Cats who should be in the Dark Forest if Frecklewish is by Ashfreckle

Ashfreckle lists cats who should have gone to the Dark Forest based on Frecklewish being there.

Art by Scourgeseer

Hello there! Today I’m going to make a list of cats who should be in the Dark Forest because Frecklewish is there for no good reason. Now, onto it.

Number one- Rainflower. Rainflower neglected and mentally abused Crookedkit/paw/jaw. She had his name changed and all. She made him sleep in his own nest, she made him change his name, she called him hideous, etc. She said he would be better off dead. She doesn’t even bother to apologise or give him a nine life. Because of this treatment, it made it easier for Mapleshade to manipulate Crookedstar. She deserves the Dark Forest.

Number two- Bluefur/star. When she had her kits, the current deputy, Tawnyspots, was dying due to cancer. She broke the Warrior Code to have these kits, their father being Oakheart. Because of Goosefeather’s omen of Thistleclaw being evil, she had to give them up. But, she decided to, in the middle of a blizzard. This resulted in Mosskit dying. She endangered her kits, therefore, should deserve the Dark Forest if Frecklewish is there.

Number three- Lizzardstripe. She was the foster mother of Brokenstar, mother of Runningnose, Deeerfoot, and Tangleburr. She let her kits bully Brokenkit, and she neglected him. She complained heavily about her kits, claiming she wished they were never born. She called Brokenkit ‘an unwanted scrap of fur’ and her hatred for him led him down his dark, evil, and murderous path. Because of how she treated him, he thought brute force and aggression was the only way to gain respect, leading him to murder his own father. This also led him to hating kits, causing the deaths of Volepaw, Mosspaw, Mintkit, Marigoldkit, Badgerfang, many WindClan warriors, the kidnapping of Brackenkit, Thornkit, Cinderkit, and Brightkit. He also ordered for Spottedleaf to be killed, drove out WindClan, demanded hunting rights to every Clan’s territory, killed his own father, exiled his mother, caused the deaths of Cloudpelt and Foxheart, etc. All because Lizzardstripe couldn’t put in the effort to make him feel welcomed.

Number four- Leopardstar. She joined with Tigerstar to form TigerClan, giving up all of her rights as leader, half starved four cats due to their parentage, and ordered for her deputy to murder two apprentices. That gave Feathertail PTSD, and when the fox attacked RiverClan camp, Leopardstar took Hawkpaw with them. An apprentice who could’ve easily been killed by the fox. When Fireheart and Greystripe saved Mistyfoot’s kits, Leopardfur freaked out on them, ungrateful that they saved the lives of RiverClan’s young. Then, when the forest was being destroyed, she was bitter, and refused to leave for a while. This endangered the lives of other Clan’s kits, and because she held off for so long, Hollykit and Larch/Larkkit died. Therefore, because Frecklewish is in the Dark Forest, she should also be.

That’s all I have energy for. Notice Leopardstar and Bluestar did basically nothing wrong, but Rainflower and Lizzardstripe did way worse than Frecklewish ever could? Yeah. Frecklewish does not belong in the Dark Forest, otherwise these cats, along with quite a few others(Oakstar, Darkstar, Skystar, every cat who prevented Moth Flight from helping Tiny Branch, Dustpelt, Ferncloud, Russetfur, etc.) would go. Stupid, isn’t it?

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  • Alright, i like you article, it is well thought-out and explained, and i appreicate that, however i am going to disagree. Why? Because none of these cats deserve the dark forest.

    There are two main reasons *why* Frecklewish went to the dark forest:
    1. She commited a crime
    2. She died right after commiting the crime.

    You see, cats like Bluestar, Leopardstar, and many others have done terrible and even questionable choices throughout their lifespan, some, if not most, have even commited even *worse* crimes than Frecklewish. But what really got them into StarClan, was the fact that they had the luxury of living a full, long life, and were able to redeem themselves.

    Leopardstar, while fully accountable for Stonefur’s death, lived many, many moons after said indicent, and redeeming herself in the process, granting her a long, relaxing afterlife in the hunting grounds of StarClan.

    Frecklewish? Well, she got the short end of the stick. You see, after getting Mapleshade and her kittens exiled, and allowed them to flail helplessly within the river, she did not go on to live many, many moons after that. Oh no, instead, she died not even a *week* after.

    And with such a heavy crime lingering over her head, and no redeeming qualities, Frecklewish was sentenced to hellfire, a sad, and unfournate fate.

    • But if she never had the chance to redeem herself, Why shouldn’t she be given a chance? Last I checked, There’s a ghost residence where cats complete a trial of some sort to go to StarClan (Unless I read things very wrong). And Lizardstripe did nothing for redemption either.

      • Yes, just because a cat doesn’t live a long life doesn’t mean they deserve to go to the Dark Forest for that, like if I was a warrior leader and decided that all elders deserved to die, and went on an elder killing spree. Just because I live to 200 cat years doesn’t erase me of that crime. Bad still exists, even if you pile a whole lot of good stuff on top, especially when omnipotent (though fallible) ghosts look through your search history to determine whether I can live in StarClan or not.

  • I agree with Lizardstripe and Rainflower (all the way) I mean, who neglects their own (forster) kit! I think starclan intended that Bluestar to have her kits get raised by Riverclan because (as the books state) Thistleclaw would have led the clan only to war and danger. This also speaks that Bluestar neglects her decision to leave her kits behind for the best of her clan. Hey, it all…kinda…turned out ok (Stonefur is in a better place now :> ) Count the fact that bluestar gave most of her lives for her clan too :p The reason I don’t think leopardstar should have gone to the dark forest is that Crookedstar basically told shadowclan that they can hunt in their territory, starting it all. Also, Leopardstar came to her senses. She told Feathertail that she regrets not stepping in to save stonefur and the other half clan cats. I don’t have much to say about her so that’s it (for now my lectures have been silenced XD)

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