Tips and tricks for nameing your OC by Oliver

Oliver gives tips for naming original characters inspired by Warrior Cats.

hello! I’m Oliver and today I’m going to talk about names, more specifically warrior names. If you’ve ever made a warrior OC you probably know is no simple task finding the right name. I’ve found multiple things that probably will help with this tedious task. So without further ado, I present tips and tricks for naming your OC. (The first part is things to remember when naming an OC, the second part is a name dictionary com epleat with meanings)

(part 1)
Properly naming a character can be tricky. There are some do’s and don’t’s to it. We should first start with the canon rules for what goes into a name:

1. The prefix is given to a cat just after birth and is named after their looks, an event that happened during their birth, or they’re named after someone else. (There are other special cases (see Brokenkit) but these are the most common.)
2. The suffix is given to cats at their warrior/medicine cat ceremony by their leader/mentor. They can be named for their appearance, talents, and achievements, or they can be named after someone else. (Other symbolic reasons also apply.)
3. The suffixes -paw and -star are reserved for apprentice and leader positions. They cannot be given for any other reason and they cannot be prefixes.
4. The prefixes Thunder-, Shadow-, River-, and Wind- are sacred prefixes and cannot be used. *This only applies to official universe fanfictions. If you’re using original Clans, this does not apply. It’s up to you to decide if your founder’s names are sacred.
5. Sacred prefixes (like Moon-) can sometimes be valid as suffixes.
6. In special cases, cats may be renamed for something they gained after birth.

Also, consider the circumstances of their birth and the personality/preferences of the mother. Some queens are practical and straight to the point, so they’d simply name their kits for an obvious physical feature. Some mothers are more symbolic and will name their kits after something else.

Some other things to know:
DO use words that cats have knowledge of of. They don’t have to be canon, they just have to make sense.
DO use names that are associated with cats of similar personalities (to your character). (Example: A cat can be named Fire___, but we won’t just assume they’re ginger, we’ll associate the name with courage and boldness.)
DO consider which Clan they are from. (More on this later)
DON’T use a name just because it sounds good. Have a reason behind your character’s name.
DON’T make the prefix personality-based (example: Braveclaw).
DON’T base the prefix off eye color. Kits don’t open their eyes at the time of naming, and once they are open, they are blue for a while.

Where a warrior is from can also influence their personality and name, since each Clan has a unique culture and knowledge of their environment. Think about what the individual Clans you’re dealing with are known for, and what type of territory they live in. For example, ThunderClan lives in a thick forest. They are known for their bravery and big hearts. Naturally, their warriors will be fierce and be named after forest plants and animals.

