Gremlin: The Only Warrior in a Sea of Rouges by Frostkit

Frostkit takes a look at BloodClan’s Gremlin.

Official art by James L. Barry

It’s Frostkit. Hello. Okay now read… (Note that I, Frostkit, love BloodClan) This article contains spoilers for Graystripe’s Vow. Please note I am not going against Briarlight, and how persistent she was…

So I’ve been reading into Graystripe’s Vow, and one cat that really stood out from all the murder is Gremlin. The pregnant she-cat is, in my opinion, one of the most influential cats. Read On!

Gremlin joined BloodClan, but she didn’t know how bloodthirsty and violent Fury would be. This is why she wanted to flee. But she was brave enough to stay and hide her true feelings. She was brave enough to play along with the rest. And she was brave enough to betray BloodClan and tell Graystripe of the treachery around her. She never even tried to resist. She knew it was going to be okay if she died, and that Graystripe trusted her with his life. She did what she knew would help ThunderClan go on, and possibly disband BloodClan (WAAAAAAA).

The fact that she was pregnant really adds on to this point. She knew the rule that the leader had to know of very kit born, and she had kits, but she ran away with kits in her belly, a burden she carried and overcame.
” I did what was right. I don’t need gratitude for that.”-Gremlin, Graystripe’s Vow.
She did what she thought was right, following her heart, instead of the rules layed out for her. This just makes her more brave, as a codebreaker against BloodClan, the most ferocious groups of cats to ever walk Twolegplace.

Another thing that proves my point is the hard choices she made, like becoming a kittypet to have her kits, and, I say it again, betraying BloodClan. Both were huge risks that she overcame. All around her were cold-blooded rouges and killers. Gremlin was a she-cat who prided herself for being someone else, instead of following everyone else. She passed on to Fang, that bravery and cunning, and she knew, her kits would follow in her pawsteps, knowing that if they found Graystripe, they would trust him, and remind him of the cat he made a promise to, so many moons ago…

All in all, Gremlin stood out from the others because of her heart, and the way she thought, and that led to the defeat of the cats that had terrorized her so long.

I hope you liked this article. Frostkit out!

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