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The top5 best leaders in warriors by Graymane

Graymane lists who they think are the best leaders in Warriors history.

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Hello,everyone, it is graymane again,and in today’s article, *spoiler alert*
I will try to analyze the lives of the 5 best leaders in warriors( in my opinion). It took me a long time to write this, so i hope you can read this and support me. Alright back on topic….
top 5: tigerstar II
As you might notice the evil tigerstar(claw) had the same name with him,however their personalities aren’t the same, born to tawnypelt and Rowancraw, he became a great leader, having earned his deputy name when his father Rowancraw(star) is ruling,later he became a great leader of shadowclan

top 4:bluestar
bluestar might have done some bad things in her life, such as giving away her kits, stonefur and mistystar to riverclan, however she had a very respected role in being a leader, born to moonflower and stormtail along with her littermate snowfur, she had a hard life, as she lost her mother, her sister, her deputies( redtail & lionheart) she still had a clear mind as a leader. When she was on her last life, Tigerclaw took rogues in to her camp, and planned to murder her. The deputy was exiled however he took place as “Tigerstar” of shadow clan and prepare to lead dogs into her clan. In the end she sacrificed her life to save firestar.

top 3: tallstar
as a leader of windclan, he had a really selfless life, he was a leader of great strength, and his bravery weren’t to be underestimated, he fought against bloodclan, and devoted himself to the welfare of the clan.

top 2: crookedstar
I would like to say that his name is a misnomer, he was really a great leader in fact, he was a fair and just leader, he was very just to firetar and graystripe. Even though he was grievened by the death of silverstream, he lets graystripe in. After the big fire of THUNDERClAN, he welcomes them in. I was a bit saddened when Leopardstar told the cats the death of him.

top 1: firestar
when firestar was a kit–Rusty he had a sense of wanting to be free, he later would share dreams with starclan as a leader. He was a great leader from fighting Tigerclaw(star) to rebuilding skyclan, he did a very good job as leader. He was a faithful cat, from his friends to apprentice, he made himself a popular leader. I was so sad when I read to the part where he lost his ninth life to his wounds

Thanks for reading this article and if you would, can you post who is your fav. leader of the series

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  • Vinepaw/branch (Vine that clings to branch). FOUND A MENTOR!!!! Thx Silverdusk! AKA Cherrymoon or / says:


  • Great article Graymane! I disagree with Tigerstar 2 and Firestar, but I wholeheartedly agree with your other 3 choices. In their places, I would put Leafstar and Shadowstar! Love them, but your article was very well thought out. Loved how you argued your points.

  • Absolutely agree, Firestar is surprisingly underated (Perks of being a main character, Of course.). He’s not even depicted as OP or better then any other cat who was as brave as him. He had his flaws and was justly depicted. And Bluestar is definitely underrated too. Great job, Agree with all of em

  • What about Bramblestar and Blackstar? They both was a good leader. P.S. Firestar was my #1 favorite character!

  • What about Bramblestar and Blackstar? They both was a good leader. P.S. Firestar was my #1 favorite character!


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