, he turned out to be a great medicine cat and can put up with Jayfeather’s sarcasm and grumpiness.

#9. Crowfeather
I don’t know why, but for some reason I like Crowfeather. He lost Feathertail and wasn’t able to stay with Leafpool, and things weren’t great with Nightcloud. I feel kinda bad for him.

#10. Cinderpelt
Last but not least, Cinderpelt! Cinderpelt was training as a warrior when she broke her leg and it never healed. She became a great, gentle medicine cat who cared for her Clan. She continued to work her hardest to heal the Clan even though it wasn’t what she originally hoped for.

Even though I only have these cats on the list doesn’t mean I don’t like the others! I could go on and on with this list but I chose these 10 for the article. (I also really like Squirrelflight, Mapleshade, Ravenpaw, Brightheart, Mistystar, and many more)
Thank you for reading my first article!! I hope you agree with me, but it’s okay if you don’t!

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