My top 10 all time favourite warrior cats by Leafwind

Leafwind lists their favourite characters from the series.

Artist unknown (Source: Warrior-Cats fandom)

Hi! This is my first article all about my top 10 favourite warrior cats!

10. Stonefur

I really like Stonefur as he sacrificed himself in The Darkest Hour to save Feathertail and Stormfur, Greystripes kits, from TigerClan.

9. Cinderpelt ( Cinderheart)

I really like her because she is a great cat, and , as Cinderpelt, she had a sharp tongue like me, and as Cinderheart, she climbed trees like me, and went swimming with Jayfeather.

8. Firestar

He’s not my favourite character ( that honour goes to Snowkit) but he is pretty cool, like when he beat Longtail as a kittypet against a full grown warrior. Yes, he is a little overrated, and 2 bits I don’t like him in are: The Darkest Hour- he was very reluctant to go and save Stormfur and Feathertail with Greystripe and Ravenpaw. And: Midnight- when he took the Fire and Tiger prophecy the wrong way and bullied Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight. I also don’t like him in Rising Storm, when he assumed that Brambleclaw would turn out exactly like Tigerstar.

7. Bluestar

She was a pretty awesome leader, but toward the end of her life in A Dangerous Path, she went mad because Tigerstar had betrayed her. She even forgot the older apprentices and their mentors, and only trusted 1 cat: Firestar obviously.

6. Squirrelflight

I loved her when she was an apprentice and had a sharp tongue, here’s a quote,
‘ Let’s go and eat. If you can stop hibernating, that is.’ Or something like that? But when she became a warrior, her sharp tongue just vanished. Here’s an example,’ ”Stop!” Screeched Squirrelflight.’

5. Crowfeather

Well, first of all, he defied the warrior code my becoming mates with Leafpool. Now, I have nothing against the Three, but they are totally forbidden. First of all, cats from other Clans are forbidden to become mates. Second of all, it is totally forbidden for a medicine cat to have kits. Also I found it nice that Crowfeather escorted Leafpool to her Clan to warn them about the badgers.

4. Leafpool

Well she had Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf, three of my favourite cats, and Lionblaze but I don’t like him that much.
She disobeyed the warrior code, ( like me) and was very loyal to Crowfeather.

3. Hollyleaf

Well she is smart and good at hunting and fighting. She was also good friends with Cinderheart and she was one of the bravest cats ever.

2. Jayfeather

Well he’s like me, and I like his grumpiness. Also, he had a genius plan to heal Cinderheart’s broken leg. He is great at herbs, and does Clan life without sight. I admire him quite a lot for that and his skill with medicine cat stuff.

1. Snowkit

So Snowkit. Even though he was deaf, he was and still is the best cat. He can lip read for one thing.

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  • Bluestar at the end of her life also trusted whitestorm, Bluestar’s dead sisters kit. Great Aritcle by the way! Firestar is a tiny bit over rated, its just he’s used for so many thing. there should be a super edition on Firestars non perfect side. the side that says “hey, lets go back to our twoleg and eat food all day and not have to fight all the time”

  • once I read an article with mosskit in the first place, I wonder why kits, that died kits, but now I can understand the reason!

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