Tips for making an OC by Violetpaw

Violetpaw gives tips for making an original character inspired by Warrior Cats.

Hey BlogClanners, Violetpaw/frost here!

Making an OC can be really fun and a way to make fanfictions. However, it is kind of tricky making OCs, so I’m going to guide you through the steps to making an OC!

The first step I usually do is the name. First, you start with the prefix. It’s usually better to make it something cats would know about, but you don’t have to do that, especially if it’s a kittypet or loner. I’m going to use the prefix Soft because I really like it.

Now for the suffix. It doesn’t have to make a ton of sense with the prefix, just do something that sounds good, and obviously you don’t have to use canon suffixes. I’m going to use the suffix –plume because I think it’s pretty and Softplume sounds really nice.

Now for the looks. You don’t have to make it super detailed, but you should at least decide on fur color, eye color and some kind of marking. You don’t have to make it completely based on their appearance, but you could do something like having a cat called Sprinkles have little spots (That actually sounds really adorable haha.) Some pelt colors you could use are white, black, brown, cream, lilac and gray. I’m going to make her fur light gray because I think it fits her name. Next is eye color. I’m going to use blue eyes.

Now for markings, or scars, or unique features. You could make your cat a tabby or make them have spots. You could add some scars. You could make them have white paws or a really short tail. I’m going to make Sotfplume a tabby with a long, fluffy tail.

Now you should figure out your OCs personality and backstory. It’s best to make a mix of some good traits and some bad traits. I think I’ll make Softplume shy, stealthy, indescive, and a little naïve.

Now, you should figure out the clan. Try to make it match your OC’s personality. I’ll make Softplume be in ShadowClan because she’s stealthy and I could see her liking hiding in the shadows.

Now, I like to make a reference sheet for my OCs. You don’t have to do it, but it’s a way to give you an idea of what your OC looks like. In one of my OCs refs, I do a drawing of them in the middle, a little color palette of the colors I used to draw them and then some useful info on the side.

Well, now you’ve done it. You’ve successfully made a warriors OC.

Bye, and thanks for reading my article!

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