Disclaimer: This is part of an article from DeviantArt by sparkythewingedcat
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Acorn – Naive; outgoing; curious; appearance of an acorn.
Adder – Aggressive; loyal; appearance of an adder.
Alder – Reserved; cautious; wise; appearance of an alder tree; see Bark; see Timber.
Amber – Pushy; strict; amber-furred.
Ant – Cooperative; cocky; appearance of an ant.
Apple – Sweet; friendly; multi-skilled; appearanbce of an apple.
Arch – Strict; aggressive; observant; arched body part/marking.
Ash – Independent; moody; determined; appearance of ashes.
Aspen – Reserved; intelligent; cold; natural leader; appearance of an aspen tree.
Badger – Hardworking; strong; aggressive; appearance of a badger.
Bark – Secretive; reserved; appearance of bark.
Bay – Carefree; light-hearted; adventurous; friendly; appearance of a bay.
Bee – Aggressive; rambunctious; irritable; appearance of a bee.
Beech – Prideful; aggressive; risk-taker; appearance of a beech plant.
Beetle – Good-natured; independent; hardworking; appearance of a beetle.
Berry – Caring; sweet; moody; cocky; appearance of berries.
Birch – Good-natured; cooperative; appearance of birch.
Bird – Graceful; quick; quiet; timid; intelligent; appearance of a bird.
Black – Stern; mysterious; sly; reserved; black-furred.
Blizzard – Aggressive; wise; see Snow
Bloom – Open-minded; see Flower; see Blossom.
Blossom – Quick learner; kind; curious; inquisitive; emotional; see Flower.
Blue – Wise; calm; collected; intelligent; meek; blue-gray furred.
Boulder – Firm; stoic; strong; wise; reserved; appearance of a boulder.
Bracken – Hardworking; easygoing; calm; practical; appearance of bracken.
Bramble – Determined; loyal; appearance of brambles.
Brave – Strong; courageous; protective; brave.
Breeze – Fluffy/scruffy fur; cocky; clever.
Briar – Helpful; protective; defensive; independent; appearance of briar.
Bright – Happy; outgoing; smart or clever; bright-furred.
Brindle – Quiet; caring; kind; appearance of brindle.
Bristle – Pushy; strict; stern; spiky fur.
Broken – Aggressive; independent; grumpy; broken body part.
Brown – Brown furred; calm; practical; run-of-the-mill.
Bumble – Good-natured; kind; easygoing; appearance of a bumblebee.
Buzzard – Fierce; wise; aggressive; appearance of a buzzard.
Cedar – Quiet; cooperative; intelligent; stern; appearance of cedars.
Cherry – Curious; clever; friendly; outgoing; appearance a cherry.
Chestnut – Clever; snarky; sarcastic; hardworking; intelligent; appearance of a chestnut.
Chive – Elegant; formal; traditional; appearance of chive plants.
Cinder – Outgoing; kind; intelligent; curious; appearance of cinders.
Claw – Strong; aggressive; cocky; appearance of claws.
Cloud – Cocky; graceful; outgoing; appearance of a cloud.
Clover – Reserved; cooperative; intelligent; curious; lucky; eager; appearance of a clover.
Cone – Small; shy; appearance of a pinecone.
Copper – Down to earth; lazy; practical; copper-colored fur.
Creek – Smart; resourceful; quiet; calm; small; appearance of a creek.
Crooked – Crooked body part.
Crouch – Sneaky; mischievous; good hunter.
Crow – Aggressive; reserved; secretive; intelligent; blunt; appearance of a crow.
Curl – Curly fur; see Ragged.
Curly – Ditzy; see Curl.
Cypress – Snarky; shy; appearance of a cypress tree; see Alder; see Hickory; see Larch.
Daisy – Kind; friendly; easygoing; see Flower; appearance of a daisy.
Dandelion – Outgoing; playful; kind; positive; gullible; naive; appearance of a dandelion.
Dapple – Caring; graceful; dappled.
Dark – Dark-furred; aggressive; determined; secretive; sneaky; dark appearance.
Dawn – Intelligent; collected; quiet; loyal; optimistic; light-furred.
Deer – Timid; quiet; jumpy; appearance of a deer.
Dew – Skilled; intelligent; quiet; light-furred.
Doe – Meek; see Fawn.
Dove – Graceful; collected; smart; appearance of a dove.
Drift – Quiet; reserved; lightweight; distracted; appearance of driftwood.
Drizzle – Lightweight; small; shy; see Rain.
Duck – Quirky; gullible; good swimmer; appearance of a duck.
Dusk – Intelligent; quiet; courageous; appearance of the sky at dusk.
Dust – Aggressive; loyal; hardworking; cocky; appearance of dust.
Eagle – Regal; independent; cocky; appearance of an eagle.
Echo – Calm; caring; good learner; mimicker; silver-furred.
Eel – Solitary; irritable; sly; aggressive; appearance of an eel.
Ember – Independent; brave; intelligent; fierce; appearance of embers.
Fallow – Kind; cooperative; quiet; appearance of a fallow deer; see Deer; see Doe.
Fawn – Shy; see Deer.
Feather – Naive; graceful; light; calm; swift; appearance of a feather.
Fennel – Firm; calm; collected; appearance of a fennel plant.
Fern – Friendly; kind; quirky; peppy; appearance of fern.
Ferret – Timid; sneaky; appearance of a ferret.
Fidget – Twitchy; shaky; anxious; has seizures.
Fin – Carefree; small; friendly; appearance of a fish.
Finch – Smart; easygoing; outgoing; skilled; sarcastic; appearance of a finch.
Fire – Fierce; passionate; bold; loyal; appearance of fire.
Flail – Has seizures; see Fidget.
Flame – Collected; wise; smart; see Fire.
Flash – Bold; energetic; brash; bright fur; see Strike; see Lightning.
Flax – Tall; thin; cautious; collected; intelligent; appearance of flax.
Flicker – Small; swift; quiet; see Flash.
Flint – Calm; collected; intelligent; standoffish; aggressive; appearance of flint.
Flower – Graceful; collected; kind; good-natured; appearance of a flower.
Flutter – Small; shy; kind; sweet; timid; meek; weak; appearance of a butterfly or moth.
Fly – Energetic; small; nagging; appearance of a fly.
Fog – Quiet; secretive; sneaky; hazy; appearance of fog; see Misty.
Fox – Outgoing; cocky; clever or smart; sneaky; sly; appearance of a fox.
Freckle – Shy; quirky; optimistic; dappled/spotted.
Fringe – Standoffish; reserved; ragged fur; spiky fur; appearance of a fringe plant.
Frog – Cooperative; curious; appearance of a frog; see Toad.
Frond – Playful; friendly; sweet; appearance of a frond.
Frost – Cold; solitary; caring; white-furred.
Furze – Quirky; bold; friendly; see Gorse.
Fuzzy – Fluffy or scruffy fur.
Golden – Passionate; bold; outgoing; golden-furred.
Goose – Grumpy, rude/intrusive; loud; appearance of a goose.
Gorse – Hardworking; dependable; reserved; appearance of a gorse plant; see Furze.
Grass – Straightforward; open; easygoing; adventurous; appearance of grass.
Gravel – Grumpy; quiet; sketchy; pessimistic; strong; appearance of gravel.
Gray – Gray-furred.
Gull – Loud; intrusive; sarcastic; snarky; appearance of a gull.
Hail – Tolerant; reserved; tough; appearance of hail.
Half – Halved body part or markings.
Hare – Swift; small; clever; appearance of a hare.
Hawk – Fierce; aggressive; strong; smart; good eyes; good hunter; appearance of a hawk.
Hay – Lazy; carefree; eccentric; friendly; appearance of hay.
Hazel – Kind; friendly; hazel-furred.
Heather – Smart; determined; loyal; bold; appearance of heather.
Heavy – Heavy; tall; large; strong.
Heron – Calm; gentle; organized; positive; appearance of a heron.
Hickory – Open; stern; wise; reserved; appearance of a hickory tree.
Holly – Bold; fierce; loyal; determined; appearance of holly.
Honey – Sweet; friendly; kind; appearance of honey.
Hoot – Playful; energetic; see Owl.
Hop – Energetic; good jumper; see Hare.
Hope – Innocent; optimistic; kind; caring.
Hound – Lazy; care-free; hardworking; strong; good fighter; good sense of smell; wise; appearance of a dog.
Ice – Aggressive; determined; see Frost.
Ivy – Solitary; determined; secretive; smart or clever.
Jagged – Standoffish; strong; ragged appearance.
Jay – Intelligent; collected; skilled; prideful; appearance of a jay.
Jump – Good jumper; hyper: optimistic; see Hop.
Juniper – Reserved; quiet; meek; sweet; appearance of juniper berries.
Kink – Slightly twisted/disabled body part.
Kestrel – Quick thinker; hardworking; smart; appearance of a kestrel.
Kite – Swift; agile; good hunter; appearance of a kite bird.
Lake – Graceful; caring; meek; appearance of a lake.
Larch – Timid; calm; gentle; soft-spoken; appearance of a larch tree.
Lark – Bold; open; kind; outgoing; friendly; appearance of a lark.
Leaf – Collected; quiet; smart; gentle; caring; appearance of a leaf.
Leopard – Pushy; bold; loyal; appearance of a leopard.
Lichen – Meek; kind; intelligent; curled or matted fur.
Light – Collected; see Bright.
Lightning – Sneaky; swift; solitary; smart; bright-furred.
Lily – Gentle; caring; graceful; appearance of a lily.
Lion – Bold; regal; wise; strong; loyal; cooperative; appearance of a lion.
Little – Small.
Lizard – Grumpy; straightforward; down to earth; appearance of a lizard.
Log – Tough; brutish; strong; reserved; hardworking; appearance of a log.
Long – Loyal; wise; long body part.
Loud – Loud; bold; outgoing; bright; loyal.
Maggot – Irritable; grumpy; appearance of maggots.
Mallow – Blunt; kind; meek; appearance of a mallow plant.
Maple – Determined; skilled; strict; sweet.
Marigold – Friendly; kind; outgoing; optimistic; appearance of a marigold.
Marsh – Caring; curious; collected; kind; quirky; grumpy; appearance of marsh.
Meadow – Kind; friendly; outgoing; open; smart; quiet; appearance of a meadow.
