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Defending And Explaining Mapleshade’s Actions by Flamepaw

Flamepaw defends Mapleshade’s actions.

Art by DrakynWyrm

Hi guys this is my first article so i hope i do okay. I am going to Explain and Defend Mapleshade’s Actions and maybe try to explain my reasoning.

1.) Her kits
Mapleshade had her kits with Appledusk, only to have them and herself thrown from the clan. When they reached the stepping stones, Larchkit, Patchkit, and Petalkit fell in the river and died. Afterward She was pushed away from Riverclan and she kinda went crazy to avenge her kits. This is when it started. She had valid reasons to be angry and hurt, but she took it out on cats that didn’t deserve it.
2.) Ravenwing
Now I get it that killing other cats is wrong but look at her point of view. Mapleshade Fell in love, Gave kits to the clan just to get thrown out, because of Ravenwing. Ravenwing could have stayed quiet and let her continue to raise her kits. So from her point of view Ravenwing was at fault because he got her thrown out. She shouldn’t have killed him, and especially at the Moonstone. It was unjust and wrong.

3.) Frecklewish
Okay, Frecklewish was Birchface’s Sister and Mapleshade led her to belive these where her brothers kits. Frecklewish watched Larchkit, Patchkit and Petalkit Fall and did nothing to save them. So Mapleshade took it out on her, thinking it was her fault that Her kits died. Mapleshade killed her with an Adder and watched her suffer before making her finale kill.

4.) Appledusk
Mapleshade felt betrayed, because Appledusk had took Reedshine as a mate, even when she was bearing his kits. she killed him and was attacked by Perchpaw, who gave her injuries and she got away later dieing in the barn with Myler. She dies and Walks in the dark forest, turning cats against their clans.

5.) Mapleshade herself
Mapleshade became unstable, killed cats and ended up the reason for so many warriors ending up in the dark forest. She had reasons for what she did, But in the end it was wrong and got more cats killed and injured. Maybe if some of these things had changed We wouldn’t have cats in the dark forest??

Well that’s the end of my First article! Hope you enjoyed!

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  • Without Maple the whole series would have been boring but if the author added a bad cat to replace maple well she would have been better. Also Frecklewish went to the dark forest because of anger and grief of her brother while mapleshade’s actions that made her go to the dark forest was because of her kits dying ( Also grief and anger)

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