Analyzing Warriors, The Moves: The Skydrop by Froststar

Froststar analyses one of SkyClan’s iconic battle moves.

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Froststar here again! This is my sixth post, and the last in my Analyzing Moves Series. I hope you like it!

SkyClan warriors are strongest in the trees, and they have adapted and created moves to help them in battle. One of these, the skydrop, is effective, but has some minor flaws. Read On.

Setting aside the flaws mentioned in Battles Of The Clans, there are other things wrong with this.

1. Height of the Branch: The height of the branch really counts when performing the Skydrop. The flaw is that it is very hard to find the perfect branch. If it is too low, and note that the lowest branches are just overhead and easy to see, then the cat will see you and be able to move away. If it is too high, it will take you longer to fall, letting the opponent move away.
2. Branch Size: The branches sizes vary, from skinny and brittle to strong and sturdy. The smaller the branch, the easier it is to slip off. Sturdy branches are places where many birds dwell, so if you disturb the birds, they will most likely screech an alarm letting the other birds, and the cat below know you’re there. If not, the sturdy branches can contain holes in the bark, making you struggle to get your paw out and letting the cat below know.
3. Leaf-fall: During leaf-fall, the leaves start falling, or at least loosening in gust of wind. Disturbing the brittle leaves can make them fall and alert the enemy.
4. Climbing Skill: The SkyClan cats are known for climbing, but other cats can climb like that too. *THUNDERCLAN* This could put them at a disadvantage, because the element of surprise is more theirs than yours because they can surprise you from up in the trees, like you do to them.
5. Scenery: The move is meant for trees, but the battlefield can vary. The battle can take place in a field completely depraved of trees and things to jump from, like the moors. This disadvantages the SkyClan side and weakens it.

This concludes my Analyzing Moves series. I hope you liked my criticization methods, and I hope it pointed out some things you may not have noticed. Froststar out!!!!

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