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Fav cats by Tricklepelt

Tricklepelt lists their favourite characters from the series.

Art by Wayne McLoughlin (Warriors Illustrator)

Hey warrior fans!! Tricklepelt here! <3
This is my first article and I hope ya’ll like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m going to list my 3 top fav cats and why. Btw totes understand that others have different opinions. Also, I have not finished the books. right now, I’m on ‘Omen of stars.’ I bet when I finish, I will have a different list of favs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. Cinderpelt: she was so kind and cared not only about her clan but about others (example: Littlecloud). I cried when she died saving sorreltail from the badger attack. I also thought that her warrior life was so rudely ripped from her. I loved her when she was an app., she was so bubbly and full of energy. And I get that she had a second chance through Cinderheart, but really guys it’s not the same. I also liked fire x cinder. I know that she was med cat. But so many cats break that rule. (Yellowfang-Leafpool and I know that there’s others but I’m blanking.) I felt bad for her when Fire picked Sand. Tho I luv them together. I don’t know about ya’ll but Cinder will always be my fav.

2. Spottedleaf; I have to admit she was my fav at first. when Clawface killed her in cold blood my heart sank. she didn’t deserve to die. Fireheart/star loved her and was devastated when she died. I secretly (shhh don’t tell sandstorm) hope when fireheart/star goes to Starclan he’ll love spottedleaf. I-I mean don’t get me wrong I totes like Fire x Sand. I just wish that Starclan would have given Spotted a little more time to be with Fire. <3

3. Jayfeather: (remember I have not read all of the books so if he turns out to be a Mang pelt then I did not know): I get that he can be a little grumpy…. ok a lot grumpy. but he also cares about his clan and kin a lot. When brierlight became paralyzed he did as much as he could to help her. And when Lionblaze and Hollyleaf would go into battle and the journey to the sun drawn place to find Sol. he was worried about them. He’s a very kind cat and when you get on his good side you could really see the nice traits about him. I also liked how he learned to be patient with his clanmates. like Millie. she would bug him for hours about Brier, and I can understand to a degree, but
seriously let the med cat do his job!! Sticking your Wiskers in every second can get infuriating and I’m surprised he didn’t scratch her ears off.

Well, that’s all I have to say about these cats. I hope ya’ll have liked it and don’t totally think in a fox-hearted mange pelt. Pls in the comments below write your fav cats and why. Thank you. And may Starclan light your path

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