Midge – Small; shy; intrusive; annoying; appearance of a midge.
Milk – Kind; forgiving; motherly; white-furred.
Minnow – Timid; quiet; introverted; appearance of a minnow.
Mint – Logical; intelligent; friendly; open; cold; solitary; appearance of mint.
Mist – Organized; see Misty.
Mistle – Elegant; gracious; loving; careful; precise; manipulative; silver fur; appearance of a mistle thrush; appearance of mistletoe.
Misty – Kind; cooperative; smart; collected; silver-furred.
Mole – Laid back; easygoing; appearance of a mole.
Morning – Kind; peaceful; caring; appearance of the sun; see Dawn.
Moss(y) – Quirky; curious; meek; caring; appearance of moss.
Moth – Secretive; kind; quiet; meek; appearance of a moth.
Mottle – Cranky; irritable; clever; mottled fur.
Mouse – Loyal; pushy; quiet; small; timid; appearance of a mouse.
Mud – Fluffy or scruffy fur; outgoing; curious; strong; aggressive; appearance of mud.
Mumble – Grumpy; quiet; secretive; mumbles.
Myrtle – Caring; quiet; intelligent; appearance of a myrtle bush.
Nectar – Sweet; optimistic; outspoken; knowledgeable; kind; delicate; appearance of nectar.
Needle – Aggressive; sly; energetic; spiky fur; sharp claws/teeth; see Pine.
Nettle – Aggressive; cranky; solitary; appearance of nettle.
Newt – Cooperative; logical; quiet; appearance of newt.
Night – Calm; smart; sneaky; skilled; dark-furred.
Nut – Good-natured; gullible; see Acorn.
Oak – Carefree; loyal; cooperative; appearance of oak.
Oat – Friendly; open; laid-back; appearance of oats.
Odd – Strange; quirky; deformed.
Olive – Determined; moody; skilled; appearance of an olive.
One – Singular marking or body part.
Otter – Calm; graceful; outgoing; loyal; appearance of an otter.
Owl – Intelligent; logical; reserved; mysterious; good fighter; good hunter; appearance of an owl.
Pale – Sarcastic; impatient; stoic; gentle; pale fur.
Parsley – Spunky; rash; playful; appearance of parsley leaves.
Patch – Easygoing; carefree; appearance.
Pear – Kind; quirky; meek; cooperative; appearance of a pear.
Pebble – Naive; quirky; sweet; outgoing.
Perch – Good balance; graceful; appearance of a perch fish.
Petal – Moody; See Flower.
Pigeon – Clumsy; gullible; cooperative; appearance of a pigeon.
Pike – Cocky; daring; fierce; aggressive; bold; appearance of a pike fish.
Pine – Smart; calm; careful; appearance of a pine tree.
Plum – Quirky; easygoing; quick learner; appearance of a plum.
Pod – Cooperative; conformist; small; naive.
Pool – Small; quiet; see Lake.
Poppy – Kind; calm; friendly; energetic; optimistic; small; appearance of poppy.
Pounce – Good jumper; playful; good hunter.
Prickle – Cranky; impatient; negative; spiky fur.
Primrose – Elegant; see Rose.
Puddle – Outgoing; curious; see Pool.
Quail – Hardworking; loyal; appearance of a quail; see Bracken.
Quick – Clever; witty; see Swift.
Rabbit – Energetic; see Hare.
Ragged – Scruffy fur; aggressive; solitary.
Rain – Calm; quiet; playful; friendly; appearance of rain.
Rat – Irritable; aggressive; sneaky; appearance of a rat; see Mouse.
Raven – Timid; smart; reserved; secretive; solitary; appearance of a raven.
Red – Loyal; strong; brave; logical; reddish fur.
Reed – Calm; intelligent; reserved; appearance of reeds.
Ripple – Quiet; careful; light; reserved; silver tabby; bluish fur.
River – Strong; cooperative; quiet; blue-gray fur.
Robin – Hardworking; kind; smart; appearance of a robin.
Rock – Strong; reserved; appearance of a rock.
Rook – Ambitious; hardworking; reserved; appearance of a rook bird.
Root – Stubborn; honest; grumpy; appearance of a root.
Rose – Gentle; caring; quiet; reserved; kind; graceful; appearance of a rose.
Rowan – Cooperative; kind; appearance of a rowan tree.
Rubble – Grumpy; short-tempered; appearance of rubble.
Running – Swift; loyal; long legged.
Rush – Clumsy; swift; appearance of a rush bird.
Russet – Determined; bold; smart; skilled; reddish fur.
Rye – Quiet; logical; appearance of rye.
Sage – Collected; calm; reserved; appearance of a sage.
Sand(y) – Skilled; pushy; moody; optimistic; silly; appearance of sand.
Scorch – See Flame.
Sedge – Pushy; reserved; appearance of sedges.
Seed – Small; intelligent; logical; analytic; appearance of a seed.
Shade – Sneaky; see Shadow.
Shadow – Reserved; proud; see Dark.
Sharp – Aggressive; strict; sharp body part; good fighter; see Claw
Sheep – Oblivious; hazy; sweet; anxious; conformist; appearance of a sheep.
Shell – Reserved; hardworking; calm; shy; appearance of a shell.
Shimmer – Shy; optimistic; open; bright-furred.
Shining – Optimistic; hopeful; kind; outgoing; glossy fur.
Short – Short; small.
Shred – Scarred; good fighter; aggressive; patchy fur.
Shrew – Meek, quiet, flexible (mentally); level-headed; appearance of a shrew.
Shy – Meek; timid; anxious; shy.
Silver – Collected; graceful; calm; silver-furred.
Sky – Open; quirky; loyal; appearance of the sky.
Slate – Cunning; reserved; good fighter; appearance of a slate.
Sleek – Smooth fur; sneaky; sly; secretive.
Slight – Quiet; timid; shy; reserved; faded markings.
Sloe – Quiet; hardworking; gentle; brave; appearance of a sloe plant.
Small – Small body part; see Short.
Smoke – Solitary; irritable; secretive; appearance of smoke.
Snail – Slow; lazy; appearance of a snail.
Snake – See Adder.
Sneeze – Fluffy; ditzy; has allergies.
Snip – Stumpy tail; chopped off body part.
Snook – Cooperative; complacent; care-free; appearance of a snook fish.
Snow – Kind; quiet; smart; appearance of snow.
Soft – Innocent; kind; gentle; soft fur.
Song – Loud; graceful.
Soot – Loyal; good-natured; appearance of soot.
Sorrel – Caring; motherly; kind; meek; appearance of sorrel.
Spark – Determined; skilled; fierce; passionate; appearance of sparks.
Sparrow – Calm; intelligent; cooperative; appearance of a sparrow.
Speckle – Caring; timid; speckled; see Dapple.
Spider – Reserved; sneaky; lightweight/small/thin; appearance of a spider.
Spike – Moody; short-tempered; spiky fur.
Splash – Energetic; optimistic; determined; good swimmer/fisher.
Spot(ted) – Calm; kind; small; spotted fur; see dapple
Squirrel – Outgoing; energetic; appearance of a squirrel.
Stag – Pushy; firm; strong; appearance of a stag.
Starling – Skilled; pushy; appearance of a starling.
Stem – Tall; thin; intelligent; kind; appearance of a stem.
Stoat – Kind; cooperative; mischievous; appearance of a stoat; see Weasel.
Stone – Intelligent; see Rock.
Storm – Skilled; strong; determined; gray-furred.
Strike – Sly; swift; good fighter; impulsive; cocky.
Stumpy – Broken body part; short tail.
Sun(ny) – Outgoing; bright; smart; regal; optimistic; appearance of the sun.
Swallow – Intelligent; curious; reserved; appearance of a swallow.
Sweet – Sweet, kind.
Swift – Appearance of a swift bird; see Running.
Tall – Tall; intelligent; wise; reserved.
Talon – Good fighter; hooked claws; reserved; intelligent; aggressive.
Tangle – Unlucky; clumsy; curly fur; matted fur.
Tansy – Sweet; optimistic; bouncy; appearance of tansy.
Tawny – Kind; quirky; outgoing; tawny fur.
Thistle – Aggressive; solitary; sly; energetic; appearance of thistles.
Thorn – Fierce; see Bracken.
Thrift – Graceful; tall; resourceful; appearance of a thrift plant.
Thrush – Flexible (mentally); good-natured; appearance of a thrush.
Thunder – Skilled; cooperative; strong; brave; aggressive; large.
Tiger – Fierce; strong; aggressive; good swimmer; appearance of a tiger.
Timber – Standoffish; tough; reserved; wise; appearance of wood.
Toad – Cooperative; good-hearted; carefree; appearance of a toad; see Frog.
Torn – Aggressive; wise; torn body part.
Trout – Cocky; good swimmer; appearance of a trout.
Tulip – Sweet; small; kind; motherly; naive; appearance of a tulip.
Turtle – Intelligent; quiet; wise; slow; good swimmer; motherly; appearance of a turtle.
Twig – Small; thin; weak; loving; appearance of a twig.
Vine – Sly; sarcastic; cunning; see Ivy.
Violet – Graceful; kind; reserved; elegant; motherly; lilac furred.
Vixen – Reserved; independent; see Fox.
Vole – Aggressive; jittery; appearance of a vole; see Mole.
Wasp – Moody; aggressive; appearance of a wasp.
Wave – Strong; powerful; good swimmer; appearance of waves.
Weasel – Easygoing; practical; snarky; appearance of a weasel.
Web – Sensitive; protective; appearance of cobwebs.
Weed – Pushy; loyal; annoying; appearance of weeds.
Wet – Meek; grumpy; likes water.
Wish – Hopeful; optimistic; thoughtful; naive; caring; appearance of stars.
Whisker – Stoic; reserved; grumpy; appearance of whiskers.
Whistle – Sarcastic; brash; outgoing; swift.
White – White-furred.
Whorl – Quirky; fun-loving; spiral markings.
Wild – Energetic; rambunctious; ambitious; reckless; spiky fur; appearance of a wild animal.
Willow – Caring; calm; quiet; appearance of willow.
Wind – Outgoing; open; reserved; intelligent; swift; messy fur; silver-furred.
Wolf – Strong; skilled; determined; cooperative; appearance of a wolf.
Wood – Hardworking; honest; practical; appearance of wood.
Wooly – Good-natured; appearance of wool.
Wren – Intelligent; reserved; appearance of a wren.
Yarrow – Irritable; skillful; appearance of yarrow.
Yellow – Pushy; determined; bright; optimistic; pale or cream furred.

