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The 2 Main Flaws Of Firestar And How To Change Them by Sunshinepaw

Sunshinepaw lists Firestar’s main flaws and how they can be changed.

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Hi, it’s Sunshinepaw here with her first article in BlogClan. I am trying my hardest to type 350 or more words for my article to be published. So, today I’m going to be talking about all the flaws of Firestar. Before we dive in, I know Firestar has already gone to StarClan and the authors really can’t change much about Firestar’s character or behavior, so I am going to act like Firestar has not died yet. Also, this is a copy and paste version of something I have written in real life. Now let’s let the past me who wrote this article dive into today’s topic: The 2 Main Flaws Of Firestar And How To Change Them.

Hi, welcome to today’s topic: The 2 Main Flaws of Firestar and How to Change Them. Let’s dive in.

1) He always gets away with light punishments

Now, this is the first one I thought of when I was thinking about what to write. He always gets light punishments when he is in trouble. For example, taking care of a cat for a moon, picking herbs for the Medicine Cat, or picking the Elders’ ticks for a moon. I wonder why Bluestar always gives him special treatment (I’m not criticizing Bluestar, she is my favorite cat in the whole entire Warriors universe). When he gave prey to Yellowfang, a ShadowClan cat, and later led her into camp, his (light) punishment for breaking the Warrior Code was only to take care of Yellowfang for a moon. Just a moon! That’s RIDICULOUS! ( Sorry I was yelling, I was just too angry) The authors should make him get some more severe punishments sometimes.

2) He somehow doesn’t struggle with leadership, even though the times he leads ThunderClan though is one of the hardest

This is another really, really big flaw with him. Every decision he makes seems to be the right one and his plans always seem to work! The Warriors authors made a perfect leader for nothing! Why? I think it’s because they wanted to create a kittypet hero to show that kittypets can be leaders and/or heroes/heroines. Yet, they don’t have to be perfect. The authors could make a cat that wasn’t perfect, but he/she could be underestimated at the beginning and turn out to save the clan in an urgent situation or something. That would be way better than having a perfect cat.

That’s all for today’s article. Hope you enjoyed and have a purrfect day!
– Sunshinepaw

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