Super edition Ideas by CrookedLarkEye

CrookedLarkEye lists ideas for potential Super Editions.

Art by XxSynisterxX

Hello it’s CrookedLarkEye (I will change this name) and these are some great ideas for supe editions that we should all have.

Ideas for super editions!

1 Darktail
Before the journey to the lake Onewhisker (Onestar) met a she-cat that lived as a loner/ rogue who was named Smoke. He fell in love with Smoke and then became mates in secret. He would tell stories to Smoke about how amazing the clans were and what it was like to be part of one.
However when the Twolegs came to tear apart the forest Onewhisker told Smoke he would be leaving her and her son behind. Smoke wanted Onewhisker to take her son into Windclan so that one day he could become a warrior. Onewhisker refused and left with the other clans , leaving Smoke to raise Dark kit on her own. Smoke then raised Dark kit to hate the Clans.

I would like to see how Darktail found his way to Skyclan and how he planned his moves carefully so he could drive Skyclan away.

How did he take over the gorge?
What did he do to get Skyclan to leave?
Why Skyclan?

2 Feathertail

Feathertail and Crowpaw’s relationship was far more then a crush (If you read the small parts correctly). Feathertail dies before Crowpaw could recive his warrior name (remember that Feathertail had recently recived her name before the travel to midnight to that makes there age close)

I would like to see her time in starclan and the tribe watching over him, and her opinion on what she think would happenen if he had to choose between her and Leafpool in starclan. (Happend already but this is in the past)

How did she feel when she died?
How often did she travel back and forth between the Clans and the Tribe?
What does she think of Leafpool?
Does she want Crowfeather in starclan?
Did she reunite with her mother?

3 One Eye
One Eye was an antagonist in the Dawn of the clans arc. He was recruited to join Clear Sky’s camp along with Tom who seemed to be friends with at the time. As we know One Eye had a daughter named Starflower who we assume looked just like her mother. Starflower used Thunder to get information about the clans and then eventually betrayed him , revealing that she was One Eyes’ daughter. After One Eye’s death Starflower mourned his death and then later became Clear Sky’s mate. Starflower was described as a pretty cat with star shaped pupils.

I would like to see One Eye as a young tom and the story of how he met and fell in love with Starflower’s mother including how she died. I would also like to see some of his childhood and how he became familiar with other rogues.

Who is Starflower’s mother?
What made him fall in love with her?
Where was One Eye born and raised
When in his life did he meet Starflower’s mother?
Why did he create this rouge group? Why did they join
How did he meet Starflower’s mother? How did he find so many recruits willing to join him?

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