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Analyzing Leaders: Crookedstar by Song

Song takes a closer look at RiverClan’s Crookedstar.

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Hi, I’m Song, this is my third article and today I will be analyzing Crookedstar! Overall, Crookedstar is a respectable leader with a horrible past, so here I go!

Why to Like Crookedstar
Crookedstar wants what’s best for RiverClan.

“I feel that this is best for our Clan. For all the Clans. There are plenty of fish in the river. It is better to share our prey than to spill blood fighting over it.”
―Crookedstar yielding to Brokenstar’s demand for the river

Here, Crookedstar decided that Brokenstar was too powerful to fight. Instead of letting his Clan parade into bloodshed, he decided to share. I am not saying Bluestar’s refusal was wrong, but he protected RiverClan. Crookedstar also sheltered ThunderClan after the fire. He’s also very protective of his daughter, Silverstream.

Why To Dislike Crookedstar
Crookedstar has done some questionable things in life. For example, running away from the Clan; not something most warriors would do. However, he did this because Rainflower, the worst mother in the history of Warriors, mistreated him. He also trained with Mapleshade, though, unbeknownst to him, Mapleshade was in the Place of No Stars. As soon as he found out, Crookedstar stopped training.

Crookedstar’s Past
Crookedkit was once Stormkit, Rainflower’s handsome little kit. But when Stormkit broke his jaw, Rainflower turned him away and focused on Oakkit. Stormkit was even renamed Crookedkit at Rainflower’s request! Crookedstar felt so left out that he ran away from the Clan, but came back and was apprenticed to Cedarpelt. Then he started training with Mapleshade, but stopped when he realized she was in the Dark Forest. However, there he was, a deputy, due to Mapleshade’s squirrel jaw ‘omen.’ When Hailstar died, Crookedstar became a leader.

Crookedstar’s Losses
First, Crookedstar lost his mother to a head injury. Then, his father, Shellheart, died. Due to a rockslide, his brother, Oakheart died, too. Then he mated Willowbreeze, but Willowbreeze and two of his kits died. Then Silverstream, his remaining kit, died due to blood loss in a forbidden relationship. Now we can all predict that another of his relatives died; his grandkit, Feathertail. Then his other grandkit, Stormfur, went to join the Tribe. Unlike Bluestar, though, Crookedstar suffered more than the ThunderClan leader but held strong.

Crookedstar’s 9 Lives
Crookedstar’s first 6 lives were given in this order:
The life of courage, from Hailstar;
The life of a mother’s love, from Duskwater;
The life of justice, from Troutclaw;
The life of trust, from Mossleaf;
The life of compassion, from Lilyflower;
And the life of humility, from Lightningpaw.
All these lives were lost due to an unknown cause. His last 3 lives were lost so:
The life of hope, from Brightsky; Crookedstar drowned trying to save Robinkit and Woodkit;
The life of patience, from Sparrowfeather; this life succumbed to greencough;
And lastly, the life of loyalty, from Crookedstar’s father, Shellheart; Crookedstar also lost his last life to greencough.

Rating Crookedstar
I would say Crookedstar receives 4 stars. Crookedstar could improve on some things, but overall, Crookedstar was a brave, protective, and kind leader!

StarClan or Dark Forest?
100% StarClan, is the obvious answer. Crookedstar did nothing to deserve the Dark Forest.

My Opinion
I actually quite like Crookedstar for being brave and courageous, and wishing the best for his Clan. Comparing Crookedstar to Bluestar, who I analyzed in my previous article, Crookedstar is way better than the ThunderClan leader.

Sorry if this was a bit long, and remember this is MY opinion. You may have a different one!
Give me leader suggestions in the comments; who should I, 🎵Song,🎵analyze next?

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