Matching Warrior Characters to Hamilton Characters by Dawnheart and Frostkit

Dawnheart and Frostkit compare characters from Warriors to those from the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton.

Artwork by IrishNosey

Hey everyone this is Dawnheart & Frostkit In this article we will match warrior cats to Hamilton people! So let’s get started! For those of you who haven’t seen the play, it’s a musical biography of Alexander Hamiliton, one of the founding fathers of the United States. The play follows him through his life. *Spoilers, for Omen Of The Stars*

Firestar: Alexander Hamiliton, he would be him because he has to come over a lot of challenges and harsh judgment. Also for some reason I get really ticked off when main characters die and then keep on doing things, why can’t they stay dead? Dead things don’t do stuff! Not so much in Hamilton’s case, (he did keep singing after he died *eye twitches*). On another paw, Firestar and Alexander both came from difficult backgrounds to strive in the community that they are in, and they both came over rude people/cats and did great things.

Sandstorm: Angelica (Angelica Schuyler, Hamilton’s sister-in-law), because they share the same deep friendship/love and helpful support to the main character. And were there for people/cats they loved (Eliza, Squirrelflight and Leafpool). Also they both looked down on the main character of their musical/book, at one point.

Graystripe: Thomas Jefferson, because even though Alexander and Jefferson didn’t really get along, while Firestar and Graystripe are BFFs for like the whole series, we feel like Graystripe and Jefferson have a lot in common like, they left their clan/country when they needed them the most (Graystripe didn’t have a choice T_T) They both are funny, witty and give their all they have to everything.

Ravenpaw: I think that Ravenpaw and Philp are the perfect match. They are a little timed (in the way that I see it) they feel like they have something to prove, leaves the story way too soon (more on that in another article).

Ashfur: Aaron Burr. At first, it might seem like Tigerstar would relate most to Aaron Burr. But really Ashfur and Aaron Burr are more similar. Aaron Burr is a complicated villain, where Tigerstar is mostly just power hungry and greedy and evil. Ashfur, we think, matches the complications of Aaron Burr a little more, since Ashfur wasn’t born evil or anything (not saying Tigerstar was, but still). Not to mention, Ashfur was getting really close to Squirrelflight when she had a fight with Brambleclaw, like when Burr was very close to a woman married to a British officer. In a way, both people/cats Ashfur and Aaron Burr were getting close to, were on the other side of a war.

Lionblaze: Lafayette, they are both strong, good-hearted characters/people and are a real asset to the main character(s).

That’s all for now, thanks for reading. Frostkit and Dawnheart signing off!

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