bark – Tough; guarded; intelligent; logical; see Bark.
beam – Confident; outspoken; strong; agile; smart or clever.
bee – See Bee.
belly – Appearance of belly.
berry – Sweet; moody; see Berry.
bird – Graceful; collected.
blaze – Bold; loyal; bright colored pelt; good fighter.
branch – Thin; cautious; quiet; smart; appearance of a branch.
breeze – Swift; cocky; brash.
briar – Kind; defensive.
bright – Hopeful; optimistic; see Bright.
brook – Kind; skilled; friendly.
burr – Tangled fur; matted fur; cranky.
bush – Fluffy.
catcher – Good hunter.
claw – Appearance of claws; aggressive; good fighter.
cloud – Quiet; caring; meek.
crawl – Stealthy; skilled hunter; slow.
creek – See stream; see River.
dapple – Dappled; has spots.
dawn – Smart; caring; gentle.
dusk – Calm; natural-leader; mysterious; see Dusk.
dust – Quiet; secretive; cooperative; see Dust.
ear – Appearance of ears; good listener.
eye(s) – Appearance of eye(s); good eyesight.
face – Appearance of face.
fall – Graceful; cooperative; hardworking.
fang – Appearance of fangs or teeth; good fighter.
feather – Graceful; quiet; kind; light.
fern – Quirky; kind.
fin – Small; good swimmer; collected; appearance of a fish.
fire – Fierce; bold; passionate.
fish – Good fisher; good swimmer.
flake – Small; timid; lightweight; appearance of a snowflake.
flame – Wise; reserved; see fire.
flight – Outgoing; swift; agile.
flower – Good learner; kind.
foot – Appearance of foot.
frost – See Frost.
fur – Appearance of fur.
gorse – Reserved; practical; aggressive; see Gorse.
hawk – Aggressive; regal; has fur colors of a hawk.
haze – Ditzy; distracted.
heart – Loyal; passionate; kind; appearance of chest.
jaw – See tooth.
leaf – Kind, graceful, collected.
leap – Good jumper.
leg- Appearance of legs; good runner.
light – Collected; cooperative.
mask – Masked face.
mist – Intelligent; see Mist.
moon – Secretive; mysterious; gentle; motherly; sneaky.
mouse – Small; good hunter.
nose – Appearance of nose; good at tracking scents.
pad – Careful; good-intentioned; peculiar pawsteps.
patch – See Patch.
pelt – Appearance of pelt.
petal – Determined; see Flower.
pool – Quiet; collected; intelligent.
poppy – Outgoing; curious; kind.
pounce – Sneaky; brash; good hunter; good jumper; see Pounce.
puddle – Gloomy; clumsy; quirky; see Puddle.
runner – Good runner; swift; careful; intelligent; carefree.
scar – Aggressive; strong; has visible scars.
scratch – Sharp claws; skilled fighter; aggressive; scarred.
seed – Small; good learner; intelligent; good with herbs; appearance of a seed.
shade – Skilled; quiet; solitary.
shine – Smart; kind; outgoing; passionate.
sight – Good eyes; good eyesight.
skip – Joyous; bouncy; optimistic; swift.
sky – Open; kind.
slip – Clumsy; slick.
snout – Appearance of muzzle; good at finding scents.
snow – Stoic; cold; quiet; gracious; appearance of snow.
song – Loud; kind; good-natured.
speck(le) – Small; shy; quiet; dappled.
splash – Friendly; see stream.
spot(s) – Spotted; appearance of spots.
spring – Outgoing; good jumper.
stalk – Observant; sneaky; good hunter.
stem – Motherly; stubborn; intelligent; quiet; appearance of a stem.
step – Appearance of foot; interesting walking pattern; swift; good jumper/agile.
stone – Strong; quiet; calm; intelligent; see Stone.
storm – Skilled; brave.
stream – Kind; motherly; good swimmer.
strike – Sneaky; fierce; good fighter.
stripe – Striped.
swoop – Skilled hunter; appearance of a bird.
tail – Appearance of tail.
talon – Calm; see claw.
thistle – Sarcastic; see Thistle.
thorn – Aggressive; annoying; quiet; reserved; see Thorn.
throat – Appearance of neck.
toe – Appearance of toes.
tooth – Appearance of teeth; good fighter.
tuft – Ragged or scruffy fur.
watcher – Observant; analytical.
water – Open; intelligent; kind; good swimmer.
whisker – Appearance of whiskers.
whisper – Quiet; stealthy; secretive; mysterious.
willow – Kind; collected; graceful.
wind – Open; carefree; swift.
wing – Outgoing; free-spirited; agile.
wish – Graceful; caring; wishful.
Names Based on Color
Alder-, Amber-, Ant-, Apple-, Berry-, Bright-, Cherry-, Copper-, Dawn-, Dusk-, Ember-, Finch-, Fire-, Flame-, Flash-, Fox-, Fringe-, Hawk-, Kestrel-, Leaf-, Light-, Lily-, Mallow-, Maple-, Mouse-, Newt-, Oak-, Olive-, Perch-, Poppy-, Primrose, Red-, Robin-, Rose-, Rowan-, Russet-, Sand(y)-, Scorch-, Sedge-, Shell-, Shrew-, Sorrel-, Spark-, Squirrel-, Stoat-, Sun(ny)-, Thrush-, Tiger-, Tulip-, Vixen-, Vole-, Wren- | -berry, -blaze, -bright, -dawn, -dusk, -fire, -flame, -hawk, -mouse, -poppy

