Analyzing Bristlefrost and Rootspring’s relationship by Scarletkit

Scarletkit takes a look at Bristlefrost and Rootspring’s relationship.

Art by Reiterei

Hello everyone i’m Fennelkit who may or may not be on vacation when this comes out. So i used to be a huge fan of rootxbristle but i’m starting to notice things that are wrong with this popular ship.
*spoilers for TBC and ALITM. Maybe a few for ASC*

Okay so Rootpaw falls into a lake and Bristlepaw rescues him. They “slowly” fall in love. But was it actually that slow? Bristlefrost does not really like Rootspring at fist but as soon as things get tough she randomly, suddenly falls for him. Also when she died she just thought of Rootspring. Like, she has such a kind,amazing family and she just throws them out the window! I really did not think that was the best thing for her development right at the end of it all.

On one hand, while i am not a big forbidden romance fan, it did serve a plot purpose. Because of this people had to reconsidered the code and that is probably worth something. Also, she was pretty focused on the code so having a forbidden romance is a little…different for her. But she is not Hollyleaf i guess.

Bristlefrost essentially hates him at first. Yet, Rootspring still likes her. Does not make sense? Not really. And it also makes their relationship seem bad. They are cute together though. They have their moments. I also thought when Sunset (was that her name) tells them to basically keep loving each other and not give up because she did not understand clan rules is cute. I also thought it was interesting that they were considering leaving their clan. If Bristlefrost did not die than i think Rootspring might have, which is nice because in River only she-cats were leaving their clans for toms. It should be harder to leave your family though right? I mean both of them pretty much forgot their family’s.

The thing is they both have nice families. These are cats who love and care for their kits. Rootspring and Tree had something but the mothers where forgotten. And their littermates had pretty much no personnality.

So that’s it for this topic. I hoped you liked it! Fennelkit out.

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