The Father Problem by Flamefire

Flamefire takes a look at fathers in the Warriors universe.

Artwork by JustaTundra

Hello! It’s Flamefire again, with… eh I can’t remember how many articles I’ve written; I think three have been posted. Anyway, today I’ll be discussing a father issue that the clans deal with. Let’s get started!

First. Fathers like Fernsong should get some credit, for relentlessly being there to help their offspring. Congratulations, Fernsong! We’re not clumping you in with the rest of these cats we’re going to list!

When Spiderleg was an apprentice, I liked him, and I still do, for reasons I cannot quite explain and won’t due to how I tend to stray off topic sometimes. But after treating Daisy like trash and basically ignoring her and his own kits, it’s hard to keep an optimistic outlook on Spiderleg. There’s literally a part in the book where his kits are kinda afraid of him because he gets “angry” in a sort when they try to play with his tail. Uncool.

Fathers in warrior cats are usually great, but they’re not… eh… how should I say this? They’re not “there”. Maybe except for Fernsong, who devoted his time to hanging out with his kits. (I think). Anyway, fathers in warrior cats are fine – most of them… but some of them kinda stink, and most of them aren’t there. Now, as some would say it’s unreasonable to assume that fathers should be there a lot, some fathers are basically never there, which is unacceptable unless you’re a deputy or a leader and can’t hang out with their kits due to other things they must do, I’d say this: if you’re going to have kits, going to make your mate stay in the nursery, confined, for moons upon end, be ready to hang out with your kits! It wasn’t great for Daisy, but at least it was kind of okay because Daisy likes being in the nursery with the kits, so it wasn’t a burden. But honestly? If fathers can roam around, and be completely free, yet still burdening their mates with 99% of the kit-caring responsibility, the fathers should visit the kits a lot, like Dustpelt did. Or at least play with them when they get free time. Some fathers (the exact names I cannot recall) hunt for their families, which is fine, but maybe instead of hunting, which any cat can do except for elders and kits, maybe spend some time with your offspring? Teach them stuff? It seems better than just hunting, delivering food, staying for a bit, and then leaving.

Overall, fathers in warrior cats should be more present in their kits’ lives, like most mothers.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you will have a great day/night!

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