Adder-, Alder-, Ash-, Aspen-, Bay-, Birch-, Blue-, Boulder-, Breeze-, Cedar-, Cinder-, Cloud-, Dew-, Dove-, Drizzle-, Dust-, Echo-, Flint-, Fly-, Fog-, Goose-, Gravel-, Gray-, Gull-, Hail-, Heron-, Jay-, Kestrel-, Kite-, Lake-, Lizard-, Minnow-, Mint-, Mist(y)-, Mistle-, Mole-, Mouse-, Needle-, Owl-, Pebble-, Pigeon-, Pool-, Puddle-, Quail-, Rain-, Rat-, Ripple-, River-, Rock-, Rook-, Rubble-, Shade-, Shadow-, Silver-, Slate-, Sloe-, Smoke-, Snook-, Soot-, Splash-, Starling-, Stone-, Storm-, Swallow-, Swift-, Toad-, Trout-, Wave-, Web-, Willow-, Wind-, Wolf- | -breeze, -cloud, -dust, -haze, -mist, -moon, -mouse, -pool, -puddle, -splash, -spring, -stone, -storm, -stream, -water, -whisper, -willow, -wind

Acorn-, Alder-, Bark-, Bracken-, Bramble-, Briar-, Brown-, Buzzard-, Chestnut-, Cone-, Copper-, Creek-, Cypress-, Deer-, Doe-, Drift-, Duck-, Dusk-, Dust-, Eagle-, Ember-, Fallow-, Fawn-, Ferret-, Hawk-, Hickory-, Hound-, Lark-, Leaf-, Lizard-, Log-, Marsh-, Mole-, Mouse-, Mud-, Nettle-, Nut-, Oak-, Oat-, Otter-, Owl-, Pike-, Rat-, Robin-, Root-, Rubble-, Rush-, Rye-, Seed-, Shrew-, Sparrow-, Squirrel-, Stag-, Stoat-, Thorn-, Tiger-, Timber-, Toad-, Trout-, Twig-, Vole-, Weasel-, Wolf-, Wood- | -bark, -branch, -briar, -burr, -dusk, -dust, -hawk, -seed, -thorn

