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Who Can You Trust? An Analysis on Ivypool and Chase by Frostkit

Frostkit compares Ivypool and Chase from Bravelands.

Art by BRlCK

Frostkit again! I’m getting serious this time. Note this article contains spoilers for the Braveland’s Curse of The Sandtounge first book, Shadows on The Mountain, and Omen of the Stars arc. Okay that’s a lot. Let’s begin.

In Omen of the Stars, Ivypaw is quick to listen to Hawkfrost, believing that he will help her become the greatest warrior. Meanwhile, in Bravelands, Curse of The Sandtounge, Chase is ready to trust Range with her life. But should you really check who you are trusting. Read On!

1.Ivypool: It’s easy to believe someone who really believes in you will be a great warrior. This was the case for Ivypool. She was really upset about the whole beaver-Dovepaw go on mission drama, and she wanted to prove herself. But she thought Hawkfrost could help after one encounter, when she should have waited to see his whole and real personality. When Hawky brought Ivypaw to the Dark Forest, she saw how dreary the place looked, but ignored it. After a few visits, she began to suspect the cats that helped train her. There was Mapleshade, who almost drowned her. There was Tigerstar, whom everyone knows is EVIL. And there was Breezepelt. Come on, you know him. And Ivypaw did too. She knew it so why didn’t she run? Because she still believed Hawkfrost. And that was almost the end of her.
2. Chase Born of Prowl: After Prowl dies, Chase is left to care for Seek on her own. While doing this, she does admit it is hard to do alone. Then she meets Range. A complete stranger who saves her for no real reason, and suddenly they’re in love. When she takes this stranger in, she trusts him with her life, not even waiting to see how he shapes out. She just trusts him. If she had waited, she would have seen he was working for Her, whether she knew who the heck she was, or not. There was also a perfectly fine leopard in her midst…
3. Shadow: The cat Chase hated, would have actually been a better match. She knows him better than Range, who she met only a few days ago. He actually had empathy for her loss. He ALSO tried to help Chase, when she was hungry and thin and ill. Shadow also tried to warn Chase about Range, but she don’t listen. Consquences…
4. Run Away: Ivypool herself could have run away from the Dark Forest itself, but she didn’t. Because in a way…she actually still believed Hawkfrost. In the slightest bit. But she hated the place. So why didn’t she run? If they tried to kill her, she has Dark Forest fighting skills, and she knows how to fight back and even kill if needed, as she did to Antpelt. So, why didn’t she? She could have gone to Firestar, told him everything she did and knew, and the Clans could even fight before the DF was ready. This would be unlikely but still a possibility. Again, VERY UNLIKELY, but still possible.

That wraps up this post. I hope you liked it. It’s pretty bad, but Hey! I’m just a kit! Frostkit out!

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