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Tigerclaw’s attack and how it affected Bluestar by Flamespark

Flamespark discusses how Tigerclaw’s attack on Bluestar affected her.

Artwork by GoldenPhoenix

In Forest of Secrets Tigerclaw tries to kill Bluestar, (which I think was a terrible plan.) But the reason why I think Bluestar started acting so weird was because of the shock of the attack. Over the years Blustar put all her trust right into that pile of foxdung, Tigerclaw. Tigerclaw acted as the deputy Bluestar wanted, just to earn her trust. Bluestar had known Tigerclaw since he was a little tiny harmless kit and beleived he would be a great deputy. I did to but only one thing showed a hint of how his personality would be. As a kit in ” Bluestar’s Prophesy” one sentence said ” The other day, Tigerkit had taught Whitekit how to put beetles in the queen’s nest’s” and as an apprentice he had had Thistleclaw as a mentor. Fireheart tried to warn Bluestar about Tigerclaw but she wouldn’t listen. She beleived that Tigerclaw was loyal to ThunderClan. A few moons later she was proved wrong. Tigerclaw attacked. He had planed the attack with
Brokentail , ShadowClan’s former leader who at that time was blind. During the attack you can hear Tigerclaw and Bluestar talking when Fireheart creeps up to Highrock. Inside Tigerclaw says something and Bluestar meows ” not right now Tigerclaw we have other things to worry about. Tigerclaw? Tigerclaw what are you doing!?” That’s when Tigerclaw attacked Bluestar snarling: ” remember my name when you go to StarClan Bluestar.” Fireheart bounds into Bluestar’s den and starts fighting Tigerclaw. All the while Bluestar sits on her nest watching them with cloudy blue eyes. During the fight between Fireheart and Tigerclaw Bluestar finally realizes that Tigerclaw will kill anything and every thing to get what he wants. Once the attack is over Bluestar starts acting very confused. Why? Because Bluestar Believed that Tigerclaw was loyal to ThunderClan.
Tigerclaw attacked once more leaving Bluestar even more confused. During the dog attack, while Bluestar dies she finally seemes to get herself together and acts like her normal self in her last moments. She asks Mistyfoot and Stonefur, her rescuers and her kits, to forgive her. They do. Then she tells Fireheart what a great deputy he is and that he will be a great leader. She dies happily when her children forgive her and Oakheart leads her to StarClan. That is the end of this article. Hope you enjoyed! my name is Flamespark and I will post more articles soon.

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