Comparing different designs of Warriors characters! by Mountainstorm

Mountainstorm compares character designs across different media.

Art by beffalumps (Twitter)

Heya kits, apprentices, warriors, elders, med cats!
There are so many different designs for every warriors charactert; everyone has their own unique idea of how a character might look. Some people add stars to leaders to show their position and power, some might shift the appearances around a bit, and change a tortoiseshell into a calico, or some might just add a few accessories like leaves or feathers that give a character a unique touch. Thank you Mintypaw for inspiring this article, and for all the awesome artists out there who made these fun drawings!

First up, of course, without a doubt because I’m Mountainpaw, is Feathertail!


According to the wikil: “Feathertail is a slender, silver tabby she-cat with sky-blue eyes, fur as soft as cloud, a plumy tail like smoke, and a broad face.”

The official art of her by James L. Barry is in her stand-alone manga, A Shadow in RiverClan. (A really good book :D) She is a simple blueish-grey tabby with a patch of floof on her head that matches her father’s. She has bright blue eyes and a few, long, whiskers, as well as her signature fluffy tail, which is thin, yet bushier than most other cats in the book. She has little eyebrow tufts and plenty of fluff all along her body, especially around her neck. Her muzzle, chest, and belly are really pale grey, nearly white. I really like this design! It’s simple, yet appealing and nice!

Compilation of official art by James L. Barry

This design of Feathertail by Crystalcolors is a little more complex! Feathertail has white markings, on her paws, on her chest, on her tail. Her tabby marks are more orderly, forming spots and swirls along her pelt. Her chest is super fluffy and I’d love to give her a hug. :3
I really like the head-canon of her having white markings because I think it goes really well with her grey pelt, and I also love the fluffy neck fur and slender body.

Art by CrystalColors

If I had to match Feathertail to a breed, it’d be Turkish Angoras. Turkish Angoras come in many different patterns and colors, and silver tabby with white is one of them. Turkish Angoras also have large, tufted ears, slender bodies yet fluffy chests, and long, thick, brush-like tails, similar to Feathertail’s complexion! They also have graceful bodies like most RiverClan cats, as well as silky, shimmering coats which match the soft and glossy fur Feathertail is characterized with. Their fur is as soft as a rabbits, so really, that’s a perfect pair for Feathertail!

Photo from The Pets Dialogue

And lastly I have to include a picture of a feathertail glider here, because they are a soaring bundle of cuteness.

Photo from Reddit


“Crowfeather is a dark smoky-gray, almost black, tom with blue eyes.”

This first design of Crowfeather makes him look really strong and confident. He has different shades of grey and black all along his body, with lighter colors on his belly and darker ones near and on his back, as well as on his paws. Crowfeather has a narrow face and misty blue eyes, with a slightly bushy tail and long, big ears. I like this design; I think it’s pretty nice how they added different shades of grey instead of keeping it plain.

Art by skyperch (tumblr)

My favorite is probably this one. I love the shade of Crowfeather’s eyes and his grumpy expression. I really like the color palette, his sleek, soft fur with tufts of fluff, and the large black ears. Like the one above, he has different colored markings instead of being plain like the books describe.

Art by chillycactus (Twitter)

This is also a design I love! The crow feathers behind his ear are really nice, and I like his goatee.

Art by uneasywolf


“Honeyfern is a sleek, lithe, dappled, light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.”

In the first design, Honeyfern is cream-gold-and-brown. She has misty blue eyes and fluffy ears, and some blue flowers behind her ears as well as in the air below her, which she is playing with. Her design is pretty simple, with no extra dapples or tabby marks, but I love it. The colors clash and the flowers are a nice touch.

Art by pricklycat

This art of Honeyfern has a lot more dapples- leopard dapples, with stripes on her tail like color layers. Her tail is stumpy and short, and she had fluffy fur, with white markings, especially on her paws and chest. I really love this art! The colors go really well together, from the creamy white and chocolate brown toes to the golden, honey colored splash on her belly and chest. I think giving her a stumpy tail and leopard dapples is creative, and looks really nice on her!

Art by berrym00n (tumblr)

This art is my favorite, though! Here, Honeyfern has a really wonderful shade of brown for her main color, and darker brown tabby stripes over her pelt. Her eyes are a great shade, and the streak on her nose is a cute touch! This is such great art!

Art by Daisymist18392

Turtle Tail

“Turtle Tail is a lithe, sleek-furred, predominantly white tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes and a stumpy tail.”

My favorite design is this one! The pose is so cute and it really shows Turtle Tail’s personality, in my opinion. I love her big ears and her stumpy tail, and the tortoiseshell dapples are just perfect. It’s cute how the insides of her ears are contrasting shades.

Art by frankiebcatt

I like this one as well! It’s much more simple, especially her dapples, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome! I love her spots, especially the one that covers her right eye. I think the shade of black is really nice.

