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Why I think FeatherXCrow is Infinantly Better than CrowXLeaf by Spiritpaw

Spiritpaw shares why they think Crowfeather’s relationship with Feathertail is better than his relationship with Leafpool.

Art by T-TiP

Hello, it’s me, Spiro, back with another article! Today, I will be stating my opinion on why I think that FeatherCrow is better than CrowLeaf.


So, let’s start by examining CrowXLeaf first.
Feathertail died. Crowfeather has asked to be named after her and Tallstar agrees. And suddenly, out of the blue, he starts liking Leafpaw, a ThunderClan medicine cat apprentice. And, out of the blue, Leafpaw likes him back and she doesn’t even know him.
Then, after Crowfeather saves Leafpool from falling off a cliff, he is reminded of Feathertail and how she died.
He also feels mad at himself for finding himself in love so soon after his first love dies.
Then, after literally only TWO MEETINGS, they decide to run away together, but then they immediately go back because Midnight the badger tells them that her kin are going to attack the Clans.
Let’s see how much time they actually spend together: We never see them with each other on the journey (could be wrong about that, I haven’t read TNP in a long time), and then when they get to the lake they both start to like each other without any real reasons. They just sort of started to.
And in Crowfeather’s Trial, he admits that he doesn’t love Leafpool anymore. Now, that doesn’t mean he stopped caring entirely, but c’mon, most people don’t necessarily hate their ex forever, y’know?
But he still loves Feathertail. So, with that conclusion of the examination of CrowXLeaf, let’s move on to FeatherXCrow.
It starts when they meet on the first meeting at Fourtrees in the beginning of Midnight. Of course, they don’t start loving each other at first sight (like how CrowXLeaf started). Over the journey, they slowly start to become friends. Another difference in the two ships.
And then, even though they never really say it, I believe that they become mates.
Now, I know what you’re probably thinking – “Spiro, Crowfeather was an apprentice. He couldn’t have a mate!”
True, he didn’t have his warrior name yet, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t done training. He was about to be made a warrior, and besides, cats can become pregnant at only four months old, so he was probably already mature enough to have a mate.
Also, another thing: everyone always says that there’s a “HUGE AGE GAP” in between Crowfeather and Feathertail, but actually, they are a lot closer in age than several cats and their mates (some examples include Pinestar and Leopardfoot and Dustpelt and Ferncloud.) So let’s look at the age gap.
Feathertail was born in Forest of Secrets. We don’t know which book Crowfeather was born in, but he was a small kit when WindClan was driven out of their home by ShadowClan (that was when Ashfoot was a queen).
And that was in Fire and Ice.
So, if I’m correct, then Crowfeather would actually be older than Feathertail!
Which, I know, doesn’t make much sense, but Crowfeather’s siblings (Eaglekit, Downkit and Hillkit) were all part of his litter, and Ashfoot only had one litter, which makes me correct!
So, that means that there’s an even HUGER age gap between Crowfeather and Leafpool than Feathertail and Crowfeather.

Ok, so that wasn’t really as much of an examination, but you get the gist.
Another thing that I’d like to add is that Crowfeather almost committed suicide because of Feathertail’s death.
And another thing – Crowfeather showed a much greater grief at Feathertail’s death than Leafpool’s. At best for the latter, he was only saddened rather than grievened.
Also, you might be saying, “Well, Spiro, what about in ALitM when the living cats visit with StarClan and he is clearly flirting with Leafpool?”
Well, my friends, he was probably just visiting with a friend. Like I said before, he very clearly admits that he doesn’t love her anymore.

And for my final point, I’d like to point out that Feathertail saved Crowfeather’s life twice, maybe more – first from Sharptooth, sacrificing herself in the process, and then in Crowfeather’s Trial when he would have frozen to death and or died from his head injury if she hadn’t lead Yew to him.
What did Leafpool ever do to him? She led him into danger more than once – he could have died as well as her when he saved her from falling off a cliff (I mean, it’s a good thing he did save her, but still!), and then she agreed to go with him into the unknown, which, yes, was Crowfeather’s idea, but she was the one who said yes and basically initiated it.
And in doing so, she put herself, ThunderClan, Crowfeather, and WindClan in danger. Cinderpelt and Sootfur might not have died if Leafpool had been there to help heal more cats. Crowfeather could’ve helped in the fight more if he had been there sooner.
“But now you’re just down-talking and guilt-tripping Leafpool!” I hear you say. Well, BlogClanners, I am not. I am simply pointing out what might have happened if Leafpool said no to Crowfeather.

“Oh, so you think that she should’ve chosen loyalty and not Feathertail?” I hear you scream. And no, I am not. Crowfeather would have probably joined RiverClan to be with her if he was willing to commit suicide for her. In a forbidden romance, it either ends happily or it does not. There is no in between. If Feathertail had lived, it would have probably ended happily (after some convincing Leopardstar, of course!) in RiverClan for the both of them.
I see no happy ending for CrowXLeaf.
If she said no to running away, Crowfeather would have probably said “Well, fine! I can make my own decisions anyway. I’m sorry, but you clearly don’t care enough about me!”
And if she didn’t want to go back to her Clan, she would spend the rest of her days feeling guilty, anxious, and worried about the Clan she had left behind and would never truly be happy.
And then, let’s say that Crowfeather joined ThunderClan or Leafpool joined WindClan. We’ve seen how unhappy Leafpool was when she was a warrior, and she would have had to be one either way. Even if she was with Crowfeather and was his mate, WindClan would have never accepted it and forever viewed the two as traitors, and while ThunderClan might eventually get used to it, Crowfeather would miss Ashfoot and the open moor.

So let’s review why I think FeatherXCrow is better than CrowXLeaf.

1. Crowfeather stopped loving Leafpool but never really stopped loving Feathertail, even when he was with Leafpool.

2. He actually had development with Feathertail and reasons for loving her.

3. He was ready to die for Feathertail and not Leafpool.

4. He grieved more for Feathertail than for Leafpool.

5. Feathertail saved Crowfeather’s life multiple times, and Leafpool only ever got him and his loved ones into danger and trouble.

6. FeatherXCrow could have ended happily, and CrowXLeaf could not.

And so, that concludes my article. Again, this is only what I think, so please feel free to disagree and have your own opinion! Also, please don’t bully me and my opinion in the comments because that has happened once before. It is ok to not agree with anything anyone else thinks, and it is perfectly fine to have your opinion.

Spiro out!


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  • Great article! I totally agree, but I think FeatherxCrow wouldn’t have ended happy beacuse the Erins have subbmitted that Feathertail would be mates with Reedwhisker

  • Really great article! (Sorry if my grammar is bad, Really great article doesn’t sound too good in my head)

    Those are some real nice points! Although I am still split on the whole CrowXFeather/Leaf thing. I also am split on GrayXSilver/Millie. Don’t ask me about ships

    Again, Great points. Maybe I’m really mindless or whatever, But I couldn’t find anything unsatisfying with it.

  • 1000 agree! I hate leaf crow, because I think leafpool does little to no considering about
    leaving the clan. Keep in mind I’m about to start sunset-

    But, I 10000000 percent agree. I also think crowxleaf is rushed, and I AM SO SAD ABOUT FEATHERTAILS DEATH! I wanted to see crowxfeather babies 🙁

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