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A Debate About Crowfeather Ships by Icemist and Violetpaw

Icemist and Violetpaw have a debate about who Crowfeather will choose in StarClan.

Art by Holiiewood

Hello! We are Icemist and Violetpaw, and we are going to be debating whether Crowfeather will choose Feathertail or Leafpool in StarClan! Violetpaw will be debating on Feathertail’s side, and Icemist will be debating on Leafpool’s side.

Violetpaw: I think Crowfeather will choose Feathertail in StarClan because she was his first love and it was shown he still has feelings for her, while his feelings for Leafpool were more faded.

Icemist: I think Crowfeather will choose Leafpool in StarClan because Crowfeather’s relationship with Leafpool was more recent than with Feathertail. Crowfeather is still shown to care about Leafpool, such as in ALitM. Also, Crowfeather would probably choose someone he mated & had kits with, rather than someone he loved when he was an apprentice.

Violetpaw: True, CrowXLeaf was more recent, but that doesn’t mean he loved her more and Feathertail and Crowfeather loved each other a lot

Icemist: Crowfeather and Feathertail loved each other, but I think Crowfeather loved Leafpool more. In ALitM Crowfeather is shown nuzzling Leafpool affectionately and sharing words, while Crowfeather only looks at Feathertail. Therefore, I think CrowXFeather is the one that faded.

Violetpaw: In Crowfeather’s Trial, Crowfeather said that her feelings had faded for him and his had too. Also, the dream he had with Feathertail made it clear that he still loved her.

Icemist: Crowfeather might have said that, but when Leafpool was trapped in the cave before she died, Crowfeather was really worried about her. Also, so we don’t continue debating over the same thing, I’m going to bring up a new point. I think Crowfeather will choose Leafpool in StarClan because while CrowXFeather was an apprentice love, CrowXLeaf was a full mateship. CrowXFeather was true love, but Crowpaw was young at the time, so he wasn’t fully experienced with love.
Violetpaw: True, Crowfeather was worried about Leafpool being trapped but if someone you had loved was trapped in a cave you would probably be worried. CrowXFeather may have been an apprentice love, but they most likely would have been together if Feathertail hadn’t died. He may have been an apprentice, but he had matured and was around the age of a warrior.

Icemist: The authors have stated that even if Feathertail had lived, they would’ve gone back to their clans because Feathertail is too loyal to RiverClan. Especially after her book, she wouldn’t let her heart rule her head. Also the authors said Feathertail would’ve mated with Reedwhisker.
“But I could see her heart blazing in the depths of her eyes. I could see how much she cared for me too. I’d seen the same look in Feathertail’s eyes . . . but this was different. This was more dangerous, more forbidden. There was a feeling like lightning prick-ling along my fur every time I looked at Leafpaw.”
Crowfeather described that with experience was “more dangerous and forbidden”, and how CrowXFeather and CrowXLeaf were different.

Violetpaw: I doubt Feathertail would have broken up with Crowpaw, because there’s proof they would have stayed together.
“Feathertail…Feathertail, no!” Crowpaw could hardly get the words out. “Don’t leave me!
“I won’t.” Now her whisper was scarcely audible. “I’ll always be with you, I promise.” -Moonrise, Page 271

Also, I doubt Feathertail would be with another cat after how much she loved Crowfeather, and I don’t think it was ever confirmed she’d be mates with Reedwhisker. They have a huge age gap and are second cousins, which is just gross.

Icemist: Well, not as gross as other mates. DustXFern? They’re uncle and niece, yet a lot of people like it. They also have a big age gap. But that’s off – topic anyway. Even if Feathertail didn’t mate with Reedwhisker (which I’m pretty sure Vicky said she did?) I think she would still remain loyal to her clan. Also, another point is that Feathertail also hunts with the Tribe of Endless Hunting. I don’t think Crowfeather would be able to choose her anyway, because it would be almost like a long distance relationship. True, Feathertail is also in StarClan, but I think Crowfeather might pick Leafpool since she’s there all the time.

Violetpaw: It’s not as gross as DustxFern, but it’s still pretty gross. I don’t think Feathertail would be in the tribe of endless hunting that often, her family is all in StarClan and I think that’s where she would be happiest, and I don’t really see how Crowfeather wouldn’t be with her just because she occasionally went to the TOEH

Icemist: I never said he wouldn’t be with her just because she sometimes goes to the TOEH, but it’s a contributing factor. I personally think Crowfeather would choose Leafpool since he had a family with her, and there is a saying, “If you love two people, choose the second because if you truly loved the first one, then you wouldn’t have fallen for the second one.” This isn’t always right in all situations, but just putting it out there.

Violetpaw: Crowfeather did have kits with Leafpool, but I don’t think they ever intended to have kits, and Crowfeather and Feathertail might have had a family if she had lived. I don’t really think this statement applies to here, they mainly just suddenly fell in love after having crushes on each other.

Icemist: Also, I want to add on to the TOEH part. Feathertail would be watching over Stormfur & his family, because she doesn’t really have anyone to watch over in StarClan. Sure, she goes to StarClan sometimes, but Crowfeather would be alone for the time she goes to TOEH, and I don’t think he would like that. So, wrapping this article up, I think Crowfeather should choose Leafpool in StarClan because I think Crowfeather loved her more. But another possible theory is what if Crowfeather chooses both of them? That way, neither Feathertail or Leafpool would get hurt for not being chosen, Crowfeather can spend time with both, and most fans will be happy! Feathertail & Leafpool do also get along pretty well so that should be fine.

Violetpaw: I do think the TOEH won’t really matter and that Crowfeather loved Feathertail more. However, I could totally see Crowfeather being with both of them, and it would be the best way to prevent fan arguments.

So, what did you think? Did one of us convince you to ship something different? Who do you think Crowfeather will choose?

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  • I really think it’s LeafxCrow because there are so many reasons for who Crowfeather will choose but I’m a Crowleaf fan.

  • I think he should choose Squirrelflight, I really ship them. Also, if any of you wants to have a debate with me on something, I would love that!

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