Cinderpelt’s Journey by Tricklepelt

Tricklepelt recounts Cinderpelt’s life.

Art by climbdraws (tumblr: climbdraws)

Shadowclan had attacked and kidnapped her and her littermates. Spottedleaf was killed and Yellowfang was accused of kidnapping the kits and killing Spottedleaf because she had disappeared after the battle.

Cinderpaw/kit/pelt was apprenticed to Fireheart along with her brother Brackenpaw/fur. Of course, this excited new apprentice broke tradition by yowling her new name aloud. Fireheart stated that she was very energetic, eager, and impatient to get started, unlike her calm, collected brother.

On a patrol with Fireheart, Graystripe, and Brackenpaw, Cinderpaw saw a lake that had frozen over and ran over the Riverclan border to it. The other three cats ran after her and Graystripe plunges into the water when the ice broke under his weight. And this is when an attractive silver and black tabby she-cat with blue eyes rescued him. Can you guess who she is? Cinderpaw teases Graystripe about her attractiveness. Back at camp Cinderpaw lies to Tigerclaw by saying Graystripe had rescued her in the deep part of the Thunderclan stream and had fallin in.

Later in the book Tigerclaw/star had set up a trap for Bluestar and had asked her to meet him at the thunderpath. But she was sick with greencough and Fireheart was too busy collecting catmint for her. Cinderpaw had asked if she could recived the message from Tigerclaw, but Fireheart forbid her. She went anyway and walked into the path of a monster on the thunderpath. From the impact of the monster, she broke her hind leg and caused bleeding inside. Yellowfang heals her leg slowly, but it prevents her of becoming a warrior. She is heart-broken and stays in the med den with Yellowfang.

When Brokenstar and some rogues attacked Thunderclan she tried to help but Dustpaw/pelt hisses at her and tells her to go back in the med den. when the fighting stopped, she asked Fireheart if she was useless. Yellowfang said that she was a big help in the med den and sense she spent so much time in there she knew some herbs. Becoming Yellowfang’s apprentice.

When Fireheart was walking with Cinderpaw to Fourtrees she said he will always be her best friend. (SPOILER: She actually has a miner crush on Fireheart as she got older ๐Ÿ˜‰

When Silverstream, Graystripes mate gives birth at Sunningrocks, something went wrong so Fireheart ran back to camp to get Yellowfang. But she was collecting herbs at Snakerocks, so he got Cinderpaw. While Cinderpaw was helping Silverstream, Tigercalw walked by. He was angry that a Riverclan cat was on their territory. But when one of the kits were born, she told him to lick it. Tigerclaw said he was not a med cat and she hissed at him, “do you want the kit to die?” Fireheart was afraid that Tigerclaw would attack her but to his Suprise Tigerclaw obeyed. Two kits were born (Featherkit and Stormkit) but Silverstream had lost to much blood and died. feeling like it was all her fult Cinderpaw was devastated

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