Adder-, Ant-, Ash-, Badger-, Beetle-, Black-, Crow-, Dark-, Fly-, Hawk-, Hound-, Mole-, Night-, Rat-, Raven-, Rubble-, Shade-, Shadow-, Sheep-, Sloe-, Snake-, Soot-, Spider-, Talon-, Toad-, Vole-, Wasp-, Weasel-, Wolf- | -hawk, -moon, -talon

Birch-, Blizzard-, Bright-, Cloud-, Dandelion-, Dove-, Flash-, Flicker-, Frost-, Gull-, Hail-, Hare-, Heron-, Ice-, Larch-, Light-, Milk-, Moth-, Mouse-, Owl-, Primrose-, Rabbit-, Rat-, Sheep-, Snow-, Stoat-, Swallow-, Weasel-, Web-, White-, Wolf- | -cloud, -frost, -moon, -mouse, -snow

Apple-, Aspen-, Bee-, Bright-, Daisy-, Dandelion-, Dawn-, Dew-, Dusk-, Ember-, Furze-, Golden-, Gorse-, Hay-, Honey-, Larch-, Leopard-, Light-, Lightning-, Lily-, Lion-, Marigold-, Morning-, Moth-, Nectar-, Pale-, Parsley-, Pear-, Primrose-, Rye-, Sand(y)-, Squirrel-, Strike-, Sun(ny)-, Tansy-, Thunder-, Tulip-, Wasp-, Yarrow-, Yellow- | -beam, -blaze, -bright, -dawn, -gorse

Dawn-, Dew-, Dusk-, Flax-, Flower-, Heather-, Juniper-, Mallow-, Morning-, Plum-, Primrose-, Quail-, Sage-, Sloe-, Thrift-, Tulip-, Violet- | -dawn, -dusk, -flower

Blossom-, Bark-, Brindle-, Dapple-, Frond-, Hazel-, Marsh-, Meadow-, Moss(y)-, Mottle-, Mud-, Myrtle-, Patch-, Poppy-, Rubble-, Sorrel-, Spot(ted)-, Tawny-, Turtle-, Wild- | -bark, -burr, -bush, -dapple, -patch, -poppy, spot(s)-
Names Based on Common Archetypes
Adder-, Black-, Blizzard-, Broken-, Claw-, Crow-, Dark-, Flint-, Fox-, Frost-, Hawk-, Ice-, Jagged-, Lizard-, Maggot-, Mistle-, Mud-, Needle-, Nettle-, Prickle-, Rat-, Rubble-, Scorch-, Shade-, Shadow-, Sharp-, Shred-, Slate-, Snake-, Talon-, Thistle-, Tiger-, Torn-, Wasp-, Weasel- | -bark, -claw, -fang, -frost, -hawk, -scar, -scratch, -shade, -strike, -swoop, -talon, -thistle, -thorn, -tooth