Artist unknown (Source: Pinterest)

And this is a real-life image of a tortoiseshell Japanese Bobtail, which I think is somewhat similar to Turtle Tail’s description. This kitty isn’t predominantly white like Turtle Tail, but she still has the classifying smudges, stumpy tail, and green eyes.

Photo from Cats – LoveToKnow

Iceeewing is next up because I just absolutely have to include this pun 😛


“Icewing is a lightly-built, pure white she-cat with blue eyes.”

So, here is the first art of Icewing!

Art by Biohazardia

Oh- wait…not that IceWing?
Sorry, here’s the cat one! This design is nice. Not a huge fan of the choice of colors, but I think the one cream-and-brown paw is cute and I also think the scar over her eye is a nice touch.

Art by rookflower (tumblr)

On this one, she’s much, much more fluffy and silky. She doesn’t have any creative touches like a white feather or a scar; she’s plain and realistic but also surprisingly nice. The magic of floof and a smile (:

Art by slugswarriorsdesigns


Leafstar is a character nearly every person draws differently. Her “official” design is “a mottled pale cream-and-brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, cream patches, and a long, brown tail. She has a scar on her chest between her forelegs.”
This is her image on the wiki: Click here! (Mod edit: We’re not allowed to repost Warriors Wiki charart. You have to go to the site to view it! Sorry, everyone!)
Here, you can see her scar, but it’s really faint, so it’s pretty hard to spot. She’s a solid dark brown tabby with different shades and strips and mottles.
In the mangas however, Leafstar is a solid white cat with patches of tabby brown, and without her scar. She’s much more different from what she was described to look like in the books, but her design is still pretty awesome!

Official art by James L. Barry

The following art is more close to Leafstar’s official description. She’s a fluffy brown tabby, dappled and striped like her warrior name, Leafdapple suggests. She doesn’t have her scar, and instead of cream patches, she has a cream belly. My favorite Leafstar design is probably either this one, or the manga version.

Art by twistedclaws

Which is your favorite Leafstar design? Personally, I like to imagine her as a fluffy brown tabby with white dapples, which is sort of genetically impossible, but hey, in the world of warriors, anything is possible!


”Cinderpelt is a small and sleek-furred, smoky-dark gray she-cat with pale blue eyes, and a twisted hind leg.”

In the first design we look at her, she does indeed have her pale blue eyes and smokey dark pelt. Her injured leg is scarred, and battered a bit in places, but not twisted.
I love this design! I think the colors are really compelling, and I like the touch of herbs in her mouth.

Art by Catoffee

In the next art, Cinderpelt’s design is a bit more different and unique. She has more shades of grey in her pelt, and her leg is unalike too; it’s pretty twisted, bent, and scarred, and the claws are stuck in an unsheathed position. Just like with Feathertail, I love her fluffy neck.

Art by SEGAmastergirl (Twitter)

And here’s some cute art of her with her medicine cat mentor, Yellowfang! She has dark blue eyes here, a little touch of lighter grey in the classical spots; paws, underbelly, muzzle, chest, tail.

Art by GrayPillow


”Tallstar is a black and white tom with amber eyes and a very long tail.”

In the official design, Tallstar is also really tall, not just his tail. Wait- can a tail be called tall? 😛 Hmmm. He also has black legs, white patches on his fur, and a relaxed facial expression.

Official art by James L. Barry

In this depiction of him, he’s with Jake! Here, he’s much smaller, though still taller and leaner than Jake. He has pretty big ears, a smudged black-and-white swirly face, and white legs. He has a few other white patches along his pelt, and a long tail with some floof. He also has those large WindClan ears! I really love this art and his design- Jake’s is very good too!

Art by mothflutter

In this one, he’s really tall, and lean, with some black spots here and there. He has very big ears and a whip-like long tail. I like how bony and sleek he is, and the scattering of black spots is pretty appealing.

Art by dracofelisdraws100cats (tumblr)


“Redtail is a dark tortoiseshell tom with a bushy dark ginger tail and amber eyes.”

Redtail is a character I slightly dislike. He’s pretty great in Redtail’s Debt, but the way he acted in Leopardstar’s Honor left a sour taste in my mouth. Anyway, he has a really interesting design that everyone interprets and draws differently, so I think it’d be fun to include him in here.
In the first design, he has green eyes and a pale ginger tail. He’s mostly black with some cream markings and spots and ginger smudges through his fur matching the shade of his tail. He has spiky fur and tufted ears.

Art by murkbone

The next design is more simple. He’s white with patches of dark red and black mostly on his back and ears and tail- though there are some on his legs and chest as well.


And in this cool piece, he’s mostly a creamish-white with the occasional splash of color. I really like the way his tail was designed, and the markings under his eyes are spectacular as well.

Art by magic-pistachio

That’s all for today! Which was your favorite Feathertail, Crowfeather, Honeyfern, Turtle Tail, IceWing Icewing, Cinderpelt, Tallstar, and Redtail design?

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