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Welcome To The Blog! by Freekit

Freekit shares a guide to the blog.

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Hello friends!!
This is Freekit with another article! I’ll probably be Freepaw by the time this is published haha.

Today I want to talk about how to get settled into the blog for the new members! It’s an amazing place but sometimes all the pages and stuff can be confusing.

If you’re a new member, first, decide on a name!
If you’re in elementary school (grades 1-5) you are a kit. So, for instance, Freekit.
If you’re in middle school (grades 6-8) you are an apprentice. So, for instance, Freepaw.
If you’re in upper school (grades 9-12) you are a warrior. So, for instance, Freefrost.

To comment on BlogClan, simply scroll down from the top of the page. Now here’s where it gets a bit complicated.

You might want to make a BlogClan account if you want to comment. It’s not required, but it gives you a WordPress account, so you can have a profile picture and comment without having to put in a name or email. With an account, you’ll see one big box where you can type and press Submit Comment. More on creating an account later!
Without an account, you can still comment, but you have no profile picture, and you have to type your name and email first before commenting. Press Submit Comment when you’re ready to have it posted. Try it on this page if you like!

Now, your comments won’t be posted immediately. We have some amazing volunteers around here who are here to moderate comments. Now, they’re not robots – they’re normal teens like us. They manually moderate every comment on the Blog. They work super hard and they have real lives too, so the comments might take some time to get posted. Please don’t be impatient!

At the very top right of your screen, if you don’t have an account, you’ll find a little person icon. A little window will pop-up saying to log in. At the bottom it says “Register”. Click that!
It’ll ask you to put in a username and email. Walk through the steps from there. It’ll guide you through.

Now next to this icon are 6 little tabs. Let’s go over what you can find in each!

First we have the New Member tab. That might be you – a new member! Click those letters. A banner will pop up. Click on each option to go to a different page. Here’s a rundown of all those pages!
WELCOME: This is our beloved warriors author Kate Cary’s introduction! You’ll find more information like the info in this article to help you out, as well as introductions from some of the mods!
SAY HI (aka Please Introduce Yourself): Here’s where you can leave a comment about you. Think favorite warriors character, favorite colors, name, pronouns, etc. PLEASE DO NOT REVEAL PERSONAL INFORMATION SUCH AS NAME, ADRESS, ETC.
OUR ALLEGIANCES: You can fill out a form to get on these allegiances! They list every member of BlogClan who submitted a form.
FAN ARTICLES: Where you’ll find articles from us BlogClanners! You can also find those on the home screen.
ABOUT KATE and FAQs: Here’s some more information about Kate Cary!
LOGIN OR REGISTER: Just like the page name says, haha.

Next, there’s the Need Company tab. There are a lot of pages here, so I’ll review just some. Find some of the pages out for yourself!
BLOGCHAT: Every once in a while, a Moderator will open BlogChat, and that way you can chat in the box with other BlogClanners in REAL TIME!
TAVERN: This is the place for anything. Literally anything. Talk about your dog. Food. Books. Music. Literally anything (as long as it’s appropriate!)
HUG PAGE: If you need some hugs, come here! But remember not to be too detailed; it can be uncomfortable for the younger members of the Blog.
ALLEGIANCES CHAT: Here’s the place to ask for a mentor! Now mentors are not like special positions. If you’re a warrior and friends with an apprentice you can be their mentor if they say yes, or vice versa! It’s just a fun bond and friendship on the blog.
ASK BLOGTEAM FOR ASSISTANCE (aka BlogTeam Den): This is where the mods hang out! There are 9 of them and they are so kind and friendly. They can answer any questions you have.
That’s all I’ll be talking about for the Need Company Tab.

Next, there’s the Feeling Creative tab!
FANFICTION: Here’s where you can post a link to another website with your fanfiction! Do not actually write the fanfiction in the comment section – instead just send a link.
FANFICTION ORGANIZATION: Making a fanfiction but don’t have any characters? Ask some BlogClanners to create some on this page! Or you could write a “BlogFic”, a fanfiction featuring members of the Blog.
BLOGCLAN ART: This is where you can post a link to a website with your art! I recommend posting on Freeimage or Imgur.
SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLE: Here’s where you can submit an article, just like this one you’re reading right now! There’s a lot of information over on that page, so check that out!

That’s all I’ll be discussing for today. Thank you SO much for reading!

Also, if you didn’t know, there is a BlogClan Fandom Wiki, where you can chat. There are some rules you must read there, but there are even more friendly people there!

Always remember to never share your personal information on the blog. This website is not private and anyone can view it.

This has been Freekit/paw/frost!

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