Berry-, Bloom-, Blossom-, Briar-, Brindle-, Cloud-, Daisy-, Dandelion-, Dapple-, Dew-, Doe-, Echo-, Fawn-, Feather-, Flax-, Flower-, Freckle-, Goose-, Hazel-, Heather-, Holly-, Honey-, Ivy-, Jay-, Juniper-, Kestrel-, Larch-, Lark-, Leaf-, Light-, Lily-, Little-, Mallow-, Marigold-, Marsh-, Meadow-, Mint-, Mistle-, Moss(y)-, Moth-, Nectar-, Parsley-, Petal-, Pod-, Pool-, Poppy-, Primrose-, Rain-, Reed-, Rose-, Running-, Sage-, Sedge-, Seed-, Shimmer-, Shining-, Sloe-, Sneeze-, Sorrel-, Speckle-, Spot(ted)-, Tansy-, Thrift-, Tulip-, Web-, Whisker-, Willow-, Yarrow- | -bark, -berry, -bird, -briar, -cloud, -dapple, -feather, -flake, -flame, -flight, -flower, -gorse, -leaf, -light, -mist, -moon, -pelt, -pool, -poppy, -seed, -shine, -song, -speck(le), -spring, -stem, -stone, -stream, -wilow, -wish, -whisper

Berry-, Bloom-, Blossom-, Briar-, Bright-, Brindle-, Bristle-, Cloud-, Clover-, Daisy-, Dapple-, Dawn-, Deer-, Dew-, Doe-, Dove-, Fallow-, Fawn-, Fern-, Flower-, Flutter-, Freckle-, Hazel-, Heather, Honey-, Lake-, Larch-, Leaf-, Lily-, Mallow-, Marigold-, Meadow-, Milk-, Mint-, Mist(y)-, Mistle-, Morning-, Moss(y)-, Petal-, Poppy-, Primrose-, Robin-, Rose-, Sage-, Seed-, Silver-, Sleek-, Snow-, Soft-, Song-, Sorrel-, Speckle-, Spot(ted)-, Stem-, Sweet-, Tulip-, Violet-, Vixen-, White-, Willow- | -berry, -briar, -bright, -cloud, -dapple, -dawn, -fern, -flower, -heart, -light, -moon, -petal, -poppy, -snow, -song, speck(le), -stream, -willow

Alder-, Buzzard-, Cedar-, Crow-, Dust-, Feather-, Fringe-, Goose-, Gorse-, Gravel-, Gray-, Heavy-, Hickory-, Jagged-, Lichen-, Lizard-, Long-, Mole-, Mottle-, Mud-, Mumble-, Myrtle-, Nettle-, Night-, Odd-, One-, Owl-, Pale-, Patch-, Prickle-, Ripple-, River-, Rubble-, Running-, Sand- Silver-, Sloe-, Smoke-, Snail-, Sneeze-, Soot-, Stag-, Stumpy-, Thorn-, Vixen-, Vole-, Web-, Wet-, Whisker-, White-, Yarrow-, Yellow- | -bark, -belly, -burr, -bush, -catcher, -cloud, -ear, -eye(s), -face, -fall, -fang, -feather, -flame, -frost, -gorse, -hawk, -haze, -patch, -scratch, -snout, -step, -thorn, -tooth, -tuft, -watcher, -whisker

Ant-, Apple-, Berry-, Blossom-, Breeze-, Chestnut-, Cloud-, Eagle-, Ember-, Fin-, Finch-, Fire-, Flash-, Flint-, Fox-, Lightning-, Lion-, Mistle-, Oak-, Perch-, Pike-, Reed-, Scorch-, Sharp-, Sky-, Spark-, Spike-, Storm-, Strike-, Thunder-, Tiger-, Trout-, Wasp-, Weed-, Whistle- | -beam, -blaze, -breeze, -dust, -hawk, -strike

Bloom-, Blossom-, Clover-, Cypress-, Deer-, Doe-, Dove-, Fawn-, Fin-, Flame-, Flower-, Flutter-, Hazel-, Leaf-, Lily-, Little-, Mallow-, Mouse-, Minnow-, Newt-, Nut-, Oat-, Pebble-, Petal-, Pod-, Primrose-, Puddle-, Raven-, Rose-, Seed-, Short-, Slight-, Small-, Soft-, Speckle-, Sweet-, Tulip-, Turtle-, Twig-, Willow-, Wish- | -bee, -cloud, -creek, -dapple, -fern, -fin, -flake, -flame, -flower, -leaf, -light, -moon, -mouse, -petal, -puddle, -seed, -snow, -stream, -willow, -whisper, -wish

Bright-, Cherry-, Cinder-, Curl(y)-, Daisy-, Dandelion-, Ember-, Fire-, Flutter-, Hazel-, Hop-, Jump-, Juniper-, Lark- Lily-, Lion-, Loud-, Marigold-, Misty-, Moss(y)-, Parsley-, Pounce-, Rabbit-, Shining-, Song-, Spark-, Splash-, Squirrel-, Sun(ny)-, Tansy-, Tawny-, Wild- | -beam, -bee, -berry, -blaze, -breeze, -bright, -feather, -flight, -heart, -leap, -light, -poppy, -punce, -shine, -skip, -spring, -wing

