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My Opinion In Ships by Heatherbreeze

Heatherbreeze shares their opinion of ships from the series.

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Hi guys, Heatherbreeze here! <3 This is my first article, and do note that these are my opinions. I don’t judge absolutely ANYONE for their ships, because that’s their personal opinion, and who am I to talk? Anyways, here we go!

Firestar x Sandstorm

Okay. I know what you’re thinking. “You ship those two? What about Spottedleaf or Cinderpelt? Why Sandstorm?” But I’ve really thought through their relationship, and after reading Ripplemoon’s fantastic post “Why I believe Sand x Fire” I really did think about it. I’m a former Spotted x Fire shipper, though I really did think about why Sand x Fire is better. First off, Firestar and Sandstorm had way more interactions than Spottedleaf or Cinderpelt did, even if Cinderpelt was Firestar’s apprentice. I also don’t think Sandstorm hated him as an apprentice, but was jealous at first and still sensitive. Think about it from Sandstorm’s POV. Her own father, Redtail, died a couple of moons before Rusty joined. Firestar became a warrior AND got his own apprentice before Sandstorm did. Wouldn’t you be jealous too? Brackenfur also got an apprentice before she did right after he became a warrior. Sandstorm and Firestar’s relationship had true and realistic development, and their personalities are a great match. Sandstorm’s encouragement helps Firestar be a better leader than before. Firestar’s love to Sandstorm helped her be a good mother to Squirrelflight and Leafpool, and Sandstorm was motivated to serve her Clan with Firestar at her side. Sandstorm also is overlooked in Firestar’s Quest in rebuilding SkyClan. Without her, Firestar might not have had the motivation to go. I don’t think that Sandstorm should be hated for thinking Firestar still loved Spottedleaf either. She was put in a tough situation. Her mate still loved a cat from seasons ago that was dead and still haunted him. Honestly, I’m beginning to think that cats like Spottedleaf and Feathertail are creepy for haunting the cats they loved when they are literally dead. What’s the point ladies?? Back on track, wouldn’t you be upset too? I think Sandstorm x Firestar was a well-thought about relationship, and that it’s truly valid.

Bluestar x Oakheart

Oh, Bluestar. The choices you made as an apprentice. Okay. I LOVED reading Bluestar’s prophecy, don’t get me wrong about that. But the choices Bluefur made, in my opinion, were DEEPLY questionable. Why didn’t you be with Thrushpelt? Why did you like Oakheart? Why were you rude to Snowfur and other cats? I think that since Bluestar’s life was a Super Edition, unlike Fireheart’s, it was rushed, and so were the events inside. I think that Bluestar should’ve had more time to get to know Oakheart before she became pregnant. My question is why did you even think of being with him? Why did you say YES? Bluestar said time and time again how self-absorbed and stupid a cat like Oakheart is, so why the sudden change of heart? Even in StarClan, the two didn’t talk. I feel like Oakheart persuaded Bluestar to be mates with him for the small period they were together. I think that Bluestar was savage for going back with her tail tucked to lean on poor Thrushpelt for support. What the heck?

Squirrelflight x Bramblestar and Squirrelflight x Ashfur

No, not all of them shipped together. I’m talking about them individually. First off, Squirrelflight and Bramblestar. I think that this relationship is abusive and semi-toxic. I’m happy that Crowpaw/flight agrees with me. (B.T.W, if you read this article, I love your name) The two just don’t get along with each other, that’s just the flat bottom line. “But all relationships have development,” No. Their relationship was never really at peace until Squirrelflights “kits” came. Squirrelflight could’ve told Bramblestar what was going on, and he could’ve helped her massively, but instead, she dug a deep rift between them. It was partly her fault that Bramblestar and her broke up. The relationship is just horrible because they go back and forth without stopping. I also hate how Bramblestar took sides with Hawkfrost instead of trying to talk with Squirrelflight. I get that their brothers, but then he gets mad when Squirrelflight tries to side with Leafpool? Their relationship is very bad, and it needs major patches if it is to survive. I love Bramblestar x Squirrelflight, but my goodness do they have issues. Okay, now Ashfur. Where do I start?—Oh, I know. Ashfur is a psychopath and a desperate cat. He followed Squirrelflight around like a little kit needing its mother. But at the same time, I feel pity for him because Squirrelflight did him dirty. I just think in general Squirrelflight shouldn’t have HAD a mate because she doesn’t need one. Squirrelflight’s a very independent and bold cat. She doesn’t need anybody.

Crowfeather x Leafpool

Okay, last one. I love how cute this ship is, but it makes absolutely NO sense. The only reason Crowfeather even LIKED Leafpool is because of his trauma with the cat he ACTUALLY loved, Feathertail. He even said that he saved Leafpool, and then his heart became aflutter because Leafpool is like a brown Feathertail. They have similar personalities and pelts, and they almost had a similar death scene too. Crowfeather loves Leafpool only for how she almost died, in my opinion. The two never talked before that, and no real interactions that involved love—or anything at all. I’m sorry to the Leaf x Crow shippers whose feelings I might have hurt (I truly am,) but it just makes no sense to me.

Thank you sssm for reading my article, let me know what you think about it in the comments, this was my first one and I can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say about it <3333 Love all of you, Heatherbreeze 😀

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