Analyzing Moves, Graywing’s Flaws by Froststar

Froststar analyses Grey Wing’s battle strategies.

Froststar is here. This article will be a bit different. I’ll be criticizing WindClan’s whole array of battle moves.

Graywing the Wise came up with many battle moves for WindClan, but they aren’t the best. Let criticizing begin. Read On!

First I’d like to say, all of these, or most, are based on the awareness of the opponent.

1. Approach from above: The point of this move is to make the opponent fight uphill. But they don’t have to go uphill to attack. They can wait at the bottom of the hill or whatever and wait until it is level ground so the fight is fair in battlefield terms.
2. Use Sunlight to Blind Enemy: This can easily be criticized. What if there is no sun?What if it’s cloudy? Really, Graywing should’ve thought it through.
3. Conceal Battle Patrol Size: What about the other battle group? How big could that be? You could be easily outnumbered, hereby weakening you. (This is easy!)
4. Know where the Wind is Blowing: What about no wind? What about wind carrying your scent without you knowing? This is actually a pretty risky move.
5. Attack Both Ends: The attack from both sides is well thought out, but Graywing still made a few mistakes. Firstly, the ends of the lines are protecting the middle cats, who could easily rush out and attack you and your Clanmates. This…could be bad. Ok THAT was lame. The next thing is second patrol. The patrol that comes first could be followed by another patrol, a move used in Bluestar’s Prophecy. This brings me to my next point.
6. Feigned Retreat and Ambush: This is one move that many cats know to be aware of. If you let them batter you then run away, they will know something is up. Many cats are aware, so they will be alert in case another attack comes.
7. Keep Strong Warriors in Reserve: So if the first cats lose, you send in valuable warriors. And what if they all die? Do you send in your leader? And if HE dies???????
Yeah. Graywing was pretty clever, but his battle moves sometimes aren’t the best.

This concludes my fifth article, and I hope you liked it. Hopefully, you will change your thoughts about how well Graywing created his moves. My next article will be all about SkyClan’s fearsome skydrop and some of the flaws. PS. I’ve read Battles of The Clans. Froststar out!

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