Adder-, Amber-, Ash-, Badger-, Bee-, Beetle-, Blizzard-, Bristle-, Broken-, Buzzard-, Cedar-, Claw-, Dark-, Duck- Dust-, Eagle-, Eel-, Fringe-, Frost-, Goose-, Gorse-, Gravel-, Gull-, Hawk-, Hound-, Ice-, Ivy-, Jagged-, Jay-, Leopard-, Lion-, Lizard-, Maggot-, Mud-, Needle-, Nettle-, Patch-, Pike-, Prickle-, Ragged-, Rat-, River-, Rock-, Rubble-, Sand(y)-, Scorch-, Shadow-, Sharp-, Shred-, Slate-, Snaze-, Spike-, Storm-, Strike-, Stumpy-, Talon-, Thistle-, Thorn-, Tiger-, Torn-, Vine-, Vole-, Wasp-, Wolf- | -bark, -burr, -claw, -fang, -fire, -frost, -gorse, -hawk, -patch, -scar, -scratch, -strike, -talon, -thistle, -thorn, -tooth
Animal Names
Bird-, Buzzard-, Crow-, Dove-, Duck-, Eagle-, Feather-, Finch-, Goose-, Gull-, Hawk-, Heron-, Hoot-, Jay-, Kestrel-, Kite-, Lark-, Mistle-, Owl-, Perch-, Pigeon-, Quail-, Raven-, Robin-, Rook-, Rush-, Sparrow-, Starling-, Swallow-, Swift-, Talon-, Thrush-, | -bird, -feather, -flight, -hawk, -swoop, -talon, -wing

Ferret-, Hare-, Mole-, Mouse-, Rabbit-, Rat-, Shrew-, Squirrel-, Stoat-, Vole-, Weasel-, | -mouse

Adder-, Eel-, Fin-, Frog-, Lizard-, Minnow-, Newt-, Pike-, Snail-, Snake-, Snook-, Toad-, Trout-, Turtle- | -fin, -fish

Ant-, Bee-, Beetle-, Bumble-, Flutter-, Fly-, Maggot-, Midge-, Moth-, Spider-, Wasp- | -bee, -flight, -wing

Badger-, Deer-, Doe-, Fallow-, Fawn-, Fox-, Hound-, Leopard-, Lion-, Otter-, Sheep-, Stag-, Tiger-, Vixen-, Wolf-, Wooly-
Plant Names
Bloom-, Blossom-, Daisy-, Dandelion-, Flax-, Flower-, Furze-, Gorse-, Heather-, Holly-, Lily-, Mallow-, Marigold-, Mistle-, Nectar-, Parsley-, Petal-, Primrose-, Rose-, Sage-, Stem-, Tansy-, Thrift-, Tulip-, Violet-, Yarrow- | -flower, -gorse, -petal, -stem

Acorn-, Alder-, Ash-, Aspen-, Bark-, Birch-, Cedar-, Chestnut-, Cone-, Cypress-, Hickory-, Larch-, Log-, Needle-, Nut-, Oak-, Pine-, Timber-, Willow-, Wood- | -bark, -branch, -willow

Apple-, Berry-, Cherry-, Hay-, Juniper-, Olive-, Pear-, Plum-, Rye-, Sloe- | -berry, -stalk

Beech-, Bracken-, Bramble-, Briar-, Chive-, Clover-, Fennel-, Fern-, Fringe-, Frond-, Grass-, Ivy-, Leaf-, Lichen-, Marsh-, Meadow-, Mint-, Moss(y)-, Myrtle-, Nettle-, Poppy-, Reed-, Root-, Sedge-, Seed-, Sorrel-, Thistle-, Thorn-, Twig-, Vine-, Weed- | -burr, -bush, –
fern, -leaf, -poppy, -seed, -thistle, -thorn
Elemental Names
Bird-, Breeze-, Cloud-, Dusk-, Dust-, Lightning-, Sky-, Storm-, Thunder-, Whistle-, Wind- | -bird, -breeze, -cloud, -dusk, -dust, -flight, -sky, -storm, -wind, -wing

Bay-, Blizzzard-, Creek-, Drizzle-, Fin-, Fish-, Fog-, Frost-, Hail-, Ice-, Lake-, Marsh-, Mist(y)-, Pebble-, Pool-, Puddle-, Rain-, Reed-, Ripple-, River- Shell-, Snow-, Splash-, Wave-, Wet- | -brook, -creek, -fin, -fish, -frost, -pool, -puddle, -snow, -stream, -water

Ash-, Bright-, Cinder-, Dawn-, Ember-, Fire-, Flame-, Flash-, Flicker-, Light-, Morning-, Scorch-, Shimmer-, Shining-, Smoke-, Soot-, Spark-, Sun(ny)- | -beam, -blaze, -bright, -dawn, -fire, -flame, -light, -shine

Boulder-, Copper-, Flint-, Jagged-, Mud-, Rock-, Root-, Slate-, Stone- | -stone

Black-, Dark-, Dusk-, Night-, Shade-, Shadow- | -dusk, -moon, -shade
Less Tangible/Character-Based Prefixes
Brave-, Crouch-, Echo-, Fidget-, Flail-, Hope-, Loud-, Mumble-, Odd-, Pod-, Pounce-, Running-, Sneeze-, Song-, Sweet-, Wet-, Wish-

Less Tangible/Character-Based Prefixes
Brave-, Crouch-, Echo-, Fidget-, Flail-, Hope-, Loud-, Mumble-, Odd-, Pod-, Pounce-, Running-, Sneeze-, Song-, Sweet-, Wet-, Wish-

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