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How is Nightcloud a bad mother? by Icywind

Icywind takes a look at Nightcloud as a mother.

Art by smoltoxin

Hey guys! My name is Icywind, and I’m going to tell you why Nightcloud is a terrible mother.

1# She taught her son to hate Crowfeather. So, most of you lovely readers will react like: “Sorry, WHAT?!” and I understand. But you see, Crowfeather was never “not there” for Breezepelt. He wasn’t a great dad, but he never actually rejected his son. This can only mean Nightcloud manipulated Breezepelt into believing Crowfeather was horrible, which is an awful thing for a mother to do.

2# She fights with Crowfeather right in front of Breezepelt. I know this, you know this. How many times have we seen Nightfloud and Crowfeather fighting? The answer? Tons. But, it’s often overlooked that most of these happen right in front of Breezepelt. Since Nightcloud is so manipulative, Breezepelt takes her side, and is yelled at and insulted by Crowfeather.

3# She encourages Breezepelt to hate Leafpool and her kits. We all saw this scene, where Crowfeather was talking to Leafpool and Nightcloud literally attacked him. However, Breezepelt was there also, was he not? This encourages Breezepelt to attack Lionblaze, which is incredibly problematic. Because of Nightcloud’s actions, Breezepelt attacks a pregnant Poppyfrost and a blind Jayfeather. During OOTS, when Hollyleaf dies, you’ll notice he shouts in victory.

4# She uses him as backup. Crowfeather and Nightcloud fighting is just plain common. But she also actually uses her child to intimidate Crowfeather. This logic can be explained: If you are arguing with someone and suddenly someone else starts backing up the other person, you’d be very intimidated. She’s treating her son as an object, which is not okay, and is worse parenting then Rainflower’s.

5# She distances him from his father. Crowfeather and Breezepelt only becomes “friends” in Crowfeather’s trial. A bit suspicious? You aren’t wrong. Nearly any interaction they had before that was arguing, fighting, and hating each other. With everything else Nightcloud’s done, it’s very easy to put one and one together, and realize that since Breezepelt was an apprentice, Nightcloud had purposefully kept him from talking to his dad, unless it was to argue.

In conclusion, Nightcloud is a horrible mother and mate, and she’s abusive, cruel and treats her loved ones horribly. Thanks for reading my article! This is my first one, so comment below what you think!

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  • I feel like your getting a lot here wrong. Nightcloud lost 3 of her 4 kits as well as found out about he had a mate from another clan. She did not force this on Breezepelt. A lot of stuff here happens while Breezepelt is in the Darkforest. Nightcloud did not force Breezepelt to hate siblings, Breezepelt hated them because they were alive and his father potentially paid more attention to them more then him. Breezepelt sees 3 happy kits with a caring mother and father while his father cares less about him. At lot of this stuff Breezepelt did himself and his mother is not to blame and he is not to blame either.

    • Nightcloud only had three kits, she only lost two. And I don’t get what you’re saying, how is it not Breezepelts fault if he did it himself?

  • Great article, Not sure I can say I agree though,

    Nightcloud is just really protective, I’m pretty sure (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) that Crowfeather neglected Breezepelt because he never truly loved Nightcloud the way he loved Leafpool and Feathertail before her. And let’s not forget Breezepelt’s littermates are all dead because they were born weak. I mean, I do see your points.

  • 🌊✨Streampaw adores reading and writing! Feather x Crow forever! 💙 I love school! ✨🌊(Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Nice article, but I politely disagree. Nightcloud didn’t force Breezepelt to repeat her actions or to hate his siblings.

  • 🌊✨Streampaw adores reading and writing! Feather x Crow forever! 💙 I love school! ✨🌊(Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Nice article, but I politely disagree. Nightcloud didn’t force Breezepelt to repeat her actions or to hate his siblings. That aspect of his behavior was entirely his own choice, or caused by Crowfeather – in Outcast, when the Three, Breezepaw, and Crowfeather are hunting, Breezepaw is bitter and rude towards his half-siblings after Crowfeather praised them and not him. Nightcloud had nothing to do with that. And when Breezepelt was fighting Jayfeather or when he was fighting Lionblaze, that had to do with his hatred towards them, not Nightcloud.

  • this article spread misinformation and was not helpful. Nightcloud actually protected leafpool from crowfeather when he attacked her physically, and she was the only adult to ever defend her son. Crowfeather would hit, insult, yell, and neglect breezepelt 24/7.

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