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Why Ashfur is the worst cat ever by Quailpaw

Quailpaw shares why they think Ashfur is the worst character in the series.

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Hello! I used to be Leaf ( Leafwind from WindClan or Leaf That Falls From Tree From the Tribe of Rushing Water) Avatar: The Last Airbender fan. ( This is my second article and I hope it doesn’t get cut off. If it does, I’ll post the rest in the chat.) I am now Quailpaw and I am going to tell you why Ashfur is the worst cat to exist ever.

So at 21:51 on Saturday 14 May 2022, I just finished Long Shadows in one night. And in Eclipse i used to think Onestar was the worst cat ever. It is no longer true. Also this is about super evil Ashfur, not Ashfur the ShadowClan elder from Into The Wild. So I will tell you why. Afterwards, I will tell you about things I suspect but pls no spoilers.
Here goes…

1. He forgave Brambleclaw but not Squirrelflight!

Well! If i am not mistaken, most people would suspect he wanted Brambleclaw DEAD for ” Stealing Squirrelflight”. But, no he actually hates Squirrelflight. He threatens to kill her kits! ( Which I suspect to be Leafpool and Crowfeather.) And he tried to burn them in the fire. Like this cat has problems.

2. His death.

Well he was going to reveal Squirrelflight’s secret at the Gathering, but he was killed. I can’t imagine what Ferncloud would feel like. So I THINK I know who killed him. So I’m sure we all know how angry Hollyleaf was with him. She didn’t bother doing vigil for him afterwards! So I think she killed him to keep it quiet.

3. He tried to kill Firestar.

Look, that was EVIL. Did he want Brambleclaw to become leader? Does he want to take over Brambleclaw’s body or some dirty trick like that JUST to get close to Squirrelflight? Ugh what a stupid cat. And he helped HAWKFROST! An evil cat from an enemy Clan. Do I even need anymore words?

4. Bad deeds.

So I have no idea how many evil things he’s done, but he will do more in the Dark Forest or StarClan or wherever he goes. ( personally he should go in the Dark Forest.) And I literally can’t believe him. He used to be one of my favourite characters, but nooo! He ( stupidly) decided to do all this and I am ticked off at him.

So yeah, I think that as Sandstorm and Leafpool have GOLDEN pelts like Lionblaze, that’s their mother. Forbidden, right? And CROWFEATHER is a smoky BLACK tomcat which would explain Hollyleaf and Jayfeather. And Hollyleaf hate Ashfur, so I reckon she killed him.

So my article is over. I hope you enjoyed and I hope that was a good article. May StarClan light your paths! Quailpaw/fur/star ( she-cat) out!

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  • πŸ—»πŸŽΆπŸͺ¨DIES🎡πŸͺ¨IRAEπŸͺ¨πŸŽ΅SlateπŸͺ¨πŸŽΆπŸ—» llll~LINGLING WANNABES UNITE~llll | πŸ—―(Tchaikovsky Sym. 6 & Verdi Requiem is so good)πŸ—― says:

    Agreed – He’s just awful

  • Cricketpaw/leap the Umbreon lover (Been obsessed with Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lately and wants to watch the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles AGAIN! Donnie is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (A.K.A. Brightmoon) says:

    Great article! You are right about Ashfur!
    SPOILERS for the power of three!

    You are right. Leafpool and Crowfeather are their parents and Hollyleaf did kill Ashfur.

    • I read the “spoilers for the power of three” like, oh, you hadn’t read power of three and just got spoiled, and then read I the last part. I feel so bad for the people who make my mistake but haven’t read power of three 😐
      not to make you feel bad cricketpaw

  • 🌊✨Streampaw adores reading and writing! Feather x Crow forever! πŸ’™ I love school! ✨🌊(Streampaw/lark, she/her) says:

    Great article, I agree! Ashfur is a horrible character no matter how good a villain he is: I have no respect for his abusive, overreacting traits.

  • Great Article, Quailpaw! Your previous article as Leafwind was amazing and beautifully-written, and this new piece of writing is all the more detailed and supported with many pieces of evidence that genuinely makes me rethink about Ashfur. Personally, I hate Ashfur as well, although not necessarily because he was an antagonist. Whether or not he was a good antagonist, his possessive, bloodthirsty nature is very cliche for an Arc 3 antagonist (I accepted Tigerclaw despite his cliche personality due to his debut and main appearances in Arc 1, but having that same process repeat over and over again, with Hawkfrost in Arc 2 and now Ashfur in Arc 3, is indeed very tiring). I’ll try to keep the spoilers vague, although Ashfur’s antagonistic appears later in the series give him a massive amount of overloaded power and treatment with unexplained reasons for doing so, with these actions mainly being used as an overpowered plot filler. Personally, if an antagonist must be granted an unnecessary amount of power and treatment to earn their position as a powerful and effective antagonist… they’re not doing a very good job of being an antagonist. They’re lame, repetitive, and overpowered.

  • Quailpaw, Toucan, She-cat| BlogChat name: Leafwind ( Leafi) Former name: Leafwind| Obsessed with Legend of Korra says:

    Thanks 😊 he is literally just the worst cat

  • The only reason I think it was good that the authors made him do this is because he held on to something from the past and it affected him a lot. Most characters have something happen to then and then they just forget about it and it never has a lasting effect. (cough berrynose marrying honeyfur’s sister right after she dies cough)

  • Although I agree Ashfur is not a cat to be justified for, I don’t agree that he β€œsucks” he is a great character and has an interesting plot.

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