Warriors as MBTI Types by Nightpaw

Nightpaw assigns MBTI types to characters from the series. Spoilers for River!

Official art by James L. Barry

MBTI types. 16 personalities. It’s a common thing nowadays, with people comparing their personality type with others, to perceive behaviors, cognitives, feelings, and more. I, Nightpaw/wish, as an MBTI enthusiast have spent day after day in hopes to recognize my own character as well as others.
Today, I will be doing that for our fellow Warrior cats. The following are several significant characters that I will be analyzing to prove their personality type. I am fully aware that there are many sites with opinions on their MBTI – most of which I do not agree with. All of the following are my opinions only.

Leafpool — INFP-T. Leafpool is a creative, kind, and curious cat with an obvious intention to help others. It comes naturally to her, and even when her patients and sister, Squirrelflight, irritate her, she rarely shows it and treats each and every cat with kindness. In fact, she shows care and respect towards cats that aren’t even her Clanmates – sacrificing her and her time to help those like in ShadowClan. INFPs get upset over blunt criticism, and we do see Leafpool in a rare state of irritation and sadness after she is criticized and kicked from her position as a medicine cat after having illegal kits with Crowfeather.

Squirrelflight – ESFJ-A. Outgoing, loyal, and warm, Squirrelflight shows traits of an ESFJ. She easily connects with others, such as Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf, and is sensitive, kindhearted, and with a strong sense of duty. I originally believed she was an ESFP character, being disorganized and impulsive, but as she develops as a character and earns the position of deputy, I believe it is more likely now that she is an ESFJ.

Flamepaw/Nightheart – INFJ-T. Despite others arguing strongly that Flamepaw is an ISFJ, I believe he shows extreme Ni (Introverted Intuition) along with other INFJ traits. Flamepaw is good at analyzing emotions and longs to fit in – he immediately knows that he has failed his assessment just by looking at Lilyheart’s face, and he wishes that Sparkpelt felt like a real mother to him. Unlike an actual ISFJ, he can be impulsive and has a desire to please – he leaps and gives up petty prey to find larger ones to impress.

Bristlefrost – ENFJ-T. Bristlefrost’s reliability, passion, and unrealistic traits reveal her as an ENFJ to me. She has a true passion for being a warrior and strives to be the best, working hard to impress even the imposter (Ashfur). The main difference between an ENFJ and an ESFJ is their creativeness and sense of duty – Bristlefrost shows traits of being focused on the big picture, especially when she saves Shadowsight at the end of the Broken Code, giving her life for his.

Firestar: ESFJ-A. Being a strict but warm-hearted leader, Firestar shows traits of an ESFJ. Even after he achieves the position of deputy and leader, higher than his friends and even elders, he treats them with respect and friendliness — he even tolerates Dustpelt’s and Sandstorm’s harassing, even forgiving Sandstorm and becoming her mate. As an apprentice, warrior, deputy, leader, and StarClan warrior, Firestar never stops caring about his warriors and treats them without a hint of condescending behavior.

Bluestar: INFJ-T. We see Bluestar’s worst and best side in Bluestar’s prophecy and in the Prophecies Begin. Even as a young kit and apprentice, Bluestar puts Snowfur and Moonflower (sister and mother, respectively) before herself and has an intense bond with them that almost no other cats have even now. Her depression during the Prophecies Begin resembles an unhealthy and depressed INFJ a lot – she isolated herself, was extremely irritable, and cursed those most special to her (StarClan).

These are only a few cats I’ve analyzed, and I hope you have learned something! Feel free to state your opinions in the comments. I’m always open to new possibilities! Look out for a Part 2 or an Enneagram article next time.

Your personality journalist,

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